Air storage: Shelves in the interior (42 photos)

There are often many things in the house that we don’t always know where to put. Therefore, such a miracle thing as a bookcase comes to our aid.

Shelf in the interior

Quite a lot of people use it and are satisfied, because it is functional and does not take up much space. But how to choose the right bookcase? What are they like? Now we will find out about this.

What is a whatnot?

To put it simply, this is a rack that consists of several horizontal shelves interconnected. It has no doors or back wall. As a rule, it is made of metal or wood. Historically, the bookcase appeared quite a long time ago, during the Renaissance. It was used quite often in everyday life, and has survived to this day.

One of the bookcase designs

Of course, during this period it changed a little in terms of design, but the characteristics remained the same.

What it is

One of the rather popular pieces of furniture is the whatnot, along with the chest of drawers and sideboard. The bookcase is quite comfortable and interesting furniture, which, undoubtedly, is also useful.

At the same time, this piece of furniture can be placed in almost any room. For example, such a room could be a hallway, living room or bathroom.

Often, bookcases are used as a container for small items, shoes, small household appliances, and so on.

Types of whatnots

We figured out what a bookcase is, now let's try to find out what they are like and how they differ.

Modern shelf design

By type of accommodation there are the following options:

  1. Floor-standing.
  2. On wheels.
  3. Angular.
  4. Wall-mounted.

But which bookcases are best to use and where are they suitable?

Floor shelves in the interior

In principle, the name speaks for itself. It is logical that this type of bookcase is located on the floor, and is usually stationary. There you can put any little things that are so often scattered around the apartment. It looks narrow and tall, but in principle it can be wide. This will depend on how much space you are willing to allocate, and what it is made of is also an important factor.

Floor shelf

On wheels, whatnots in the interior

Perfect for when you need mobility and ease of movement. For example, this could be a small shelf for a bathtub, which can be moved from one corner to another at any time. Very convenient, especially when you like to change your environment often.

Shelf on wheels

Wall-mounted bookcases in the interior

Often installed when indoor space is limited. It is important to take into account the fact that it is best to store those things that you use throughout the day on wall shelves.

Wall shelves

Corner shelves in the interior

Also installed in cases where there is little space. This option will fit perfectly where you thought there was no room at all.

Corner shelves

In which part of the apartment would bookcases be more appropriate?

Due to the absence of continuous wide vertical surfaces, the shelves look light. Filled with air, they do not obscure the space and can serve as shelves for anything.

Shelf for the living room

In the living room, shelves can be placed along the wall and a TV, decorative vases, large beautiful sinks, and photographs can be placed on them. Placing electrical appliances on shelves does not require additional holes in the furniture for wires. You can create a living green wall if you place indoor flowers on the shelf. Shade-tolerant plants will decorate the area in the back of the living room, and light-loving plants will not be offended by a bookcase placed near the window.

Orchids or Usambara violets will look great on the shelves of a collection. Thanks to its airy property, the bookcase can be placed in any part of the room without causing discomfort to the inhabitants of the house. And thanks to its ability to transmit a lot of light, this fashionable interior detail will not greatly obscure the room, so one of its main advantages is the zoning of the room, the ability to highlight secluded corners, which is very important in small rooms and one-room apartments.

Bedroom shelf

In the bedroom, a bookcase will help organize the cosmetics and perfumes that any woman needs, and will become an assistant near the bed, holding a night light or lamp, books for reading before bed, hair clips, glasses and various other little things on its “fragile shoulders.”

Kitchen shelf

In the kitchen, a bookcase can also perform many functions: thanks to it, it will be easy to quickly find jars with preparations sorted into shelves, watch the TV installed on the shelf, read a newspaper or book over a cup of coffee, arrange beautiful jars with bulk products, organize the storage of various small items in hanging on her pockets.

On the balcony, a bookcase will help organize the storage of temporarily unnecessary items, including empty cans.

And in the hallway it will become an indispensable, modest, space-saving shoe storage assistant.

As you can see, the bookcase has a lot of uses; it will be convenient in any part of the apartment. You just need to choose the color, size and material from which it will be made to become a pleasant, stylish addition to your interior.

Types of materials for bookcases

There are the following types:

  • Plastic.
  • Metal.
  • Wooden.

