Kitchen chair - the perfect combination of comfort and practicality

People who often spend their time in the kitchen will need armchairs: for long periods of time they always need convenience and comfort. Chairs are not fully capable of providing these properties, and if space allows, but you want more comfort and coziness, kitchen chairs would be the best option.

Designers are working to solve this issue, and every year they create new compact models that can decorate the interior of even the smallest kitchen around the perimeter.

Features and benefits of kitchen chairs

  • Functionality depends on the weight of the chair. Because kitchen furniture is initially lighter, it is easy to rearrange or move it when the situation requires it.
  • Compactness - depends on the design. For example, if the kitchen chair is foldable, there will be no discomfort when carrying or moving it.
  • Upholstery – manufacturers take care of the furniture, so the upholstery is easy to clean, water-repellent fabric is often used, and you don’t have to worry about the effects of changes in humidity or temperature on soft kitchen chairs.

The advantages of this piece of furniture are its functionality, convenience and comfort.
The benefits are quite simple to define in three words: attractiveness, comfort and convenience. All furniture stores sell kitchen chairs: any style, shade, pattern, material - to suit everyone’s taste and pocket with the obligatory possibility of selecting various options for chairs that will certainly become part of the interior and will highlight it favorably.

Comfort and convenience are the key properties inherent in any type of chair, and the types themselves will be discussed below.

Types of kitchen chairs

  1. Kitchen chair with sleeping place

A good option for when guests come and there is no space in the rooms. But to place such a chair you need enough free space.

Folding chairs have an undoubted advantage.

  1. Folding

When assembled, it is an ordinary chair, and when disassembled, it is a small sleeping place for a guest; some models have wheels on the legs, so even children can move it. It is difficult to determine the shortcomings, unless you are unlucky with the manufacturer, then the chair may fail.

Armchairs come to the rescue of owners when they need to accommodate a large number of guests in the apartment.

The sliding mechanism is different, there are many options, and the choice must be made in favor of the one most suitable for the conditions to ensure the most convenient operation.

Remember! Some models have a compartment for bedding under the seat, which is practical and convenient, because what you need for sleeping is located in one place and there is no need to move things from another room.

  1. Soft

A classic that will always be relevant - the chair will fit well into the overall look of the kitchen (especially if the area is spacious).

The upholstery can be either genuine leather, leatherette or wear-resistant fabric.

For small areas or to save space, classic chairs are often purchased in a reduced size.

The upholstered furniture market offers a variety of stylish and original chair models with a wide range of colors.

  1. Barnoe

Luxury and respectability are the properties of this type of chair; they will fit most organically in a kitchen with a bar counter. But there are solutions that are well suited for a modern interior; they are distinguished by their corresponding appearance.

They often use bright upholstery.

  1. Kitchen chair armchair

One of the popular solutions, which is distinguished by its compactness. The design most often consists of a wooden frame on which there is a backrest with a seat, and an element characteristic of a chair is added - armrests. The sum of these features makes this type of chair comfortable and practical at the same time: such furniture is smaller than simple chairs, which makes it an ideal option for tiny kitchens for which other types of furniture are not suitable.

The presented colors make it possible not only to embody your imagination in kitchen design, but also to declare to everyone around you the impeccable taste of the owners.

  1. Semicircular

Convenience and compactness allowed this option to find its application. The design of the product is formed in such a way that convenient location will be ensured with low weight.

Neither temperature changes nor high humidity are dangerous for modern chairs.

When creating, they mainly use bright upholstery; this always enlivens the interior, filling it with contrast and richness.

  1. Chair without armrests

Another good option due to the fact that in apartment buildings most often the kitchens are very small, and in a limited space you need a chair from which it would be comfortable to get up and sit down. This type of convenience provides, and often the chairs are designed to be swivel to give the design even greater convenience and comfort.

The peculiarity of the species explains its popularity today.

  1. Set

Some companies produce a set of furniture. In this case, it is worth giving preference to models on casters for the possibility of moving them in the future.

This option may be beneficial for those who are just setting up a kitchen and want to purchase the entire complex for the premises.

Note! The rollers need to be rubberized to avoid scratches on the floor.

  1. Frameless

This type is rare compared to others, but if the interior is planned to be modern, such a chair will fit well into it. It can be located anywhere - it all depends on the level of convenience for spending time on it.

It does not have a design as such; special attention should be paid to the choice of fabric: it must remain durable and not absorb dirt.

