White color in the interior of the apartment. White house design

Where to begin?

Many home owners do not want to see a design in white tones, as they believe that the rooms will not look comfortable and straining. In reality, white shades have a refreshing effect, so they will make your home clean, comfortable, and peaceful. However, before you think through an interior in a white style, you need to know, because this color has its own mood, temperature and style. For example, when you add a cold shade of another color to snow-white paint, it will become softer and warmer. Thanks to the white color, you can experiment with the interior as you like, show your creativity and imagination.

What to combine with?

When choosing a white interior, most people don’t know that it goes well with pastel colors. This combination is quite often used when decorating living spaces of various styles, resulting in real works of interior design. A calm color palette of pastel shades promotes positive emotions, a sense of freedom, liberation, and good mood. Thanks to these properties, this color has remained a favorite when creating interiors for many decades.

And inside the rooms, which are distinguished by light colors, a favorable aura is formed, filling the space with positive emotions. White color makes the space in complete harmony, balance, it surrounds a person, gives him a feeling of stability, peace, and well-being. According to doctors, white color can have a beneficial effect in the treatment of depression and apathy. And for asthma patients, it is beneficial, as it provides a person with a feeling of spaciousness and sufficient air. After all, in such a situation you have to clean more often, so less dust accumulates in the air. According to psychologists, people who prefer to see the color white inside the house are distinguished by a thirst for inner freedom, they have the main traits of nature - sincerity towards people, accuracy in everything, tolerance of communication with people, and exactingness.

Choosing the right light source

Every room, including any white interior, requires proper lighting. Therefore, when arranging furniture and decorative items, you need to act so that the light from the window and from the lamps falls correctly. Otherwise, there will be unpleasant shadows inside the room, which create a gloomy feeling. Constantly experiment, move objects with the light on, watch the shadow. As for daylight, the situation here is a little more difficult, since in order to select details you will have to adapt to different times of the day. When choosing the color of lighting, you should be extremely careful. For example, if yellow light is used, it will warm the environment, so the snow-whiteness of surrounding objects will disappear. If deeper lighting is chosen, the interior will turn out to be very cold.

Not every person decides to go for a white interior, so many prefer to choose shades: coffee with notes of milk, ivory, all shades of cream, baked milk, natural linen, creamy, cotton, mother-of-pearl.

Selecting a shade by color side

Before you paint the walls of the room, you need to decide on the cardinal directions. Since dwellings whose windows face the side where the sun is half the day receive a blurry gray-blue tint, it is ideal for a bedroom in the summer, studio, library, gym. White paint on the walls of such a space makes the ambiance cooler.

If sunlight does not penetrate the room during daylight hours, then the walls are painted white in warm shades, which has a positive effect on a person’s well-being and mood. If the windows are facing south, then this is the most advantageous option, because in clear weather the room is filled with red and yellow splashes, and snow-white walls will give it coolness. The shade of the paint is adjusted taking into account the brightness of the lighting fixtures. Gray color reduces the reflective capabilities of white, so it slightly dims the brightness of the space, especially if there are large windows that fill the room with solar energy and light.

How does the outdoor environment affect the interior?

Before arranging the interior, the first thing you need to do is look outside the windows of your home. Is there anything that prevents sunlight from penetrating into the room? Perhaps there is a large tree outside the window, which for a long time blocks a significant portion of sunlight in winter and creates shade in summer. Therefore, it is easy to make a mistake when choosing a shade, for example, gray and green will take away the brightness of the sun even more when it is cold. But natural pure white has a unique ability to reflect the sun’s rays from the surface in winter.

Natural view from the windows

Apartments with a view from the loggia, windows overlooking the sea or the ocean are simply stunning. When snow-white interior rooms are present, they will enhance the enthusiastic impression of this view. In winter, buildings that are close to the coastline will be quite cool, and white significantly enhances this effect. Therefore, many owners of such housing use long thick curtains for the interior to hide from the frosty view that the coast creates.