The plastic option will be the most cost-effective and practical. It's cheap and has a lot of color options. Such shelves do not grow moldy or get wet, and they weigh little. A nuance may be the fact that, in comparison with other options, it is less strong and durable. But again, depending on the purpose for which it is purchased.

Plastic shelf in the interior

Metal shelves are quite resistant to high humidity. The list of the most popular options includes chrome-plated metal structures, which are stable and last a long time.

The operation of a product made of such material is possible corrosion, which is inherent in any metal.

Metal shelf in the interior

Wooden shelves are a kind of classic that is always in demand. Wooden products will serve you for a long time, they just need proper care. From time to time it is worth treating the material against insects or cracks. Alternatively, you can varnish it, then it will be less troublesome.

Wooden shelf in the interior

Features of the use of shelves and shelving in the interior

Such furniture at home or in the office is usually used to increase the amount of space intended for storing a variety of small items and items. The unusual design and appearance features of such furniture, which is made for any type of interior, will make it easy to choose it for any type and type of interior. Each bookcase or rack has a large number of different shelves and niches that can be filled with books, magazines, decorative plants or figurines, as well as other small items.

Shelves and racks come in any shape and can be multi-tiered. On a shelf that is placed in the kitchen, for example, small household appliances can be stored. A number of modern models also have drawers or special shelves on which various household items can be stored. A small shelf, unlike a massive cabinet, is very easy to move or move to free space inside your house or apartment, thereby refreshing the interior.

Where is the best place to install shelves?

Installing a shelf in one place or another depends on how exactly you plan to use it. It is usually useful for storing newspapers, magazines, books and other small items. But can be used to store shoes, boxes and anything else.

Accordingly, when you plan to store books and other items of this type, you can install a bookcase in the living room. If it will be used to store shoes, the most suitable place will be the corridor. It is also used for storing linen, towels and bathrobes - these are bathroom or pantry areas.

Pros and cons of whatnots

Most fashion catalogs characterize whatnots as functional and fashionable items. Also, in addition to the obvious advantages of whatnots, designers highlight their ability to fit into different styles and harmoniously approach everything. Even if it seems to you that the design of your kitchen is already finished, a shelf can easily refresh it and make it even better if you choose a shelf that matches the style.

Furniture care: a review of useful tips with photos and detailed descriptions

Not so long ago, there were whatnots in kitchens in every Russian house, then in Soviet ones, and now the updated whatnots are entering our homes more stylish.

The most important advantage of bookcases in the house is their functionality. The bookcase is much more mobile than ordinary racks or shelves and is suitable for the kitchen. Without taking up space, a bookcase remains the best storage method.

Strict and elegant designs, simple in decoration, become the most fashionable additions to the room.

What do designers advise when choosing a bookcase?

  • Undoubtedly, every person wants to feel comfortable and at ease in their apartment. Therefore, each of the items must be comfortable and functional, and the whatnot also belongs to this category. Designers advise choosing it in light, preferably pastel colors and from lightweight materials. Thus, it will not clutter up the apartment and catch the eye.
  • To have more light and space in the house, it is best to choose shelves without a back wall, that is, through ones.
  • If the room in which you want to put a bookcase is a little non-standard and has little space, then it is best to turn to a craftsman and make the item to order. Then it will be possible to accurately calculate the dimensions and choose the appropriate color.
  • Another point is the zoning of space in the room. A bookcase is also perfect for this, because it will become a conventional border between two already separate zones.

Placement principle


Stationary models are placed exclusively on the floor; in appearance they resemble elongated narrow or wide cabinets with open or closed shelves. Their main purpose is to store books, small items and memorabilia, cosmetics, towels, and kitchen utensils.



A functional model with a rotating mechanism for storing literary publications, private collections, photographs, as well as small utensils in the kitchen.



The unusual rack is made in the form of a partition, intended for zoning living rooms or a studio apartment. In appearance, it consists of a complex of shelves attached to guides.



