White living room - design ideas and fashionable design options in white. 95 photos and videos design master class

Why is the living room in white style?

White calms, frees you from bad thoughts and worries, invigorates, refreshes, and creates a feeling of purity.

Advantages of a living room in white:

  • this shade is a wonderful background for all kinds of details and decorations;
  • optically expands the space;
  • goes with all colors;
  • used in many styles;
  • improves illumination.

Pros and cons of glossy furniture in the living room interior

Any glossy living room furniture in a modern style fills the room with light, as a result, any interior looks more attractive. In cloudy weather, you won’t have to strain your eyes while reading or working at the computer. Curtains will help get rid of glare in sunny weather.

Glossy furniture in a modern design is distinguished by the beauty of its geometric shapes and high functionality.

The effect of shine and reflection helps to visually increase the space of the room


  1. Durability - glossy surfaces are quite smooth, they are resistant to dirt, which is especially important for the kitchen; to remove dirt, the facades just need to be wiped with a cloth.
  2. Visual expansion of space - glossy furniture is ideal for installation in small rooms.
  3. Presentable appearance - gloss always looks expensive, reminiscent of the sparkle of platinum, copper, gold.
  4. Versatility - glossy living rooms fit perfectly into different styles; there are a large number of models for the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and other rooms; it is important to correctly combine shades and textures.

The main disadvantages of furniture:

  1. Marking - stains and fingerprints quickly form on the surface.
  2. Excessive reflections and glare can lead to eye fatigue.
  3. A feeling of kitsch with excessive use of shiny surfaces.
  4. Coldness, discomfort when decorating a room in light colors.

Combination with contrasting

White goes with all shades, the best combination is with blue, red and black.

If the room is sunny, then it is better to use cool shades (blue, cyan, turquoise); if the windows face north, then warm shades (pink, beige, terracotta).

White also combines with its derivatives. Pigments are used to create milky, cream, pearl, antique and other shades of whitish.

Why is gloss not suitable for the bedroom?

Designers have differing opinions on this issue, but the majority is in favor of a lack of gloss in the design of this room. The bedroom is intended for relaxation; the key points of the interior here should be calm and comfort. Reflective surfaces will not allow you to relax, and some shades can make the room cold and somehow lifeless.

If we still talk about using white gloss MDF in the design of the sleeping area, then you should be very careful about the arrangement of objects in the room. Avoid placing reflective surfaces near mirrors and light sources.

Modern living room style

This style includes: high-tech, techno, minimalism, modern, pop art.

They are characterized by: simplicity, absence of unnecessary details, restraint, functionalism, a lot of light and air. Such interiors do not need a lot of furniture, because the main decoration is open space.

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Materials used: chrome steel, plastic and glass. Modern technology and various types of lighting are used in abundance.

Photos of interesting living room design ideas with glossy furniture

There is a large selection of different living room design options available on the Internet. Glossy surfaces fill the room with charm and allow you to demonstrate the taste of the owners of the house. Regular forms are increasingly being replaced by arched ones. The design of modern walls also changes; its individual elements can be moved back or forward, forming niches.

A wall made of modules arranged in the form of an arch. Pay attention to the interesting texture of the facades at the bottom of the furniture

Red glossy wall with facades decorated in retro style

Gray modular wall with yellow insert in the form of open shelves

Spectacular combinations of mirror, glass, solid surfaces create a non-trivial look, even simple furniture acquires a specific charm. Non-standard options are often used when creating furniture in high-tech or modern style.

Black wall with tinted glass facades in a high-tech living room

Colored wall with handleless fronts in an Art Nouveau living room

The combination of different items allows you to realize any fantasies. The Internet offers a large selection of options for decorating a living room in different styles. Familiarization with them will help you choose an option for a specific situation.

Living room Provence

The fashion for the French countryside is current thanks to the amazing combination of rustic simplicity and elegant romanticism.

Provence is characterized by: a touch of antiquity (old furniture, shabby doors), forged and wicker jewelry, plant motifs. Natural materials are used: brick, wood, metal, linen and cotton fabrics.

In Provence, instead of snow-white, you can use delicate pastel shades: mint, milk, caramel.