But there is a way out if you choose the right shades correctly. For example, for the interior of a snow-white room, you can use cream or yellow and orange shades, which will give a feeling of coziness, comfort, and homely warmth. In summer they create a cool and relaxing environment. If you need to paint the walls of a house building, when its windows overlook a unique sea view, white, then you should choose the right shade of paint. Using white paint you can differentiate between the wooden components of the trim and walls, but to do this you need to choose the right tone.

How to expand the space?

Many people know that white interiors have a unique ability - they expand the interior space of rooms, making it larger. This quality is very beneficial for small rooms or rooms with confined spaces. Finishing materials in white shades will make the atmosphere lighter, which is very important when renovating a bathroom or bathroom where there are no windows. It is important to know that the perception of space will be better if the rooms of a house or apartment are arranged sequentially and do not have sharp tonal contrasts.

Choice of shades

Before finding the most suitable shade of white, it is advisable to experiment. For example, first you can purchase paint of any suitable shade and paint a small room. Next, you should choose a shade a little darker, and then choose a slightly larger room to paint. Paint colors may differ in brightness; this will be a clear example of how one color, but with different shades, can increase or expand space. For many people, white is associated with freshness, innocence and purity. And this is true, as white interior design is both calming and fresh.

On a note! You cannot use exclusively white color in the interior, without complementing it with other shades, otherwise being in such an environment will be uncomfortable and restless.

White room like a blank slate

To bring a fresh start to your interior, there is no better way than painting the walls white. This is a canvas that can be used as a background for any improvisation, giving the designer creative impetus. White walls inspire interesting, non-standard solutions.

Keep in mind that any white color has its own shades, which will create completely different moods. Photos of the white interior clearly demonstrate this.

How to avoid feeling sterile

Using any shades of white for the interior, each room in the apartment becomes cleaner, more noble, and more refined. For this purpose, you can use a lot of details, for example, when white:

  • Walls;
  • Countertops;
  • Lamps;
  • Cabinets;
  • Cushioned furniture;
  • Curtains and other details.

However, despite all the advantages of this shade, it has a number of certain disadvantages. For example, if the owner of the house limits the color palette of the room to only one color, then it will become sterile, boring, and not comfortable. To eliminate this drawback, you can add a textured surface of other shades to one of the walls.

Suitable shades

  1. Brown. It can have a lot of shades, ranging from sand to dark chocolate. If you combine it with white, the color of the interior will be soft, noble, and its atmosphere will be cozy and warm.
  2. Grey. This combination does not look flashy, calm, the interior will come to life with this color and looks great against the backdrop of snow-white details.
  3. Orange or red. With this option, the snow-white shade becomes the background, and the furniture acts as bright elements.
  4. Violet. A wonderful color that will add originality, elegance and chic to the environment. But for the bedroom and nursery it is better to use lilac.
  5. Green. Ideal for the bathroom.
  6. Blue and light blue. It will help expand the space and make the room light and airy.
  7. Black. The most daring choice, as the black and white interior excites and invigorates. This is a great option for a bathroom or kitchen.

How to design a small room in a house

  1. Set your goals.

If the goal is not defined, there is no point in starting home renovations. A lot of materials will be purchased, a significant amount of effort and money will be spent, but all this will not work in one scheme and with a good result.

Start the repair by determining the main vector. What do you want to achieve? Why are design changes needed? Do you want to make your existing space more comfortable? Maybe updating the interior of your home is more important for you?

When you determine the goal, it will become clear what you need to pay more attention to in the renovation, what design to choose and on what scale to carry out the work. For example, if you want to make your home more comfortable, you will need to remodel it; If the goal is to update the interior, focus your efforts on various decorative elements and finishing coatings.

  1. Choose a designer.

Working without a designer is unwise for two reasons: there will be no competent project and there will be no support in monitoring the performers.

Don't overlook this section of cooperation. A good specialist will not only provide you with a successful design project for a small room in the house according to your wishes, but will also determine the necessary work. In the long run, this will save rather than waste your budget, since it will be difficult for builders to convince the designer that 30 bags of tile adhesive were required to complete a small kitchen splashback.