Types of chairs

Among the rich variety of armchair models, the following varieties can be distinguished:

  • kitchen chairs with armrests, back and seat. Typically, such chairs frame a chic oversized table in the dining room. Lovers of long tea parties prefer these particular model options. For upholstery, fabrics with a non-slip surface are used;
  • the bar version of the chairs involves adjusting the height of the legs for comfortable sitting, which allows you to choose the required height for people of different heights;
  • folding chair beds are known from the past. They are a space-saving option, especially in small apartments. It is convenient because it can easily be transformed from a chair into a full-fledged bed;
  • the corner version of the chair must correspond to the parameters of the table so that those sitting on it do not bump into the corners of the table. In addition, the table is not placed close so as not to impede the position of the guests;
  • a dining chair in the style of past centuries Art Deco, Renaissance and Baroque will emphasize the sophistication of the taste of the hospitable hosts. It is also possible to use a mini-chair for the kitchen in the high-tech style of our time.
  • semicircular chairs are the trend of the season. They are distinguished by a special design solution and the originality of the interior with their use. They are compact due to the uniform design of the back and armrests;
  • semi-chairs are a model of a chair with only a backrest. Very comfortable and convenient;
  • small armchairs will decorate and make the kitchen interior unique, creating a rosy mood. If you choose the right color, it will have a beneficial effect on the eating process.


The main options for frame products are the following.

  • Tree

A good, proven option that has been used for a very long time due to its reliability, durability and safety. Usually, soft wood species are used for the production of kitchen furniture; they are cheap compared to analogues and are easy to process.

Chairs usually complement a round dining table. They combine comfortable soft armrests and a backrest.

  • Metal

A high-quality option, which is distinguished by its durability and strength in relation to load, long service life.

Many chairs have height-adjustable legs, which allows you to adjust the structure to the desired position.

Important! The surface composition must be of good quality (paint, etc.) to protect the material from corrosion. A galvanic layer is used to impart various effects to the structure.

  • Chipboard

The only advantage of the material is its low price, so this option should be considered undesirable if the main choice is long service life and quality. Disadvantages of the option: heavy weight, poor durability and portability. There is hardly any need for a material that quickly deteriorates from deformation or the influence of humidity.

Models with armrests are recommended for those who like long sits at the table and long conversations.

Features of chairs with armrests for the kitchen

The variety of chair-shaped seating items can be classified according to different indicators.

Materials used for the frame:

  • tree;
  • plastic;
  • chipboard;
  • glass;
  • MDF;
  • metal.

An amazing atmosphere with a nostalgic touch of natural spaces is brought by wicker chairs, elegant and light, thanks to the openwork of all components.

Surface options:

  • hard;
  • soft;
  • combined.


  • chair with armrests;
  • armchair.

Basic options for upholstery

Genuine leather is a traditional choice, which is distinguished by its high price and durability. Despite the beautiful appearance, it is rarely purchased, because... not everyone can afford this option.

Eco-leather is an excellent option, similar in appearance to natural leather, although it costs much less.

The service life is correspondingly shorter, but eco-leather can be replaced quickly and for little money.

Furniture fabric is absolutely any solution, including the cheapest like tapestry and up to more expensive options, each of which can be designed in any color and have a different texture.

Moisture-repellent material is a very advantageous option that can withstand the influence of humidity and temperature.

Requirements for the upholstery of soft chairs in the kitchen

The specificity of the kitchen environment is such that all furniture surfaces, including chairs, are constantly exposed to the threat of grease stains and various types of liquids. Being in a complex atmosphere of high humidity and temperature fluctuations places special demands on the type of finish:

  • strength;
  • moisture resistance;
  • ease of care;

Natural leather, modern high-strength leather substitutes, and textiles with special impregnation can meet these criteria.

Color solutions for stylish kitchen chairs

Color is important for upholstery because it becomes part of the kitchen design. Mostly, light colors are chosen - primarily to visually expand and brighten the space; light colors are also good for contrast, when the background is in dark colors and the furniture is light.

Bright colors are best used in a modern interior, while classics love muted colors.

How to choose an upholstered chair for the kitchen

In order to make a choice, you need to take into account the area of ​​the room, its design (finished or planned), other furniture and even household appliances - to select the color scheme and location. Everything depends on the availability of free space, palette and money, after which comes the definition of style. If the entire room is designed from scratch, it makes sense to contact a designer or choose a classic option - there are usually no errors in its design, the main thing to remember is the rule “Everything should be in moderation.” For the rest, with due determination, you need to trust your imagination and use it rationally.

Models with overall dimensions in width not exceeding 1 meter are considered compact.

Types of chair models for the kitchen - which one to choose

The choice of chairs for the kitchen is quite diverse. The decision is influenced by design features, dimensional parameters, personal preferences and the general style of the interior.

Interior soft chairs

If space allows, then it is possible to install a classic soft chair with a high back in the kitchen to create a relaxation area. In this case, the product is usually combined with a miniature table and complemented with local lighting. The result will be a cozy corner for reading, doing handicrafts, etc. However, this model does not fit with a dining table due to its impressive dimensions. And in a small kitchen it will look too bulky and take up a lot of space.

