15 design ideas for placing a bright armchair in the interior


Before we had time to finish with the beds, we immediately moved on to the armchairs. The fact is that very attractive models caught my eye:

A very comfortable chair on a snow-white interior background, next to the window. This model is for reading books and relaxing. Nobody bothers you to put a plasma in front of him and enjoy the works of cinematography.

Next are a couple of unusual interiors of the same tone, where there are bright inclusions of yellow (in this case, these inclusions are armchairs):

Personally, I am delighted with such ideas, even if they are not new in design practice. I especially liked the last interior, where, in addition to the armchair, there is also an unusual yellow coffee table. And in general, the last example is a practical guide to combining non-standard colors in the interior.

Above in the photo are retro style chairs. This is exactly the shape furniture was made in the past. However, now they look modern, and even yellow. They harmonize perfectly with the white walls and gray carpet on which they stand. The interior itself resembles a minimalist style, but I could be wrong.

And the last example of an interior where a yellow chair is combined with a white sofa. There is a screen in the background, which I think is unnecessary. The interior itself is snow-white, and yellow in this case is just an addition to it.

We talked so much about living rooms that we forgot to mention kitchens. Above is the photo of a kitchen interior with a dining table and yellow chairs behind it. It looks spectacular, there’s no other way to say it. And the last couple of great design ideas that will complete the selection:

Yellow in the living room

Speaking of hospitality, yellow is also suitable for the living room , which is a meeting place with friends and family. It strengthens the positive atmosphere and relaxes the interlocutors. Our cheerful color will be especially useful in a living room with a small area because it will bring a lot of light into the room , which means it will feel spacious. If we are dealing with a larger living room, it is best to measure the amount of yellow and choose only accents in the form of complements.


When choosing sofa upholstery, especially bright colors, you should consider where and by whom this type of upholstered furniture will be used. For example, if there are children or pets in the house, it is better to abandon expensive materials that require special care and respect. In such a situation, you should avoid a yellow leather sofa, since the raw materials used for the upholstery are very expensive and “capricious.”

Today the following upholstery material options are offered:

  1. Velours. Pleasant to the touch fabric. It helps create warmth and coziness in the room, ideally combined with shabby chic and boho styles. The material has an attractive appearance. A wide color palette allows you to choose the tone that suits a specific interior. The fabric is quite durable, breathable, and retains its shape even under strong mechanical stress. To clean velor from dirt, you can use a vacuum cleaner or special products with a delicate composition.
  2. Flock. An ideal solution if you have pets. The material is resistant to most detergents and the claws of dogs and cats. In addition, flock is safe for people with allergies. To remove dirt, simply wipe the upholstery with a damp sponge, onto which a cleaning agent has previously been applied. An additional advantage: the pattern does not fade, even if the sofa is installed in a sunny room near the window. For upholstered furniture this is a very important characteristic.
  3. Jacquard. Expensive material. Allows you to emphasize the nobility and wealth of the interior. The fabric is lint-free and consists of natural and artificial fibers. The material is classified as environmentally friendly. It has high strength. Jacquard should be cleaned of dirt using products that do not include acids. Sofas with such upholstery should be protected from direct sunlight. And after washing, the covers are dried in the shade.
  4. Tapestry. Material of natural origin. It is often used for upholstery of sofas and comes in different colors. Tapestry is usually used for covers depicting landscapes. The fabric is easy to wash. The tactile, very pleasant material can take any form. Therefore, a corner sofa made of yellow tapestry is not uncommon.
  5. Chenille. Externally similar to a tapestry. It belongs to the category of expensive upholstery materials, which is explained by the long service life of the fabric. But you should remember that sleeping on chenille surfaces is uncomfortable. The material is hard and does not dissipate heat well. Only dry cleaning without water or powders is allowed.
  6. Leather, leatherette. Quite a demanding material in terms of interior design. More suitable for a living room or office. Genuine leather is very durable, but it is not resistant to stains.
  7. Boucle. The surface of the tissue forms a dense structure of nodules. Due to this, the material is very durable, resistant to wear and rubbing. But for pet owners, especially cats, bouclé is not suitable.

Yellow in the bathroom

Yellow in the bathroom is quite a risky move, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. When choosing yellow for this room, you should be guided not only by moderation in the choice of accessories. Particular attention should be paid to the appropriate tones and shades of this color. The bathroom is the most private room in our home and often a place of silence, which can be prevented by using bright yellow flowers.

Muted shades, closer to earth colors , will have a much better effect on the feeling of comfort. Choose a less vibrant shade of yellow, such as golden brown or faded desert yellow.

Children's interior in yellow

If you want your baby to be in a good mood and not be irritable, then choose a yellow children's room design. If there is not enough light in the room, use light yellow, but do not overdo it, as this can lead to fatigue and irritability. The ideal interior of a yellow children's room involves the use of yellow tones; for example, an excellent sofa can become the center of the composition. However, you can use curtains or assign this color to a specific area, for example, where the child will study.


Red is the king among the entire palette. But one way or another, the red tone should be used with caution, as it can emotionally suppress a person and reduce his psychological defense. You should not actively use it in a children's room or bedroom.

Watch the video in this article, and if you have questions, leave them in the comments and we’ll discuss them!


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