Common tricks of craftsmen will not be successful, because the designer is familiar with all such tricks and pitfalls of repair work; Thus, he will support you from the practical side of the issue, and not just in design planning.

  1. Find a good contractor.

Don’t rush to choose a construction team based on price. It’s better to carefully study the reviews and examples of their work.

There is such a maneuver when unprofessional teams attract clients with a low price in the ad, but at the same time expect to bring the final payment to the desired level due to the amount of materials that will be announced. In practice, it is not so easy for a client to compare the proposed report with reality, so he often follows the lead of such employees and pays all the bills presented.

  1. Take care of your reserve finances.

It is not always possible to meet the budget for renovation of even a small apartment or house; there are many reasons for this. Prepare in advance for possible additional costs due to, for example, changes in prices for materials or the need for unforeseen work.

To protect yourself from inconvenience and your repairs from delays, provide a reserve part of the budget in case it is exceeded.

Set the amount of this part at your discretion, but take at least 15% of the total budget.

Such a financial reserve will help cover unforeseen expenses, for example, payment for work to remove the old screed if you are replacing the parquet. Such situations can indeed arise, and it is impossible to foresee them in advance, since the condition of the screed, as in the example given, can be seen only after the start of dismantling work in your house or apartment.

If you don’t need a financial cushion during the renovation, it will delight you after it’s completed: allow yourself a well-deserved rest or buy cozy things for your updated little nest.

  1. Set a schedule for future work and determine deadlines.

A drawn up work schedule will help you build the correct sequence of procedures and navigate the timing of their completion.

During the repair, you can compare the real picture with the schedule and make adjustments so that later less time is required for adjustments.

Layering similar shades

The use of white color for the interior gives a person a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. However, such beauty can be easily spoiled if you select only monochromatic light colors for each piece of furniture. As a result, the design of the room will turn out boring, uninteresting, and can cause irritation. In order for white to harmoniously combine with all interior items, it is necessary to select other shades, bringing brightness and liveliness to the design of the room.

What is shade layering?

If you can’t make the room individual, then it is advisable to consider layering white with other similar shades, which include: gray, warm white and gray, yellow, and others. In addition, different materials in white shades, which differ in texture, patterns, and thickness, look great. Thanks to this, the design will turn out to be deeper, more interesting, and calmer. This often works when decorating a bedroom. For example, if curtains, textiles, bedding, headboard upholstery, wall painting are harmoniously combined, then such a layering of shades will make the interior more interesting, cozy, and comfortable. There are many shades of white, for example, cream, milk, beige, pearl, ivory, yellow, and others.

On a note! You should not mix warm and cold shades of white; you need to choose one direction - a warm tone or a cold one.

How to choose materials for designing a small room in the house

We recommend using the following parameters:

  1. Environmentally friendly. Some materials can release toxic substances into the space of an apartment or house, which will not have the best effect on the health of the people living there.
  2. Allergenicity. Make sure that the substances from which the coating is made are not allergens for you and your family.
  3. Price. Compare it with your capabilities.
  4. Features of application. Sometimes the application method is so expensive and labor-intensive that it ultimately exceeds the cost of the material itself.
  5. Finish quality. Sound insulation, heat and moisture resistance, aesthetics, ease of maintenance - give preference to those that are most required for the room being renovated.
  6. Relevance in the interior. It is necessary to compare the proposed materials with the intended design, existing furniture and accessories of the rooms.

Interior decoration with paintings

Regardless of whether the room design is white or gray, the placement of paintings, furniture and lamps must be correct. For example, if the painting is medium in size, then it looks great above an armchair, sofa or bed. It is more appropriate to place large canvases and tapestries on the free walls. If the room is divided into zones, then the paintings are placed between them. When placing a work of art on a wall, it is very important to choose the right lighting for it, as well as the color and texture of the wall.

Hanging pictures

While visiting painting exhibitions, many people noticed that almost all the walls were painted the same color, usually white. Everything is simple here, thanks to which the interior fades into the background, and the main attention falls on the work of art. Therefore, if you want to decorate your home with paintings, sculptures and other works, then a white wall will be an ideal option. Thanks to this method, the attention of guests will be focused on the artistic values, which are the main focus of the room.

