Bright sofa in the interior: how to use colored furniture in apartment decor (40 photos)

Bright sofa in the interior

Bright decorative items will enliven any interior, especially if it is an impressively sized piece of upholstered furniture - a sofa. Occupying the main place in the living room, the sofa also serves an aesthetic purpose along with its functionality. Therefore, when choosing a sofa, it is important to take into account not only the convenience of the design, but also its style and color design, so that the new sofa fits organically into the interior of the room.

Bright sofa in the interior: choosing a color

To create a favorable, healthy atmosphere in a room, it is necessary to maintain a balance between the predominant color scheme of the room and its individual color accents. A bright sofa can be part of a monochrome interior design option (when one color of different shades predominates), it can be a bright accent on a light background, and also part of a bright, multi-colored interior.

Bright red sofa in the interior photo

Features of bright sofas

Just a few decades ago, it was difficult to find sofas of any interesting color in furniture stores other than black, gray and brown shades. In addition, in those days it was fashionable to cover upholstered furniture with strange capes, made in the same boring brown and beige tones with carpet patterns and ruffled dangles.

In recent years, the trend has changed. Now it is customary to leave the sofa without additional covering. In the interior, it is its upholstery that is valued. The mood in the room depends on its color and material.

First of all, you need to understand what kind of fabric it should be finished with so that the furniture fits perfectly into the overall design. There is a wide variety of materials in this industry. Most often used:

  • chenille;
  • flock;
  • jacquard;
  • matting;
  • tapestry;
  • velours;
  • eco leather.

Each of them conveys color in its own way and creates its own mood. Chenille has been known in the furniture industry for about 200 years. It is made by twisting two strong threads, between which fibers are woven. Can be made from the same or different raw materials. It has excellent aesthetic qualities and durability. Can convey a wide range of colors and shades.

Flock refers to non-woven materials. It is produced by applying artificial pile to the base of synthetics and cotton. With its help, you can imitate different materials, while the final product is cheaper than the imitated analogue. After production, a print can be applied to the flocked surface. It also conveys different shades well, is durable and easy to care for.

One of the most durable weaving methods is jacquard. Produced on special machines. On them you can set the order of weaving different threads, which is why interesting patterns are obtained. Can combine several shades. Often made from natural, synthetic and blended yarns. The last one can be called the most durable.

Matting can be classified as a variety of chenille. Durable compared to many popular upholstery fabrics. It is based on natural fibers from flax or cotton. Due to the fact that the material is not very durable, polyester and acrylic threads are added to it. They have a wide range of colors. In this case, the surface of the fabric turns out to be fleecy, and the weaving method resembles burlap. This adds some naturalness and environmental comfort to the interior.

The tapestry is as similar as possible to jacquard. They are even made on the same machines. Only in a tapestry can they use a significant number of shades, creating not just patterns, but real paintings. Jacquard is limited to only 10 colored threads. The fabric is made from 100% cotton. This is its main advantage (naturalness) and disadvantage (relatively low wear resistance).

Velor is an expensive pile furniture fabric. It conveys different colors well. Patterns and drawings on the surface are obtained by placing fibers in different directions under stencils. Adds luxury and richness to any interior. At the same time, it is poorly resistant to abrasion, although modern pile processing technologies have managed to extend their service life.

Leatherette (eco leather) is a high-quality imitation of natural material. It is unprofitable to use ordinary leather in sofa upholstery today. And it has a significantly smaller range of decorative properties. At the same time, eco-leather has a large number of positive characteristics. Its base is made of durable cotton fabric. Several layers of polyurethane coating are applied to it. It is from this that the main decorative component is made. To improve performance characteristics, the material is coated with a special Teflon composition. The result is a durable, colorful, textured upholstery fabric. Its use in the interior immediately adds a special luxury, since people immediately associate it with genuine leather.

Based on this, it becomes clear what type of upholstery you need to pay attention to when choosing a sofa for each room. After all, the interior style dictates not only the color, but also the texture of the fabric suitable for a particular room.

Sofa color in the interior

The influence of color on a person’s health and psyche is enormous, and therefore, when choosing a sofa, you need to know how a particular color will affect your psycho-emotional state.

