Olive color in the interior of rooms

Green sofa in the living room - what to combine with

If you decide to place a green sofa in the living room, it should fit harmoniously into the overall interior. It is worth considering the color scheme of the walls, ceiling, floor, wallpaper and small details for interior decoration.

What curtains will go with a green sofa?

Selecting curtains for a room with a green sofa can be a lengthy procedure, since you need to take into account the shade of the furniture and the main color of the interior. Also, when choosing curtains, pay attention to what kind of room it is and how it will be used.

When choosing curtains for a green sofa in the living room, you need to consider:

  • The room should not be oversaturated with green or other colors. It is better if the curtains are a bright addition to the room. It is not recommended to use more than 2-3 colors in the interior. One of them will be the main one, the others will complement the first.
  • If the room is located on the sunny side, then it is better to purchase curtains in cold and darker colors.
  • If the room is small, then you should not use curtains and tulle to make sharp transitions in the interior.

For interiors where a green sofa will be placed, a good option would be to select tulle or curtains in a soft tone using two tones.

In such an interior, curtains of emerald, menthol, violet, turquoise, chocolate, bronze, and gold can be used. More delicate options: yellow, orange, peach, white, pink, beige. There are even options for this interior with black curtains. It all depends on the area of ​​the room, the overall color scheme and the preferences of the people who live in the room.

In an interior where there is a green sofa or the room itself is made in this color, the choice of curtains also depends on the use of the room.

If the room is small in size, then it would be best to choose a delicate pistachio, olive or light green color for the curtains. In any case, it should be a light option.

For a bedroom, nursery or living room, choose delicate raspberry, beige, chocolate or cream options. Pearl, light green, terracotta, lemon curtains will also be relevant. You can use any fabric, but it is better if it is linen, cotton, muslin or wool.

It is important that all curtain options ideally complement the main interior.

What style does olive sound good in?

Psychologists say that olive color in the interior helps improve mood, peace, and concentration.

Olive color is suitable for interior design both as a main and as an additional element. Green shades are suitable for the following stylistic trends:

  • classic style;
  • country;
  • Provence;
  • ethno-style;
  • eco-style;
  • chinoiserie;
  • English style.

The olive color fits perfectly into a classic interior. You can complement the design with white and milky shades. To create a complete and harmonious interior, you can use textiles with an olive pattern. You can add luxury to the interior with stucco, ornaments on wallpaper and textiles.

Dark green wallpaper in the bedroom Source yandex.ru

In a classic living room, upholstered furniture with olive upholstery and wooden elements will look harmonious.

Room with a coffee table Source www.homify.ru

Olive color is ideal for country style. A kitchen made in this style allows the use of the furniture itself in this color, as well as painting the walls in an olive shade.

In the living room, furniture in natural brown or beige tones in small checks looks harmonious against the background of olive walls.

Checkered wallpaper Source www.houzz.com

A Provence style kitchen is a combination of beige and olive shades, with the addition of brown elements. The apron can be finished with ceramic tiles with a pattern or image of flowers.

Kitchen design in olive color Source www.houzz.es

Provence is characterized by the use of pastel colors. Powdery, creamy, pale pink, creamy are just those shades that, paired with green tones, will help create harmony and comfort in the room.

Ethnic style is a reflection of national color. Such an interior is characterized by the use of natural materials and colors, patterns, household items and accessories of a certain culture. Drawings, patterns, bright details in the interior are in harmony with olive shades.

Brown and green in the interior Source www.houzz.co.uk

One of the most fashionable design trends - eco-style - is characterized by unity with nature, natural colors and materials, and environmental friendliness. The design is as close to nature as possible, the items are simple and convenient. Basically, the palette of colors used consists of shades:

  • green;
  • brown;
  • beige;
  • white;
  • black.

A bedroom design in this style is simple and light. In such a room, a person can relax and unwind, as if enjoying unity with nature, without leaving home.

Room decor Source decorationinfo.ru/

Chinoiserie is a stylistic movement that reflects the European view of Chinese style. This style is characterized by the use of bright colors, smooth lines, Chinese figurines and symbols, and gold furniture trim. This direction is suitable for using olive-colored details or base.