When choosing a product, you should take a close look at the materials and technologies for manufacturing the gloss. The quality of the laminated layer plays a big role in terms of the practicality of the product. When choosing furniture for the living room, you need to focus on the dimensions and configuration of the room.

Glossy facades are used to cover various types of cabinet furniture, which allows you to combine modules depending on the color scheme of the apartment.


White color is one of the most elegant and fashionable solutions. Such interiors are usually made in Scandinavian or Art Nouveau style. Glossy furniture has a reflective effect, increases the illumination of the room, but can also create a feeling of cold. In this case, upholstered furniture covered in white leather will help smooth out the effect. Or curtains made of natural silk, decorated with small patterns.

The following interior elements can be covered with natural silk:

  • ottomans;
  • couches;
  • banquettes;
  • chairs;
  • armchairs;
  • small sofas.

Combinations of shades of white and black will look contrasting. Also complementary shades: purple, light green, etc.


Black gloss will add expressiveness to the interior. Depending on the surroundings, dark colors allow the room to become richer and warmer. But the main design secret is not to overuse the black shade. The best combination for it would be white. But it also goes well with shades of green.

It is worth using black furniture in the interior:

  • bookcases;
  • bedside tables;
  • racks;
  • stands;
  • coffee tables.


For living room design, the versatility of white is important because it allows you to combine colors, textures and styles. White trim and items take longer to fade than colored ones.

If you have hung expensive, high-quality wallpaper and used high-quality paint, your interior will be almost harmless from direct sunlight.

White laminate is suitable for the floor. It is wear-resistant and easy to clean.

The white wall in the living room looks modern and elegant. A small snow-white fluffy carpet would also be appropriate in the living room.

What materials does gloss work best with?

As mentioned earlier, shiny interior items look very harmonious with frosted glass. It can be smooth or embossed, colored or transparent, with or without a pattern.

The next material on the list will be metal. It gives glossy modular furniture a rather unusual look and can be used in various combinations to give a strict or, on the contrary, extravagant look.

If we talk about upholstered furniture, then according to the “shiny-matte” principle, you can combine reflective surfaces with suede, velvet or velor. Satin curtains, lampshades or silk sofa cushions can be used as a glossy accent in the living room interior.

Color matters

In the case of glossy furniture, even the most familiar colors will appear in a new light. This must be taken into account when creating a composition. Gloss changes all the usual colors, and allows you to use non-standard ones more boldly.

Original armchairs in Art Deco style in a mirror frame

So the colors that are dark in nature will become completely different. A striking example is black, which in tandem with gloss is transformed, acquires a noble shine, its appearance becomes much less gloomy. Within the framework of modern stylistic trends in living room design, such furniture looks, without exaggeration, magnificently.

A classic combination of shades with a modern twist

When choosing a glossy set of cool colors, you should not support this color scheme in the decoration of walls and other furniture. This is necessary in order not to “overcool” the room, because the characteristic shine enhances the cold effect of an already cold color. But this does not add comfort, and the guests, and the owners themselves, will not strive to stay in such a room for a long time.

A harmonious combination of warm and cold tones in the living room

Also, the lack of comfort can be caused by glare, which is always there, both from natural and artificial lighting. Sometimes owners, having recklessly bought such furniture, quickly change it, because it is very uncomfortable to be in the room.

An interesting combination of wooden and colored glossy elements on one wall

Care instructions

When purchasing glossy furniture, do not forget that it will take more time to care for it than matte furniture. It is easy to clean, easy to polish and wash, but is quite fragile.

When washing, do not use:

  • powder with alkali;
  • acid;
  • solvent;
  • lint sponges with a hard base;
  • rags;
  • lint-free rags;
  • brushes.

After purchasing and removing the protective film from the surface, no maintenance will be required for the next four weeks. And after that, the facades should be wiped with special wet wipes; ordinary rags will not work. Painted MDF facades are cleaned with soapy water and a soft cloth. After which the facade must be wiped with clean water and a regular dry soft cloth. For those facades that are covered with PVF film, wipe off dust with a soft, dry cloth, and remove stains with weak ethyl alcohol or soap solution.

Frequent use of alcohol solutions has a harmful effect on the film: it can swell. Use them with caution.