Bright sofa and other furniture in the interior in the photo

For example, a red sofa will be a good incentive to maintain vitality, but in large quantities it is harmful, and if there are also rich green decorative items next to it, then this combination will be irritating and tiring with a long-term effect on the eyes. A red sofa would be appropriate when surrounded by calmer tones.

Red sofas in the interior photo

Bright red sofas and armchairs

Two red sofas in the living room

The orange color of the sofa also helps to activate vitality, but has a softer effect than red. Orange is the color of inspiration and enthusiasm. But you should also avoid some too aggressive combinations with other colors.

Orange sofa in the interior photo

Orange sofa combined with blue

Bright orange sofa in the living room decor

The most favorable color is green. The color of peace and tranquility, it gives a feeling of security, is useful for vision and restoration of strength. We have already written about the interior in green tones. A green sofa is one of the most suitable options in terms of beneficial effects on health. Depending on the color of the surrounding interior items (bright or calmer), different effects can be achieved.

Green sofa in the kitchen corner

Green sofa in the interior photo

Bright green sofa and armchairs in the living room

You have to be careful with blue or purple colors. These colors are very beautiful, but if there is a large predominance of them in a room, then they have a depressing and overwhelming effect - it is harmful to stay in such a room for a long time. Therefore, if you have chosen a beautiful blue or purple sofa, then the walls and other furnishings should be lighter shades.

Purple sofa in a dark interior photo

Turquoise sofa and yellow table in the living room

Blue sofa in the interior photo

In general, the color yellow has a beneficial effect on health, quickly extinguishes negative emotions, increases productivity, and evokes a feeling of warmth and comfort. But some of its toxic shades are undesirable for long-term exposure.

Bright yellow sofa in the interior

Yellow sofa in purple interiors photo

Yellow sofa in the interior photo

Fashionable colors of sofas and combinations with them

Coco Chanel also said that fashion was created for those people who have no sense of style. You should not focus on popular trends when creating your own unique interior. It is he who will be able to reflect the characteristics of the inner world and character of the owner of the room.

When choosing furniture, and a sofa in particular, it is better to look at how it fits into the overall picture. Therefore, it is worth understanding in advance what mood is hidden behind a particular color.


One of the most aggressive colors. Always stimulates human activity. Therefore, you should not oversaturate the room with them. Looks good in neutral shades and goes with almost any color. When choosing such a sofa upholstery, it is advisable to repeat the same color in other small interior details: candles, chandelier, painting.

You should not add other aggressive shades to it. Together they will create a perception bomb. A person in such an interior will not be able to relax. This will cause a constant feeling of discomfort. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful when choosing a red sofa. Alternatively, you can give preference not to rich scarlet shades, but to calmer burgundy ones.


This color is associated with peace, tranquility, and purity. Good for relaxation. But you should always remember that it belongs to a cold palette. Therefore, it can calm even the most aggressive interior. For this reason, bright blue sofas are often chosen to pair with warm shades of yellow.

But it is better not to combine it with white, beige and blue tones. Otherwise, you can completely lose the feeling of warmth in the room. In this case, it will turn into one of the Snow Queen’s rooms. And even at a high air temperature in the room, it will seem that there are drafts and frosty freshness emanates from every element of the interior.


The color of summer, joy, positivity. He cannot be called too aggressive or calm. With green, most interiors will become sunnier and cheerful. It can be combined with different shades, due to which different effects are achieved.

When used in conjunction with yellow and orange, the room will help improve performance. At the same time, yellow and orange, which excite the psyche, are slightly neutralized by green.

To achieve the effect of relaxation and create an atmosphere and relaxation, it is better to combine it with calmer colors. It's always so nice to take a nap on the fresh green grass under a blue sky with white fluffy clouds.

But designers and psychologists do not recommend combining this color with bright red. When paired, they have a strong impact on the psyche and can only cause a feeling of discomfort and internal anxiety of unknown origin.


Quite a specific color. You need to be careful with his choice. Designers do not recommend choosing such upholstery for a sofa if the interior already has other elements of the same shade. It is considered heavy and aggressive.

The color environment that goes with it depends on the shades that predominate in purple, since it is a complex color. For example, a black and white interior with blue and purple will become more austere and cold. At the same time, in this room, a sofa with predominant pink tones will look fun and warm. For this reason, you need to be very careful when choosing shades of this color. In order not to make a mistake, it is better to take sofas from the manufacturer. In this case, consultants will provide more detailed information about the features of the upholstery.