Chinoiserie style Source www.prague-stay.com

Green sofa in a beige interior

The ideal combination will be obtained if you place a green sofa in an interior where beige color predominates. This is an ideal interior combination for those who want a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the room and love calm tones. As an option to complement the interior with a green sofa - beige walls or a carpet, a chandelier with glass spherical shades, several indoor green plants that will make the room more lively and “juicy”.

A good option would be to choose beige pillows for the sofa. Choose curtains in green and beige tones. The floor in such an interior can be made of bleached wood or in a light brown tone. Depending on the prevailing color scheme, the ceiling can be made soft cream or light green.

Green sofa in a gray interior

This combination will seem restrained, but at the same time, sophisticated. It gives the room peace, comfort and coziness. Gray-green shades are the most muted. They will have a calming effect, even if you choose the richest of them - emerald and pine. In a gray interior, several shades of green can be used. The main thing is to successfully dilute and complement everything with decorative items.

Green sofa in white interior

This color combination in the interior is very common today. The easiest way to choose furniture and room accessories for a white interior (especially if the walls are painted this color). White walls help visually enlarge a room.

The combination of white and green is not only the most popular, but also the most universal. Sofas in green will not only match the white interior, but will also help become its bright accent. For a more harmonious combination, you can add a few more details in a green tone. These can be furniture parts, room accessories or even indoor flowers.

Harmonious color combinations

If the furniture modules in the living room are made of natural wood, and the interior is dominated by dark brown and black colors, the addition of warm beige and sand shades is appropriate. An interesting solution is a few bright contrasting additions. For example, to match the dark purple color of the upholstery of sofas and armchairs, there is a crimson and blue decorative insert. The decor can be not only bright, but also white. An interesting solution, for example, would be to dilute the modules of a dark set with white poufs or an armchair with rounded kennels.

Contrasting combinations are in great demand. At the peak of sales today are sets that combine light and dark colors in one module: cabinet doors, shelves, upholstery elements. The combination of wenge and alder has become classic, harmoniously fitting into the modern design of the living room, and giving the space lightness and charm. But to create a harmonious composition you need to choose the right texture. It may not be noticeable, or it must be the same in each headset module.

The accent in the interior of a living room with dark-colored furniture can be bright or stark white decor, provided that such an accent is the only one in the entire room. Sometimes it is enough to cover the sofa with a white cover, and the living room will sparkle with new colors.

A dark-colored set can be diluted with one light module, for example, a white chair in a modern, geometrically correct style. With massive black sofas, it will become a bright point that sets balance.

Green sofa in a Scandinavian interior

In total, a person can distinguish about 250 shades of green in nature. All of them can not only be used to create a Scandinavian style, but also transform it and place bright accents.

Although the main shade of the Scandinavian style is white and all light colors, this does not prevent designers from using other colors as a bright accent and addition to the interior.

If we take the Scandinavian style, then a green sofa will fit perfectly into the interior of a white, coffee, yellow, or light lilac shade. Moreover, this combination can be implemented in any room - both at home (bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom), and in a study or office. Green has always given the space a special correctness and freshness.

Dark green shades of the sofa can be ideally complemented with blue, turquoise, gray and powder.

Green furniture in the Scandinavian style will go well with copper and gold shades.

Tips for using olive color in the living room and hallway

The interior of the living room or hallway should not be too bright or flashy. In a room with dark furniture and decor, you can use light olive wallpaper and textiles.

Beautiful textiles Source www.remontbp.com

You can add luxury to the design of the olive living room with relief details and patterns on textiles.

Olive color is suitable for creating a monochrome living room, with wooden floors and small white accents. The room looks cozy and noble.

If there is a lack of natural light in the living room or hallway, some areas can be highlighted using additional light sources:

  • floor lamps;
  • table lamps;
  • zoned lighting;
  • sconce;
  • decorative diode strips.

The living room, made in light colors, looks luxurious. Olive-colored textiles harmonize perfectly with it and create a feeling of comfort.

Living room decoration Source housesdesign.ru/

Green corner sofa in the interior

Most corner sofas are placed in the corner of the room to save space. Often sofa designs in green (and not only) colors are chosen as folding ones. These are ideal models if you plan to get several extra beds.