For kitchen

Today, the white color of the kitchen interior is given the most honorable place. It can be found in decoration and furniture, which can be built-in or cabinet-mounted, as well as in decorative items or accessories. It’s very easy to explain this demand; it’s just that snow-white goes perfectly with any colors of built-in furniture, household appliances, kitchen utensils and textiles. The kitchen is the most important place in the house; it should always be clean, fresh and cozy, so cleaning here is done every day.

How to remove sterility

In order to avoid the impression of sterility in the kitchen, it is necessary to use some color accents. For example, bright and dark shades go well with white and can transform a kitchen space. Light shades when decorating the ceiling and walls of the kitchen will create a fresh, clean, spacious atmosphere, so they can be tiled or painted with light shades. If the kitchen has a snow-white ceiling and walls, then they need to be diluted with other brighter tones. For this purpose, flooring, kitchen cabinets, lighting, countertops, and decorative elements are used.

Using tiles

White tiles look very beautiful in the kitchen interior; they are easy to maintain, have a beautiful appearance, texture, and are usually used to decorate the work area. Some designers suggest using white tiles to decorate the ceiling, walls and floor, thanks to which you can expand the space and make it more functional. A bright kitchen interior looks stylish, beautiful, and elegant when the correct lighting for the work surface is selected.

Materials for finishing the ceiling and floor of a small room in the house

The design of the floor in the design of the house takes an important place, since this part of the room should ultimately turn out to be warm, practical, and suitable for the interior. To update the floor in the house, you will need to choose coatings from one of the main categories: sheet, piece, monolithic-seamless. Each type of flooring has its pros and cons.

  • parquet – suitable for any style, environmentally friendly, wear-resistant and durable, can be repaired by scraping;
  • ceramic tiles - indifferent to temperature changes, used mainly for finishing heated floors, loggias, kitchens, bathrooms or corridors in the house;
  • laminate is an artificial analogue of parquet, more economical in cost; requires competent selection of class and high-quality installation, otherwise it can quickly become unusable;
  • tongue and groove boards are used in a classic style, highlighting the finish;
  • linoleum is the most economical flooring material, universal due to a variety of patterns and color variations;
  • carpet allows you to use different colors, gives comfort to your feet and coziness to the room, but is extremely demanding in care.

The ceiling is made in lighter colors than the walls and floor; it should not be in dissonance with them or contradict the overall style of the room.

Determine ceiling renovation work based on its height. The following solutions may be suitable:

  • whitewashing may be the most economical way, but it is the most impractical: it peels off easily if technological violations have been made;
  • painting is more durable and stable, but requires preparatory measures;
  • stucco decoration will be appropriate on high ceilings - for example, in studios;
  • a suspended ceiling will help if you need to hide defects in the ceilings;
  • a stretch (French) ceiling will also hide problem areas of the ceilings, but will reduce the height of the room; is not afraid of humidity, provides a rich range of color solutions;
  • a multi-level ceiling makes it possible to organize projections on the ceiling and install lighting of any complexity; made on the basis of plasterboard.


The white interior of the bathroom has always been given a special role. Many consider it perfection, but some classify it as ordinary, preferring brighter colors. However, you need to understand that the perception of a room with a white interior depends on many factors. For example, from lighting, the quality of installed plumbing, the texture of materials used in finishing, and decor. As for the bathtub itself, it can be distinguished by exquisite simplicity, elaborate designs, bright colors and calmer tones, sizes, and thickness.

What do designers advise?

According to experienced designers, in order for the bathroom not to seem ordinary, but to become as stylish, modern, and pleasant as possible, you should adhere to some rules:

  1. For finishing, select textured panels with the addition of shadow, sparkle and other aspects;
  2. If the walls in the bathroom are white, then you should try installing a black sink, bathtub and other plumbing fixtures;
  3. To decorate the walls with tiles, it is advisable to use a horizontal strip of bright color;
  4. Add color accents in textiles, for example, in a rug, towels, curtains or napkins.