Refers to active colors. It can be even heavier than red. Therefore, it is better to combine it with interior elements in neutral shades. In this case, the sofa will become a positive color accent in the room.

Orange is associated with the warmth of the sun and home. Proper combination with other shades will create a feeling of additional comfort and warmth. But if you overdo it in the interior, then a person will begin to perceive the room as being on fire (especially if there are red and yellow colors). Because of this, instead of relaxation and fun, you will achieve anxiety and a feeling of primitive fear.

But you shouldn’t put a bright orange sofa in a completely neutral interior either. It will look ridiculous and stupid, and will immediately stand out from the general concept.


The effect on a person depends on the shade. Calm tones increase performance and improve mood. They go well with cool and warm colors. Suitable for rooms associated with human activity. But bright acidic ones can have a negative effect. The use of such sofas in the interior is possible if their impact is slightly neutralized with the help of calmer colors in other elements.

You should not overuse it if there are already red and orange tones around, especially saturated shades. If you want to create a feeling of luxury of autumn foliage, you can achieve the effect of a forest fire if you combine strong colors with each other incorrectly.


Before this, we were talking exclusively about plain upholstery. But sofas can be made in different colors. These can be combinations of cold and warm colors in any combination. You shouldn’t give up such sofas, but you also need to use them wisely.

As a rule, such furniture is not designed for a relaxing holiday. It is created for rooms in which human activity should be at a high level. It is worth choosing a color environment based on the upholstery of the furniture. This is exactly the case when the interior is built around the sofa, and not vice versa.

If the room is dominated by calm neutral shades (beige, milky, coffee), with the help of such an element you can create a color accent and enliven a slightly boring and unsightly room.

Red sofa in the interior

A red sofa will always be the main accent in the room, attracting attention. In the interior, it is better to use red color sparingly, surrounded by light and calm shades. But the sofa should not be the only red object in the room; it is advisable to complement it with a red carpet or curtains. Red color goes best with gray-green, golden beige, gold, purple, yellow-beige, and blue.

Red sofas in a bright interior

Bright red sofa in the living room

Combination of red and white sofas

Dark red sofa in the interior photo

Orange sofa in the interior

An orange sofa can also be a great color accent in the interior. Its combination against the background of light green walls and dark green and golden interior items is very successful. An orange sofa will go well with colors in the interior such as blue, cream, purple, and brown.

Orange sofa and other interior elements

Orange sofa in living room decor

Photo of an orange sofa in the interior

Bright orange sofa and dark walls

Practical tips on how to choose the right sofa color

Look around the room where you plan to put a sofa, think about how other furniture will be combined with the new item, and whether you intend to change the color of the walls in the near future. If you like their color scheme, then choose a sofa in addition to this tone. Sometimes the emphasis is on the flooring of the room, in which case the color of the upholstered furniture should be consistent with the shade of the floor.

Knowing how to choose the right color for a sofa, you can highlight the style of the room. It is not necessary to repeat the shade for all interior items. It is enough that the sofa matches the color scheme of the room. It is better if the upholstery is slightly different from the overall tone.

Before choosing a light or white sofa, ask a consultant how you can clean the upholstery if necessary. Please note that there are removable covers. This will make caring for the furniture much easier. They can be washed or dry cleaned periodically.

Sofas in dark colors are more practical. Spots are less noticeable on their surface. Upholstery with a dark or colored pattern hides dirt well.

Show the sales consultant of the upholstered furniture salon a plan of your room, a photo of the interior, samples of color schemes for the walls and floor. The specialist will give advice on how to choose the color of the sofa in accordance with the design of the room space.

If you have chosen a sofa, do not rush to buy it right away. The same piece of furniture can look different in the interior of a furniture showroom and in the space of your room. Ask the seller for fabric upholstery samples. At home, carefully compare the resulting sofa color samples to the overall color scheme of your room under different lighting levels.

Pay attention to the texture of the fabric. Materials with pile, depending on the lighting and color of the walls, look different.

The most popular articles on choosing furniture for the home:

Design experts, when answering the question of how to choose the color of a sofa, recommend choosing neutral shades of its upholstery. The style and individuality of the interior can be emphasized with accessories: sofa cushions, soft cushions, blankets. If necessary, it is easier and cheaper to replace these elements than all upholstered furniture.