For the dining area, you should choose more compact designs of medium height.

Bar chairs

If there is a counter in the kitchen, then it is reasonable to equip it with bar chairs. They are more comfortable than chairs due to the presence of a backrest. The products differ from other models in their higher seat position and footrest. Some designs provide the ability to adjust the height using a special mechanism.


A chair for a kitchen or dining room is considered the most suitable option. Unlike its relative, the improved model is equipped with:

  • high back with soft upholstery;
  • elastic seat in the shape of a trapezoid;
  • armrests;
  • set of four curved legs.


In some apartments, only in the kitchen can you find space for a folding chair, which can be converted into a comfortable single bed. During the daytime it is used for seating.

The transformation of the product is carried out using a mechanism: “Book”, “Accordion” or roll-out type. In addition to the extra bed, a spacious storage compartment will be a nice bonus.

Of course, this room is not very conducive to sound, healthy sleep due to the abundance of equipment and increased gas pollution. However, in case of emergency, it will help out and allow you to leave a friend or relative who is staying overnight.

How best to place a small chair in the kitchen

If there is only one chair, then it can be placed in the corner - the free space will not be reduced much with this arrangement. The chair can be placed next to a round table; if the chair is folding, it makes sense to place it in the shape of the letter L.

It is important to remember that the sun’s rays should not be directed at it, and furniture should not be placed near household appliances.

Armchairs in the kitchen interior

There are several ways to decorate a dining area with armchairs:

  • All around. The table is placed in the center, and the chairs are located around the perimeter, taking into account all sides. They seem to “surround” the table. However, it does not have to be round. Remember that there is only one seat on the narrow side of a long table;
  • Face to face. Chairs are placed only along the long sides of the table strictly opposite each other. This arrangement promotes comfortable communication and is standardly used during feasts or in restaurants;
  • Letter P. This is an almost hierarchical arrangement with a clear definition of the place of the head of the family. For this purpose, a chair is placed on one narrow side for the most respected member of the family. The remaining chairs are placed along the long sides. The second narrow side remains free;
  • Corner. Seats are placed only along two adjacent sides. In this case, it is better to place the table against the wall. A luxurious replacement for standard kitchen corners. The optimal table shape is square or rectangular.

It is better to select the shape of the table taking into account the silhouette of the chairs. If they are rounded, then it is better to choose a round or oval table. For seats with regular geometric shapes, the same seats are ideal.

Interesting solutions in interior design, photos

  • Solution #1. White color

Ideal for a tiny kitchen, which is why it is often used.

In general, light interiors sometimes look tidier than colorful ones.

  • Solution #2. Set

Most often, the best option for a small kitchen is the L-layout. It is compact and simple, it is used not only to place furniture, but also to create a “working triangle”.

Small armchairs will add variety to the most uncomplicated kitchen design and will set the mood.

  • Solution #3. Using a window sill

It is built into a set, in some cases it is turned into a bar counter. The solution is more troublesome than the first, but it is also more beneficial for any kitchen.

There are a huge variety of synthetic materials, but even those prone to allergies should avoid them.

Remember! You need to make holes in the countertop for air circulation. Otherwise, the windows will begin to fog up, and mold will soon appear.

  • Solution #4. Built-in mini appliances

An excellent solution for the kitchen, which makes it uniform and seamless, which visually improves the appearance of the room.

The seat is often covered with a multi-layer tapestry for reliability and protection from abrasion.

Choosing a kitchen chair is not the most difficult if you remember simple rules:

  1. mandatory consideration of the layout of the room and its palette;
  2. the best type of product is the most profitable and practical;
  3. the material should be selected on the basis of durability and a comfortable price;
  4. There can be many light colors.


The upholstery material is used both natural and artificial, but people prone to allergies are better off avoiding purchasing chairs with artificial fiber. It can be hot in the kitchen and synthetics release harmful substances in an enhanced mode.

The best option for such people would be chairs made with natural fiber or leather upholstery. Such products look respectable and add sophistication to the kitchen space, and the leather is easy to clean from grease, dirt and does not deform from high humidity.

It is easy to care for these chairs; you just need to wipe them with detergent. Leather chairs have a long service life.

If you like soft fabric, then you can choose chairs with velvet upholstery. They fit elegantly into the interior of the kitchen and bring coziness. A tapestry is also used, which is now made with the addition of synthetic fiber, after which the canvas acquires strength and retains its original appearance for a long time.

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For summer cottages, you can use chairs made of rattan. Furniture made from it looks unusual and chic, and also gives coziness to the room. The only drawback is cleaning it from the crumbs that accumulate in the rattan.

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