Acrylic coatings are easy to clean, and if defects occur, the surface can be easily polished. Wipe and wash plastic surfaces without worrying about their appearance. In this case, use a soft cloth with soapy water or a special plastic care product. Polishes and alcohol-containing compounds are not suitable for caring for plastic. It is recommended to use antistatic agents for cleaning glossy surfaces.

Don't forget to ventilate the room. Ventilation will reduce the risk of contamination of sensitive surfaces. All necessary cleaning products can be found in the instructions upon purchase.

For additional shine of the surface, special products are sold - polishes with the addition of wax. Some of them contain a special inscription “for glossy surfaces”. Use only high-quality care products to maintain its appearance for a long time.

Varieties of glossy walls

Glossy walls come in different types: modular, classic, mini and combined.

Traditional walls will look great in a classic interior.

Modular walls are highly functional, since any of its parts can be used as an independent piece of furniture.

To save space, you can use corner wall models. Such options look very unusual.

Nowadays you can find slides with very unusual designs, in which the modules are arranged according to a certain design: from smallest to largest or vice versa.

For small rooms, mini models are ideal because they do not take up much space and are quite spacious.

Combined models combine the characteristics of all other types. Such a wall can easily combine both corner and modular elements.

A glossy wall, decorated with additional expensive elements, can become a worthy decoration of a living room. For such an element, you can choose ivory, which goes well with a glossy finish.

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In the home office

Everyone wants to work in comfortable conditions. White interior in a home office improves your mood

You will work, driving away all bad thoughts. At the same time, at least one shade must be present in the office. Otherwise, you cannot avoid the feeling of sterility in the room. For example, you can combine white with black. This will make the room truly elegant and luxurious. An inspiring atmosphere
fruitful work . And your hard work means stable and good income, which can be spent on improving the interior and new furniture.

Characteristic features of a glossy interior

The shiny white surface of the furniture and ceiling is harmonious with the black finish of the walls and floors.

Combination of materials

Even a fashionable interior in the latest metallic style requires a very measured, harmonious distribution of sparkling surfaces in the bedroom, as is the case with bright colors.

Therefore, the instructions of professional designers name the main conditions for successful decoration.

  • Bright gloss goes well with wood, stone and other natural materials , which means we will select such elements for finishing a wall or floor.
  • In the presence of glossy furniture, a shiny stretch ceiling in the bedroom is not always appropriate, but its matte counterpart will advantageously highlight our design talent and the elite interior of the bedroom.
  • We will decorate the walls in a room with sparkling furniture in the most calm color possible with our own hands . Wallpaper with an elegant but fine texture and the same patterns are suitable for this.


Successful color ideas are an individual matter, but here we take into account the possibilities of a specific color.

  • White gloss is a win-win option. Thanks to it, the shine of the facades will visually enlarge the room, making it more spacious and brighter.
  • Bright or dark colors will cramp the bedroom and narrow it.
  • Rich shiny colors will make the interior trendy and shocking, but in small rooms you should not combine several of these tones at the same time.
  • The beige glow of the surfaces is the perfect solution: a neutral bedroom with bright accents is simply gorgeous.
  • Black and white gloss looks very fashionable and is not shocking.
  • Berry sparkle in the interior appeals to originals and eccentrics, but in a small room let these colors coexist with light ones.

Use of PVC film

In the manufacture of furniture facades from MDF, glossy PVC film is often used. It is fixed with the help of a vacuum on the outer side of the surface, bending at the ends without joints on the ribs.

The disadvantage of film coating is possible peeling due to temperature fluctuations and sudden changes in humidity. In addition, direct rays of the sun have a negative effect on the film. It is very easy to distinguish PVC film on facades, since they are mainly decorated with figured milling.

Advantages of using film for furniture:

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  • Proven tips on how to choose the right decorative plaster
  • ease of content,
  • is not afraid of the effects of cleaning products,
  • used on various façade configurations,
  • possibility of applying an image to the outside,
  • provides protection from moisture,
  • low cost.

The disadvantages include:

  • low gloss,
  • not high hiding power,
  • possible peeling during use,
  • susceptibility to damage in the form of scratches,
  • cannot be restored.

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