The sofa can also be chosen in a variety of colors – from soft pistachio to rich green. Some designers also include emerald color in this color scheme.

Green sofas usually look like a green island in the room. Green plants will ideally complement such an interior, and yellow interior items will give a feeling of sunshine.

Green leather sofa in the interior

Typically, leather sofas in green have bright and rich tones. Leather sofas in green tones are often chosen by confident and calm people, those who want moral and material stability.

This model of furniture is most often located in the bedroom, living room or office.

It is worth considering that green leather sofas are very rare in the modern world. If the material is natural, then such furniture will not be available to all buyers. High-quality leather is a durable and strong material that looks beautiful in any room.

Gray-green sofa in the living room interior

The combination of gray and green colors in the interior is perceived as something neat, simple, but original and sophisticated. Often this color combination is used in the design of styles such as vintage and empire.

The floor in a room with such a sofa and an interior in this tone is best made to look like wood (laminate or parquet). For windows you can buy both heavy curtains and delicate tulle. You can get an original interior look by adding a blanket or small pillows to the sofa. You can hang several paintings on the walls. A gray-green interior will look good with bright yellow accents.

It is worth noting that depending on which shades of these colors are chosen, the room may turn out to be too dark or light.

Tips for using olive color in the kitchen

The kitchen performs many important tasks. Here they not only prepare food, but also welcome guests, solve important family problems, and relax.

Olive cuisine gives a feeling of warmth and comfort.

There are several reasons why using olive color for kitchen design is acceptable:

  • it goes well with other colors;
  • dirt is less noticeable on it;
  • doesn't get boring;
  • creates an atmosphere of comfort.

Variations of green with olive Source www.domechti.ru
But in a room with insufficient lighting or a small kitchen, olive can reduce or make it duller; the color is characterized by its ability to absorb light.


  • It is better to decorate a small olive kitchen using a large number of light details.
  • In a room with poor lighting, it is appropriate to use warm shades of olive color.

Kitchen with olive tone Source www.houzz.com

  • Ornaments, plant motifs, checks and stripes will look advantageous in the kitchen interior.
  • In the design of an olive kitchen, it is appropriate to use additional light sources.

Beautiful kitchen Source dizainvfoto.ru/

Dark green sofa in the living room interior

This is one of the most original and striking solutions for decorating a modern interior. This color of the sofa will be relevant when decorating a room in eco-style, loft, Provence, fusion, modern. It is not recommended to place it in a room if it is decorated in baroque, minimalist or classic style. Depending on what the room will be used for (for active or relaxing relaxation), you will need to choose lighter and calmer colors or more saturated ones.

You can choose different furniture upholstery not only in shade, but also in material. It can be flock, chenille, jacquard, leather, tapestry.

After you have purchased a dark green sofa, you should pay attention to selecting other furniture for the room. It should fit in with the color scheme and style.

Those who do not want the room to have the only accent in the form of a green sofa can complement the room with bright curtains (optionally, yellow or with a predominance of yellow), runners, and pillows. They should resonate with existing interior elements.

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Olive color in the nursery

The combination of olive is ideal for decorating rooms for children of all ages and genders. In addition, the olive color does not get boring for a long time and does not go out of fashion.

When decorating a children's room in olive color, it is important to consider the following:

  • Age and gender of the child. The choice of decor, additional colors and accessories depends on this. A boy's room can be decorated in a nautical style, and a girl's room can be decorated in a princess style.

Walls in olive tone Source rsynews.com/ Design of a children's room with a marine theme Source decorationinfo.ru

  • The character of the child. For fidgety children, it is better to choose light olive shades and pastel or light details, and for less active children, the room can be made brighter.
  • To decorate a small room, you should use a combination of olive with light shades.
  • Green children's colors look advantageous in combination with monochrome shades or adjacent tones in the palette.
  • When creating a children's design for a long time, you should give preference to neutral walls, floors, and furniture. You can set the mood by changing curtains, bedspreads, pillows, and lamps.

Elements in olive color Source www.pinterest.ru

  • It is worth discussing the design of the room with your child, because first of all he should like the room.
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