Walnut color in the interior - photos of the most stylish and elegant design ideas

Popular varieties

Walnut wood is a valuable species due to its qualities: it is durable, not prone to cracking, and can be easily processed, polished and painted. The material is always popular among manufacturers and interior designers.

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There are numerous color variations, from rich dark chocolate to light cream, with reddish and gray shades in between.

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The appearance of wood is influenced by the place of growth, soil and climate characteristics, so it is customary in the market to distinguish it by place of origin. The following varieties are popular:

  • Italian walnut. Classic wood has a deep auburn color scheme, often complemented by brown, red or dark pink tones. Compared to German or Swiss, it has a more complex, spectacular texture. In many countries, they prefer stylish tables and cabinets made of Italian walnut: the color of the furniture is particularly rich and soft.

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  • American (black) walnut. The tree is native to North America; its wood has a beautiful texture with black veins and a color range from creamy brown to deep chocolate tones. American walnut, with its uniform, rich texture, is used for the production of luxury furniture; sometimes it is combined with lighter woods, such as beech.

The English Gentleman's Shelter Source st.hzcdn.com
Other varieties are also popular; There is a great demand for English walnut with a light honey color and for French walnut with a special pattern structure. There is a lighter variety of Italian, Milanese walnut, as well as Spanish, Brazilian and Burmese wood.

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Basic decorating techniques

The use of the material is not limited to furniture and doors. Walnut-colored floor coverings, baseboards, window frames and panels are also produced. The common name “walnut” unites several species of trees growing in different regions of the world. Therefore, wood may vary in color and texture.

The tree can be light or dark. Brown wood usually has a golden or reddish tint and is called mahogany. Less common are varieties with splashes of gray. The following types of nuts are considered the most common:

Italian - harmonizes with pastel colors, pale green, soft yellow, but not with red. Suitable for interiors with antique furniture and luxurious carpets.

Milanese is one of the most versatile; it can be combined with caramel, sand, pale gray and other delicate shades. Its companion is light-colored wood or genuine leather upholstery.

Spanish is the darkest and has an unusual texture with light stripes. Should not be used in large quantities as it may tire the eyes.

American - uniform texture, wide choice of colors - from light brown to cocoa. It is considered a luxury material, suitable for a room in light colors.

How to combine walnut furniture

Walnut pieces have a reputation for being sophisticated and respectable furniture, which is why its surroundings are so important. To choose the right decor and the right palette, you can use the following rules:

  • Contrast is the main principle for dark walnut; the color of the furniture benefits from a contrasting background. The darker the wood, the lighter the color of wallpaper, paint or plaster.

Maximum contrast Source www.initial.com.ua

  • The same rule applies to choosing the color of the material for the floor and doors.

Light floor and ceiling brighten the room Source st.hzcdn.com

  • It is believed that finishing materials only in warm colors are suitable for walnut, however, combinations with colors from the cold part of the spectrum are also possible.

Unexpected color scheme Source i1.wp.com

  • The selection of surrounding colors is somewhat different for light walnut; the color of such furniture is beautifully shaded not only by light, but also by darker warm tones. A furniture set with a copper tint, under certain conditions, feels good in combination with the color of milk chocolate.

Chair upholstery saves the day Source mirus.ua

  • If the furnishings of the room will contain different-sized items (not from the same collection), the best solution would be to choose products that contrast in color with walnut. Very close shades will give the impression of an unsuccessful attempt to match the tone. Of the dark varieties, only wenge oak furniture will be an excellent companion for walnut.

In a warm interior Source st.hzcdn.com

  • The walnut surface looks beautiful paired with golden varieties of wood: ash, maple, birch, light varieties of acacia, oak, alder.

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  • An impressive result is obtained when combined with bleached oak; in addition, it is better to choose neutral beige, grayish, pale blue and sand tones.

On a light floor Source rhyderquinlan.me

  • Walnut furniture is not recommended to be combined with dark woods that have a red or pinkish tint. These include cherry, apple, beech, and tropical varieties (merbau, makore).

In the lavender dining room Source assets.shedesign.ru
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Walnut doors in the interior

It often happens that one material can look beautiful on blank panels but look terrible on doors with glass inserts. Eg. This is not all about a walnut door. It will look good in both cases. The only place where a door with a glass insert would not be appropriate is the bedroom. This is due to the fact that light can enter through it, which will interfere with restful sleep.

People choose light furniture for the nursery.

The inserts can be either plain glass or white matte. They come in various forms.

In interiors: modern, empire or classic, it is appropriate to use Italian walnut. This is due to the fact that modernity should contain natural materials.

Walnut furniture has its own coloristic characteristics at the psychological and design level.

In "Empire" you need to add a touch of luxury and wealth. And doors will come in handy here. Even in a classic style, the door looks harmonious, but don’t forget about the designers’ advice. Please note that in the classics you need to add splashes of herbal elements, gold or blue.