Thanks to this, the interior of the white bathtub will sparkle in a new way, be transformed, and become more modern and fashionable.

Design rules

The first step is to figure out what colors go with white in the interior.

White walls will perfectly complement pastel shades. Soft, calm tones allow you to create sophisticated rooms in a variety of styles.

In addition to beauty, being in such a room can lift your spirits, alleviate stress, get rid of negative thoughts, liberate and free you from heavy thoughts.

Pastel and white are a well-deserved favorite among combinations.

Wardrobe, fashion trends

When the living room has a white interior, it visually expands the space, which is very important in small rooms. The snow-white tone perfectly sets off the bright colors of clothing, accessories and shoes. It also calms the person’s psyche, so it makes you feel relaxed while trying on clothes. If the classic version of this color is annoying, then you should try cream, milk or ivory.

What do designers offer?

As many designers advise, this year the combination of black, gray and white is in fashion. For example, white shades are used as a base, and gray and black will become contrasting details. For example, you should choose ottomans, shelves, decorative elements, and holders in these colors.

Since most dressing rooms do not have windows, lighting plays a special role in the interior. Therefore, to maximize the efficiency and functionality of this room, you should use an effective reflective white paint to paint the walls. When choosing paint, you should pay attention to LRV, that is, the amount of light reflection. It is advisable to purchase the product with the maximum value.

Decorating rooms in white

The versatility of white allows it to be used in any type of room. So, in the living room it can dominate. A light and cozy environment will promote communication and relaxation. How does white affect other rooms in the apartment?


When decorating a room in white tones, many people prefer not to buy light-colored furniture, as it requires complex care and gets dirty very quickly.

How to get out of the situation?

Of course, there is a lot of truth in this, but it is not necessary to choose sets or individual pieces of furniture upholstered in snow-white textiles. After all, a sofa or chair made of white artificial leather or suede is perfect for daily use. These materials are easy to clean, dry quickly, and do not require special care. This furniture is suitable for families with children and those who have pets. Therefore, you should not be categorical about white furniture; it is enough to choose the right upholstery fabric.

It is also worth paying attention to plastic, because many interior items are made from it. These include: armchairs, tables, chests of drawers, cabinet fronts, all of them will perfectly complement the interior and make the room as functional as possible. Even the most classic design, with the right selection of furniture, will acquire a modern touch. All that is required is to choose the most suitable interior option. In addition, plastic does not require complex care and has a minimal cost, and the white color will add freshness and spaciousness.

No synthetics

If the family has sufficient funds, then wooden furniture can be placed instead of plastic furniture. It can be made of light wood or covered with paint. For upholstery, you should choose an option from such beautiful materials as chenille, cotton, or light-colored leather. If it is leather, then aniline or patent leather would be an excellent option. As for the glossy surface, it is selected with extreme care, since it gives maximum volume to the room and requires proper lighting, and it also needs special care. A common problem with glossy surfaces is the presence of glare; spot lighting is used to eliminate it.

Decorating the walls of a small room in the house


Relatively recently, choosing and gluing wallpaper in your apartment or house was almost the only option for wall decoration, although the range of materials was small, there was no special scope for design, and the work was carried out according to one type. Nowadays, the opportunities and conditions for repairs have become much more favorable - but it is better to first thoroughly study the main groups of materials for wall decoration in order to choose the most suitable ones for yourself.

  • paper wallpaper is a natural material; are divided into single-layer (simplex) and double-layer (duplex);
  • non-woven wallpaper is made from a combination of synthetic fiber and cellulose; the pattern on them seems more voluminous due to a special layer of foamed vinyl;
  • vinyl wallpaper is also of synthetic origin and is distinguished by its durability and paintability;
  • metallized wallpaper has a two-layer design, where one layer - aluminum - has a special function: it protects from the negative effects of power lines and from radiation from electrical appliances in other rooms; This wall covering visually gives the room additional volume;
  • fiberglass wallpaper is applied to a special adhesive base and is distinguished by its durability; you can paint them over and over again without worrying about the texture: everything will be preserved.
  • textile wallpaper - a natural material for wall decoration; are made with cotton or linen applied to a paper base.