A simple and convenient variation of a bookcase with a variety of shelves and sections. Most often it is used to place books, magazines, sets and other household utensils.

with grate

With wheels

Mobility and lightness are the main advantages of products equipped with small wheels. Typically, such shelves are made of metal or plastic, equipped with additional drawers and baskets, and are used in the kitchen, bathroom or dining room for table setting. This option is ideal for those who like to change their environment frequently.

on wheels

Wall mounted

These options are used in small and cramped spaces in order to preserve free space; they are attached to the wall using special hooks, bolts and hangers. They are used to store lightweight, small items, such as dishes, cosmetics, photo frames, and collectible toys.

wall white


Trays for documents and correspondence with pull-out sections, multi-level stands for dishes and cutlery, spices, cosmetics, and tools belong to the category of tabletop shelves. The above products are compact, lightweight, functional, and can be made from absolutely any material.

tabletop collapsible


These interior items are suitable for both spacious and small apartments; they are installed exclusively in the corner area, without cluttering the interior. They are often used in bedrooms, offices, living rooms, bathrooms (for shampoos, shower gels). In turn, corner racks are divided into the following variations:

  • without a back wall - complement the high-tech, modern, minimalist style, making the space airy and light;
  • with a back wall - serve as a kind of bookcases, stands for awards and private collections;
  • on suction cups - attached to the wall, easy to maintain and small in size;
  • with forged parts - will decorate a classic interior.

corner black

Important points

There are several interesting points that can help you when choosing a particular bookcase option.

  • If we are talking about a kitchen that is made in an ethnic or retro style, a wooden option is best. At the same time, it is not necessary for the tree to have strict motifs; it can be decorated with some finishing in the form of carvings or an extravagant form of the product.
  • The forged version will fit perfectly into country or Provence style. This will especially highlight your taste in choice.
  • Budget types such as MDF or chipboard are more suitable in modern style. Then the bookcase will harmoniously fit into the overall interior of the room and will not stand out from the background of other items.
  • The techno style option will perfectly combine metal chrome inserts and glass. This bookcase will be an excellent addition to the high-tech style.
  • Plastic models are suitable for bathrooms and storage rooms. Their ease of care and use will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition, their light weight and variety of colors will help you simply use them without feeling inconvenienced.



Rectangular racks are considered the most functional, as they can accommodate a large number of things and accessories. They are perfect for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway (as a shoe rack) or for the bathroom (in this case, compact mobile models with wheels are useful).



The square is a symbol of stability and order. Saving space is the main advantage of square structures. Due to their versatility, they will easily fit into any interior, in particular, one made in the minimalist style. Often such models are made in the form of a ladder, consisting of cube-shaped shelves that do not have a back wall. They store books, magazines, collectibles, souvenirs and awards.



For interior solutions characterized by the presence of smooth lines, curves and transitions, for example, loft style, minimalism or pop art, an oval design is suitable. Its features: lightness, mobility, compactness, capacity. Usage options: for kitchen utensils, for storing personal hygiene products, for shoes.



Round shelves are most often used for storing vegetables, fruits, dishes and cutlery in the kitchen, as well as for placing pots with indoor plants. These products are mobile (can be moved around the apartment without much effort), stable, often located in the corner of the room, saving free space, and are made of wood, chrome steel, bamboo or glass. They go well with square and rectangular shapes, without oversaturating the interior and compensating each other.


Types of premises

Living room

For the living room, choose a product made of glass, wood or bamboo, which is a kind of analogue of the usual wall or bookcase. On its shelves you can place books, photo frames, paintings, and various decor.

living room


A low glass or wooden shelf will be an excellent replacement for a bedside table, on which you can place a small lamp, reading glasses and your favorite book.



In this case, an option with small open, hanging or corner shelves for placing a variety of kitchen utensils, cans of cereals and food products is suitable.



Towels, personal hygiene products, bathrobes, household products - can easily fit on a mobile or corner rack made of glass, plastic or metal. Both wall and floor options have been created especially for the bathroom.



For the corridor and hall, it is recommended to choose a narrow rectangular or square rack made of plastic or metal to organize the storage of shoes, handbags, gloves, hats and care products for leather goods and clothing.


Balcony or loggia

Hanging and floor racks will help you create a luxurious flower garden. The products are attached to the railings or placed in the corner of the balcony space.


There are a huge variety of types of whatnots for an apartment. All of the above products are functional and easy to maintain. Having studied each of them in detail, you can choose the best option, suitable in size, external characteristics and cost.

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