Interior: choice of color palette

There are types of wood that do not offer a variety of successful color combinations. Demanding varieties also include walnut color for furniture; this means that, whatever the interior, the number of harmonious options is limited.

Unusual modular cabinet Source cdn.greenmagazine.com.au

The basic rule: objects should not blend into the background, so the color of the walls, floors and doors is made lighter than the color of walnut; The combinations tested include the following:

  • A light yellow palette ranging from vanilla, banana and straw yellow to golden ochre. If the room in which the walnut furniture is located is darkened (facing north), a pastel yellow wall color scheme improves the perception of the room.

Mediterranean style kitchen Source st.hzcdn.com

  • Palette of green shades. The choice of the desired tone depends on the design style. To prevent the classic interior from looking vulgar, pastel green and muted colors are selected: mint, jade, olive, moss, green tea. In modern interiors, a choice of brighter colors is possible: lime, pistachio, light green; but only in moderation.

Always a good color combination Source www.intercon-furniture.com

  • Blue palette. Suitable for furniture made of dark walnut; this combination is more typical for modern interiors. Decorating a room in pale blue, calm blue and intermediate tones looks elegant, although a little austere.

Modern style bedroom Source www.rioeguide.com

  • Previous palettes can be diluted with gray, beige and white without fear. Any of them will beautifully highlight the texture of walnut surfaces.

Bookcase in a modern work area Source projets.cotemaison.fr
For the most popular Italian walnut, the following design techniques are recommended:

  • If there are a lot of Italian walnut pieces in the room, try using a gray color scheme for the walls. The same advice applies if walnut is combined with other dark wood (for example, wenge oak). Don't neglect leather furniture - it will create the right atmosphere.

In a strict range Source homebydleni.cz

  • Red. Combinations with it are not always successful. The combination of red and dark brown tones can evoke associations with a provincial hotel room.

Walnut table in a beige-red interior Source st.hzcdn.com

  • Flashy and rich colors are prohibited: pink, chocolate, purple, cocoa - only if you are not a fan of mixing styles.

The dining group is lost against the red background Source st.hzcdn.com
Anyone who likes Milanese walnut furniture should combine it with a gray, beige and sand background; Pale pink and cream design elements will be a good addition. Products made of cherry or bleached oak will help make the atmosphere more interesting.

Rocking chair with leather upholstery Source decorits.com

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Walnut-colored furniture for different rooms

These are exactly the components of the room that will add a touch of sophistication and sophistication. The material is suitable for many rooms in the apartment. Since the cost of walnut furniture is quite high, it is replaced with chipboard with veneer.

The main rules for their harmonious combination remain for all materials:

  • Furniture made from this wood should not “merge” with the overall picture;
  • Have good lighting, otherwise there is a chance of getting a gloomy and boring room.

Often, imitation walnut material is used. This does not affect the quality, but it brings aesthetic pleasure to both guests and the owner of the home.

Furniture in the living room

Prestige and high cost can be obtained using Italian walnut with patina. Styles that will look appropriate:

  • Classical.
  • Baroque.
  • Modern.
  • Antique.

The completeness of the picture is given by appropriate decor. Design style “Antique” - all its beauty is concentrated in a large number of brown shades, mosaic floors and the majesty of the room.

Any shade of brown, be it chocolate or wood, goes perfectly with white.

Design classics include expensive decorations, even carpets and paintings with gold elements. For a combination, feel free to use any of the tones of Milanese walnut. The overall beauty of the furniture will make everyone fall in love with it.

Bedroom furniture

Every detail of the bedroom is conducive to relaxation. The romantic style is appropriate for this requirement. It will be characterized by a combination of solid Milanese walnut with a wide range of white colors. As a result, you will get a romantic style with restraint.

In combination, it will be beautiful to use a matte or glossy finish. Just be careful not to overdo it with this addition in the bedroom.

Walnut-colored wooden furniture creates warmth and comfort in the interior.

The combination of walnut furniture will be harmonious and appropriate along with the delicate colors of the room, both above and below. One of which is pastel in a classic design. The reddish-red shades of objects, including the bed, will be emphasized only in contrast with the floor covering. Gold decor, if any, will add special beauty.

Furniture for the nursery

The main criterion for choosing pieces of furniture, decor, and accessories for the nursery is safety. Nothing should cause risk or fear for the baby’s health. This type of furniture is natural and meets all the wishes, even of demanding parents.

You can choose furniture for the nursery in any shade.

It is preferable to choose light colors. Walnut (Caucasian) or Milanese will come to the rescue here. You can also choose modular furniture made from this wood. This is already suitable for older children. Manufacturers create modules that are similar to work offices. They can accommodate a computer desk, a bookcase, there is room for a sports corner or other type of activity, and a bed.