Decorative plaster

Rooms with such wall coverings take on a modern, presentable look. A wide range of options will help you make a comfortable choice for your future room design. Decorative plaster has a number of advantages:

  1. The ability to correct the walls when the rough finishing of the house is ready.
  2. Soundproofing properties, as well as thermal insulation: there is no need for separate insulation of walls with loss of area in an already small room.
  3. Protecting walls from high humidity that may be in the air and mold.
  4. Possibility of doing minor coating repairs yourself whenever you want.

Decorative plaster is included in repair work only at the stage of finishing the walls. There are several main types of it:

  • textured plaster is highly plastic, adds volume to a small room, its use in design allows you to copy natural materials;
  • structural plaster contains special mineral inclusions, which, when applied to the wall, create pores with irregularities, which visually ages the surface;
  • Bayramix - plaster based on marble chips, distinguished by its high quality;
  • decorative Venetian - an elegant decoration for your room, an unusual solution for the interior;
  • Liquid wallpaper is a recently popular and easiest way to update the look of a room or make a cosmetic correction.

Using metal in a bright interior

If you look at the latest fashion trends, the white room design has become the most popular in recent times. It is perfectly complemented by black, gray, green, brown, metallic shades. Very beautifully in a home interior, light colors are combined with bright brass, exquisite steel, shiny gold, red copper, which creates an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. If desired, you can decorate the room with brass lamps or stainless steel accessories.

Metal finishing

Quite often in modern studio apartments there are stainless steel sheets on the walls, which are used as a zoning element to divide the space. They go well with a brick base and concrete, where they act as a working area. This idea will become the most creative if you use a façade made of laminated acrylic and ceramic tiles.

Another great idea is to use a decorative profile made of stainless steel; it is used to decorate walls and corner partitions, process thresholds and baseboards, as well as any joints and seams, which gives the interior individuality and emphasizes the integrity of the design idea.

Metal parts

Stainless steel looks very nice in smaller products. For example, radiator covers, legs of small coffee tables, stair railings, railings, shelves, and fireplace grates are made from this material. In combination with other facing materials, stainless steel gives the interior a more modern look, ennobles it, makes it aristocratic and sophisticated.

The versatility of white

Since white is a universal color, it can fit into any interior style and into every room, regardless of its purpose. However, it is important to diversify it, for which it is advisable to choose a red, brown or beige shade. Thanks to this, the room will become warmer, cheerful, and harmonious.

What accessories to choose for the kitchen and bath

If you are installing a bathroom, then chrome-plated sanitary ware will be an excellent addition to the light finish, since these are the details that will highlight the beauty of the snow-white sink and bathtub. And thanks to these details, the bathroom will look fresher and cleaner. This combination will be an excellent option for the kitchen. For example, white wall-mounted kitchen cabinets pair well with granite countertops and metal accents. If desired, plumbing fixtures and pipes can be painted dark, which adds new notes and a certain style to the overall interior.

Using Contrast

To create a truly sophisticated, sophisticated interior, it is worth experimenting with contrasts. Shades of black and gray in contrast with white acquire attractiveness and style. This is a good option for the living room, because there you need to entertain guests and show in the interior that the owner of the house has excellent taste.

A black and white interior would be a rather bold decision, but it should not be too strict, otherwise it will be depressing. If everything is chosen harmoniously, then the atmosphere looks dynamic and will create a positive atmosphere. Black and white is the most contrasting combination of all possible options; it remains the most relevant and stylish. It can be used for any room, including a child's room, where it will be decorated with bright color accents. To make cleaning and caring for furniture easier, you should get removable covers or pillows made of the highest quality, durable fabric that can withstand dozens of washes.

Emphasis on bright details

To liven up a room with a white interior, any colored accessories will help, these could be:

  • Rugs;
  • Decorative pillows;
  • Bedspreads;
  • Vases and other decorative items.