Useful tips on how to choose a sofa color:

  • If you are no longer satisfied with the color of the sofa, do not rush to buy a new one. Contact craftsmen who reupholster furniture. Specialists will update your sofa: change the upholstery and make the necessary repairs.
  • Order 2-3 sets of removable covers for your sofa. They can be changed depending on your mood or time of year. Covers made of light natural fabrics are suitable for summer; dense textured materials look good in winter.
  • The curtains and sofa in the same color scheme look exclusive. For textile decoration of windows and furniture covers, you can choose one type of fabric.

How to choose the color of a sofa in the interior: 5 interesting solutions

Before choosing a sofa color, determine the overall color scheme of the room. Let's look at five main projects for combining upholstered furniture with the interior of a room.

The color of the sofa and the walls correspond to the same color scheme, the only difference is in the shades. Examples of plans: light blue walls – blue sofa; beige walls – brown sofa; purple walls – lilac sofa; the walls are dark green – the sofa is pale green with a dark print or ornament.

Yellow sofa in the interior

Yellow goes well with most warm colors, especially crimson. Against the background of a bright interior, a yellow sofa will further enhance the brightness of the colors, and against the background of light, cool shades it will give the impression of bright light.

Bright yellow sofa in the interior

Combination of yellow and white: sofas in the living room

Bright yellow sofa in an attic room

Yellow sofa in the interior photo

Green sofa in the interior

Green is the most calm and favorable color. If you want to relax and unwind, then use rich shades of green - the color of grass and foliage. This is a way to create a summer mood at home and feel like you are in nature without leaving home. If you want some kind of joyful, spring mood, then use bright shades of green for the sofa - the color of the first leaves, lime or something similar.

Bright sofa in a green interior

The green sofa is the only bright detail of the white living room

Bright green sofa in the interior photo

Blue and purple sofa in the interior

A blue sofa can be combined with many colors, but it is desirable to have a predominance of light shades in the interior. To maintain the noble color of a purple sofa indoors, green, pink, yellow, and crimson colors are needed.

Purple sofa in an industrial interior

Turquoise sofa in the living room photo

Purple sofa in the interior photo

Blue bright sofa in the interior photo

Multi-colored sofa in the interior

If the sofa is multi-colored, then any of its constituent colors can be dominant in the interior. Also, multi-colored bright sofas can be used in light interiors in beige, milky, coffee and just white shades. In this case, you can make this colored sofa the main bright detail of your interior.

Designer bright multi-colored sofa photo

Original multicolor sofa

Multi-colored sofa in the interior in the photo

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How to choose a sofa color: where to start

Choosing plain upholstered furniture makes the design task easier. This type of color is versatile and harmonizes with different interior styles. Single-color upholstery is well suited for any room: living room, bedroom, nursery, kitchen. Accessories in the form of multi-colored sofa pillows, blankets and capes will highlight the style of the room.

It is more difficult to choose a sofa with colored upholstery. The design on the fabric, in addition to color, has a certain texture, shape, rhythm, theme. In this case, not only the color scheme of the material is taken into account, but also its other properties. Before choosing a sofa, you should carefully read the characteristics of the material.

To answer the question of how to choose the color of a sofa, you need to know the selection criteria:

  1. It is irrational to choose the color of a sofa based only on fashion trends. Fashion is capricious and changes very quickly, and good furniture is not cheap and is bought for a long time.
  2. If the design project of a room is being implemented from scratch, then it is necessary to take into account the advice of a specialist. The designer will take into account all your wishes and help you choose the ideal color scheme for the interior space of the room.
  3. To choose the right color for the sofa, experts recommend focusing on the color scheme of the walls. There is no need to purchase upholstered furniture to match the wallpaper; it will “merge” with the background. It is better to choose a sofa of a different color that matches the overall style of the room.
  4. Before choosing a sofa, you need to decide on the room in which it will be placed. Upholstered furniture in muted colors is suitable for a calm bedroom atmosphere. And for the living room you can choose a bright color scheme. Walls painted in pastel colors will harmonize with the bright colors of the furniture.
  5. A sofa in a neutral light color (beige, sand, gray) looks good in any interior. But some colors require additions. For example, cream and brown tones require a “neighborhood” with a brighter color.
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