Furniture in the hallway

Entering a room can begin with warmth and comfort. Walnut furniture can provide all this. They have a light color scheme, which makes them warm. The room acquires sophistication from the first step into it.

The chest of drawers will fit organically into the hallway in any color.

Thanks to the rich palette of shades of this material.

Kitchen furniture

Kitchen design options include a variety of light colors. For example, a set of beige with white or light green and even pink. The Italian look of walnut does not blend into monotony with them, but harmonizes appropriately. This is characteristic of him, and he will not lose his charm.

Not cheap wood will be emphasized by a combination with laminate and baseboards. The set requires a light background and a ceramic apron.

In the bedroom

The warm tones of walnut wood help make the bedroom atmosphere comfortable, so it is not surprising that there is a variety of bedroom sets and individual items (beds, chests of drawers) for this room. A walnut wardrobe, bed or chest of drawers goes well with delicate decor: beige wall decoration, coffee or pastel green textiles.

In a bright bedroom Source st.hzcdn.com

If this design seems too bland, you can use, for example, turquoise as an additional color, which looks especially good against a chocolate-milk background. An atmosphere of freshness and tranquility will reign in the room thanks to bright elements: decorative pillows, curtains, ceramics.

In eco-style Source contemporarylifestyles.com

Harmony of cold and warm tones Source st.hzcdn.com

A beautiful finishing touch will be highlighting the wall at the head of the bed with walnut wall panels. Even if such a bedroom is decorated in a minimalist style, it will still look classically elegant.

Classic white interior Source st.hzcdn.com

Custom-made headset Source secphp.com

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Combination of walnut with other colors in the interior

The tone of dark honey flows into all interiors, without exception. You can’t ignore it when choosing a modern home decor style. Goes well with various accessories. To create color harmony between the furniture and the overall picture, it is worth adding notes of the same color to the decorative details.

Combinations with red are undesirable.

Some of the combinations can make the room expressive. These include scarlet, ruby, lilac and some orange details.

In the nursery

In a room intended for the younger generation, walnut-colored furniture will come in handy. For young children, choose items in soft brown tones that can create an atmosphere of comfort and have a positive effect on the baby’s energy and psyche.

Walnut set in the nursery Source st.hzcdn.com

Milanese walnut color is especially suitable for children. The light surface looks attractive in company with cream, beige, and light green finishes. A cabinet or table in a Milanese shade will brighten up a nursery decorated in pastel green or blue-gray shades.

Some parents prefer to include darker objects in the nursery's decor that can successfully withstand the pressure of little fidgets.

Boy's room Source st.hzcdn.com

Hallway decoration

You should not use too much furniture here. It is enough to place a comfortable chest of drawers or dressing table. The pattern on the wood will echo the texture of the parquet. And so that the room does not seem small, it is advisable to choose light wallpaper or white paint for the walls.

You can fit wood into the interior by placing a walnut desk or a display case with glass doors by the window. In the office, the walls are usually subdued, cold tones or gray. Bedspreads with flowers and elegant souvenirs are not used. Wooden trim will enliven the room, fill it with warmth and comfort.

In the kitchen

Walnut in brown-honey color fits seamlessly into the kitchen space. A dark walnut kitchen looks good in an interior designed in a classic and English style, as well as in a chalet or modern style.

Center of gravity Source secureservercdn.net

Milanese walnut is an ideal choice for a kitchen in a modern or Provence style.

In Italian style Source www.remontbp.com

Any item with a warm walnut surface, whether it has natural or veneered facades, will add home comfort to the kitchen. Light, light shades are chosen to decorate the walls; the interior is complicated with a couple of bright accessories.

With matte fronts Source www.thespruce.com

Kitchen in a country house Source homester.com.ua

What parts is it suitable for?

A very unusual organization of the house with the warmth of wood emanating from the floors and walls with a light and casual decor in the design

Almost any furniture can be made of wood. And, of course, the walnut color is perfect for all the details.

A desk in the office is the first thing that comes to mind. Of course, it is better to make it wooden. This will help create the right atmosphere for work. As for color, it is better to choose hazelnut, American, embossed. Such shades are harsher, have notes of cold currents, and have a beneficial effect on the process of concentration and maintaining performance.

It is better to choose a bed for the bedroom from natural wood. This material is known to release substances that promote sound sleep, calm the nervous system, and comfortable rest. And warm brown will complete the job, having a beneficial effect on the emotional sphere.

Pay attention to this color when choosing a kitchen set, complement it with chairs and a table made of natural wood of the same shade. It helps create a comfortable environment and combines well with various tones.

Walnut furniture is perfect for a living room. If you add the warm yellow-orange notes of a fireplace to your image, you will get a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for friendly and family gatherings. The sofa, shelves and closet will all take this color perfectly.