In a modern interior there are always bright colors that dilute the main shade, regardless of whether it is light or dark. If bright spots appear in the room, it will look more cheerful and cheerful. White has always been and remains in fashion, despite the fact that every year a variety of shades are in trend. A light tone makes the living space wider, brighter, fresher, no matter what part of the interior it occupies. White brings more light, warmth and coziness to every room. By itself, it is also appropriate in the home, but with admixtures of brighter colors, a unique, modern design is created. How to choose the right shades and determine the proportions is up to everyone to decide for themselves, according to their lifestyle, taste, and preferences.

We hide the shortcomings and show the advantages

Not everyone knows that with the help of a white interior you can correct any defects and hide imperfections. After all, almost every house has its own architectural flaws, which can be easily disguised from others with the help of light colors. If, on the contrary, you need to emphasize the advantages of the house, then white will place the main emphasis on the stucco molding, highlighting masterpieces of art and personal belongings of the owner, which are very dear to him, among other decorative elements. For example, old photos of departed relatives, their awards, works, achievements. Thanks to this color you can make any home or apartment cozy, comfortable, and stylish.

In addition, white has more than a hundred shades, and all bright shades have light tones in their spectrum. For example, snow-white may have a pink, yellow, purple, or olive tint. It is very easy to choose the right option. It is enough to look at the tiles of the work surface, kitchen countertops, voluminous cabinets, floors in the living room to determine which color is more in the interior. Taking these factors into account, you can choose the most suitable shade of white.

White color in the interior: variety of shades and fashionable combinations

All photos In the photo: White living room of a townhouse in the “Etude family club” community complex
No matter how strange it may sound, the white color is unusually multifaceted: its palette includes dozens of shades, which gives endless scope for designers. Cool tones of white will allow you to create a strict and solemn or luxurious official interior, while warm tones are perfect for living space.

Gray and white bedroom interior in a classic style

All photos In the photo: An aristocratic bedroom in the art deco style, decorated in white colors.
Milky, creamy, creamy, silver-snowy, vanilla - to create a cozy bedroom interior in the art deco style, the designers of the Angelika Prudnikova Studio used more than fifteen shades of milky white color scheme, complementing it with sand-colored details. And luxurious textiles played a special role in the decor of the room.

White walls in the interior

All photos In the photo: Modern living room interior with white walls and furniture
The interior of a white room in a modern style in the photo is the standard of conciseness. Here, both the decoration and furniture are designed in a fresh milky white color scheme. At the same time, the elegant urban setting does not look sterile: light wood panels, sea pebbles, sand-colored textiles and a fireplace with a live fire bring cozy natural notes to it.

Combination of white and gold

All photos In the photo: White and gold bathroom in a country house
White and gold are a win-win duet. Especially when it comes to the interior of a luxurious bathroom in the art deco style with a podium and a round plunge pool in a large bay window. Gold-tone moldings and accessories highlight the elegant tile design. And multi-layered textile decor turns the bathroom into a stylish boudoir.

White and beige interior with warm accents

All photos In the photo: Living room of a house in Malta with a luxurious fireplace
The gray and white interior of a house in Malta, which the Studio's designers decorated in Provence style, demonstrates an aristocratic character and warm southern flavor. The combination of white classic coffered ceilings with a noble patina, gray walls and gray-beige furniture gives the right atmosphere. And it is supported by a fireplace made of Carrara marble, worthy of a royal apartment, with a wide shelf and statues of lions.

Duet of black and white

All photos In the photo: Black and white interior of a high-tech kitchen-living room
Thanks to the contrasting color scheme, the minimalist interior of the kitchen-living room apartment in the Filigrad residential complex looks very expressive. LED rings “floating” in the air give the atmosphere a futuristic touch. Black pendants above the bar counter resemble oriental vases in shape. The white marble floor is the ideal backdrop for a dark sofa, and the black marble “edge” around the perimeter of the room resembles a baguette for expensive paintings.

Light milky cream tones

All photos In the photo: Bedroom interior in light cream tones on Rublevskoye Shosse
Light cream shades provide an excellent opportunity to create a simultaneously fashionable and warm space, which is especially important for interiors in the style of minimalism and hi-tech. And if you need to add color accents to the design, you can use metal accessories or copper-colored lamps.

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