DIY wooden stool. +Drawings +800 photos
Stools with three or four legs attached to hard or soft
Bench and table without a single nail. With some skill in using a chainsaw, such a kit can be quickly made without a single nail.
Do-it-yourself table and bench made of logs: how to furnish an area near your house
After the construction of a log house, the remains of logs, logs, and boards are often left behind. Moreover, there is enough substandard building materials
Sofa released in 2021, photos of existing models
Folding mechanisms All existing models of sofas for living rooms in country houses or city
Cherry color. Cherry furniture, cherry laminate. A color scheme
Cherry color: combination in the interior with other colors
» Wood color » Cherry color: combination in the interior with other colors Cherry color
How to make a stool from plywood yourself
Simple furniture for every home - we make a stool from plywood with our own hands according to a drawing and diagram describing the subtleties of choosing a material
The modern furniture market offers a huge range of products for offices and homes. However, some home
Lounge chair
ikea “poeng” chair: assembly instructions, cover for a children’s rocking chair, reviews
Features of the model Without a doubt, the Poeng Ikea chair has no analogues among the products of other retailers.
White living room - design ideas and fashionable design options in white. 95 photos and videos design master class
Why does a living room have a white style? White calms, frees you from bad thoughts and worries, invigorates,
chairs for kitchen design
Kitchen chair - the perfect combination of comfort and practicality
People who often spend their time in the kitchen will need chairs: for long periods of time always
yellow chair in the interior
15 design ideas for placing a bright armchair in the interior
Armchairs We didn’t even have time to finish with the beds when we immediately moved on to the armchairs. The thing is,
100 ideas for furniture made from driftwood, branches, stumps and tree trunks
Do-it-yourself stump table Especially often - in interiors, stumps are used as
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