Let's put the theory into practice.

In the living room

When decorating a living room, walnut-colored furniture is considered one of the most attractive; the advantages of its warm texture are in demand in all styles.

Classic interior Source www.saltarelli.com

Manufacturers offer furniture in a classic style, which is well complemented by appropriate decor: stylish carpets, paintings, curtains made of thick fabrics. The finishing touch will be the pastel color scheme of the walls and light oak flooring.

In Italian style Source st.hzcdn.com

Elegance does not tolerate variegation, so you should not introduce more than two or three additional colors. To make the room breathe hospitality and respectability, it is enough to decorate the room in pastel or white colors. The subtle palette promotes tranquility, while the white color creates an uplifting, refreshing atmosphere. In both cases, additional color accents are allowed.

Original table for a modern living room Source cdn.shopify.com

In ethno style Source st.hzcdn.com


Nowadays, natural materials in bathroom design are at the peak of popularity. If you follow fashion trends, walnut wall decoration will come in handy. It can imitate lining or rough boards. By complementing the wood with amber and chocolate shades, it is not difficult to create a cozy room for relaxation.

Regardless of which style direction you prefer, walnut will match the interior. Wood is perfect for rooms in warm colors. The material stands out against the background of white or lightly painted walls. However, he cannot stand the proximity of dark woods. But it is often combined with beech. Also, you should avoid coral and scarlet shades in the design.

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The color of alder is not flashy or flashy, but even and calm, which is why it is so popular among buyers and manufacturers.

  • Honey;
  • Navajo is white;
  • Yellow;
  • Wheat;
  • Sunflower;
  • Soft lemon;
  • Amber;
  • Golden Oak;
  • Cherry;
  • Turmeric;
  • Canary.

This palette goes well with wallpaper and flooring in shades of lettuce, olive and mint. Also, in the case of furniture, alder colors harmonize perfectly with other colors; they can decorate any room.

Color combination

The color of the furniture is Milanese walnut in the photo, it goes well with delicate green and yellow shades. You shouldn’t combine Italian walnut with pink, peach, and caramel tones. Not the best choice and finishing in cherry color. When choosing color combinations, do not forget that walnut, dark or light, in itself creates a comfortable atmosphere in any room. The designer’s task is only to emphasize the warmth and sophistication of the color scheme. Therefore, using pink or caramel tones, you can only create an inexpressive design in which any shades will be lost. Gray, milky colors will help emphasize the style and grace of Milanese walnut. Against their background, walnut-colored furniture will look its best.

Color Features

Alder wood is a soft species. It has no clear structure. Alder is honey-colored, and the wood is often reddish or pale yellow. It looks a little like amber, and in the light it plays with the sun's rays, adding luxury and exclusivity to the interior.

The type of wood has many advantages:

  • environmentally friendly material;
  • Nice smell;
  • ease;
  • no toxins;
  • longevity;
  • practicality;
  • positive energy;
  • softness of shades.

Manufacturers often use various materials that imitate the color of alder. For this, plywood, chipboard, and MDF are used.

The main feature of this shade is its surprisingly soft and warm aesthetic. Appreciating the beauty of this unique color, lovers of comfort will appreciate the soft colors that gently embrace them and give them the opportunity to relax.

Internal elements made in the alder palette differ:

  • Elegance;
  • Style;
  • Elegance;
  • ease;
  • Array.

The color of alder suits various stylistic solutions of apartments, houses, and any premises. This shade goes well with different color palettes.


A bedroom created on the basis of walnut-colored furniture is already luxurious in itself.

In order not to accidentally extinguish this effect, you just need to choose the right shades of color for the complementary background.

Milanese nut: positive mood and home comfort

Milanese walnut is a very livable color. It goes well with:

  • products from the same array;
  • cherry, bleached oak;
  • warm and calm shades of a different range, for example, caramel, sand, ocher;
  • gray, greenish, pink colors;

Dining table and chairs made of Milanese walnut.
Furniture of this color is amazingly combined with products made from genuine leather.

Milanese walnut is the color of comfort and tranquility. Interiors where this color scheme prevails are warm and homely.

Beautiful Milanese walnut chair

Burning Spanish nut

Spanish walnut (nogal), which came to us from Peru, is the darkest of all walnuts. Its color is amazing: dark chocolate wood with light stripes. At the same time, it is a very hard rock.

Spanish walnut chest of drawers

Dark chocolate shades of solid walnut look very expressive and contrasting, so there should not be too many such elements in the bedroom interior. If you choose Spanish walnut for a dressing table, bedside tables or to decorate a work area within a bedroom, then place this furniture against a light background. A pastel and even snow-white palette for finishing all surfaces of the room would be very appropriate here.

Spanish walnut wall

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