100 ideas for furniture made from driftwood, branches, stumps and tree trunks

DIY stump table

Especially often, stumps are used in interiors as tables, bedside tables, coffee tables, and also as bathroom furniture.

The stump is natural. The easiest way is to use the stump in its original form as a table, just sand it a little so as not to get a splinter.

Stump painted

Stump painted with gold paint (from a can)
The stump looks great in its natural form, but you can give it even more originality by painting it in any color, applying patterns with a brush or using a stencil.

For the bathroom

If you treat the stump with water-repellent impregnation, it will also be suitable for the bathroom

A stump for a bathroom will become a very original decor. It can be used as a table, placing bath accessories on it near the bathroom, or candles when you want to have a relaxing evening.

Table with glass

The simplest use for a stump is to make a coffee table out of it. A glass top can be added on top for a more elegant look. The stump can also be placed on legs or wheels, resulting in a very convenient mobile table.

An ordinary tree stump will look great as a bedside table. You can decorate it at your own discretion.

Table with glass

Table on wheels

Stump table

The fashion for natural products that nature itself gives us is gaining momentum. Eco-style is popular for many modern interiors, it is especially often used in Scandinavian interiors, in loft styling, when creating a rustic atmosphere and in many other arrangements. A special place in such decisions is occupied by furniture made of wood, especially those products that remind us in form and execution of natural creations of nature. Tree stump tables, which look very fashionable and impressive, have become very popular lately. You can buy a stump table at a furniture store, or you can make it yourself; your reward for your efforts will be the low cost of the product and pride in the results of your work. How to implement this solution, you can see interesting ideas in photographs below.

Furniture made from stumps and solid wood cuts

Stumps are an excellent material for making stylish, inexpensive and completely unique furniture with your own hands, because in nature there are no two absolutely identical trees. Such stump furniture will fit into almost any interior, be it light classic or country, Scandinavian style or minimalism, loft or industrial. If the stump is painted in glossy or metallic shades, then even high-tech can organically accommodate such an object. A processed cut of a tree trunk or stump can become a comfortable coffee table in the living room, a bedside table in the bedroom, stools in the kitchen or a table in the bathroom. Most often in the interior, a stump is used as a cabinet or table.

How to make a table from a stump with your own hands

First, find a suitable tree stump to create a table or cabinet. This is not so difficult even if you are a purely city dweller without a dacha. Firstly, there are a lot of companies that deal with wood - logging, sawmills, and so on; you can purchase cut wood of the desired size from them. Secondly, we advise you to interview all your acquaintances and friends who have dachas or relatives in villages; they probably have supplies for firewood or uprooted stumps. And thirdly, you can take a saw, go into the nearest forest, find a fallen tree and cut it into pieces.

The stump should be dry, but not rotten. If the bark comes away from the trunk easily enough, then such a stump can be used. If you find fresh wood, you need to let it dry. Leave such a stump for a month or two in a warm and dry room.

The bark must be removed from the trunk. To do this, take a chisel or chisel and carefully, using a hammer, remove the bark.

If you plan to use the stump not just as a decorative decoration, but as a functional piece of furniture, you need to level it. Using a building level, check how level your workpiece is. If the surface of the stump is sloped, level it with a plane.

Sand the cut of the stump and the side with a sander or by hand with sandpaper.

It’s good if the stump has an interesting natural texture with knots, cracks and chips. After you have processed and sanded the entire surface of the stump, clean the cracks of small shavings and dust. To do this, you can use both plumbing tools, a cloth, and a regular vacuum cleaner.

Any stump or cut of a log is beautiful in its natural form. But you can paint the stump in any color (after a coat of primer), apply patterns with a brush or using a stencil, or, at a minimum, open it with varnish or apply a water-repellent impregnation for wood. The latter is especially true if your future table will be actively used outdoors or in a room with high humidity, for example, in a bathroom. Remember that even one coat of varnish will darken the wood a little. It is recommended to apply two or three layers of water-based varnish, and after the last layer has dried, polish with a soft abrasive fiber.

Such a table made from a stump can simply be placed on the floor. You can also use shortened legs from old tables or stools, wheels or special stands. By the way, the use of legs, firstly, will protect your floor from scratches, and secondly, will raise the stump and ensure air circulation, which is important for the long service life of such furniture.

Cabinets and tables made of stumps in the interior

Look at different options for tables and bedside tables made from stumps in the interior.

Tables made of stumps in their natural form with minimal processing (click to enlarge):

Painted stump tables:

Stools and chairs and stumps in the interior

There is practically no difference between a table and a stump stool. But it is obvious that sitting on a stump is not very comfortable. In order to make the stump a comfortable stool or footstool, you can simply put a pillow on it. You can also make soft upholstery with filler and attach it to the surface of the log. The presence of a back will make the stump chair even more comfortable. Designers and carpenters cut such a chair from a single piece of wood using a chainsaw, followed by processing. Some examples of using stumps as seats can be seen below.

Tree stump table

To realize your idea, you will naturally need a suitable stump. The happy owners of a dacha farm with a stove-heated house have enough of this goodness. If you are not one of them, do not despair, there will probably be such friends. Otherwise, you can just visit the nearest forest. But no, don't cut down living trees! Find a fallen tree and cut it into the necessary parts. If you are lucky, you will get not only a table, but also a chair from a stump, or even a whole set.

If a tree has been uprooted, this very root can also be used to advantage.

The root produces quite picturesque interior specimens

Important! The tree should not be rotting. If the wood is damp, it will need to be dried. To do this, leave the prepared cuts in a dry, warm place for another month. The bark should be easy to remove from the tree.

In addition to the most important material, you will also need:

  • chisel or chisel and hammer (to carefully remove the bark from the trunk);
  • construction level (the top of your table should be perfectly level, right?);
  • plane for leveling the surface (if necessary);
  • sandpaper of various grains for sanding wooden surfaces;
  • antiseptics for treating wooden surfaces;
  • various finishing coatings (stain, paint, varnish, etc.) depending on your wishes and preferences;
  • various accessories that can be purchased at furniture stores (legs, wheels, handles, etc.).

Operating procedure

  1. Once the suitable material has been selected and prepared (cleaned of dirt and dried), tools and other necessary attributes have been prepared, you can begin to work. Carefully remove the tree bark using a chisel and hammer.

  1. Assess the evenness of the surface using a level and level it with a plane if necessary.
  2. Then, using sandpaper as intended, carefully sand the workpiece on all sides. You can speed up the process by using a grinding machine.

  1. All that remains is to cover your table with a special antiseptic and selected paint and varnish coatings, as well as install the fittings; for this you will need screws, a screwdriver or a screwdriver.

By the way, the top of such a table can be made of a different material. For example, durable transparent glass is perfect for a picturesque tree.

If you are interested in the process of making furniture from hemp, and have a great desire to try it, then for inspiration you can use the following ideas for creating interior masterpieces from end cuts of wood.

As you can see, not only heating material can be made from hemp, but with a little effort and imagination you can transform your home, creating a truly worthy option in the eco-style that is relevant today.

A combination of elements or what can be made from a stump or log

If you take a stump or log as a base and attach another piece of wood or a part from another material to it, you can achieve truly masterpiece designs.

  1. Assembly of several parts. What can be made from a stump or log if you connect several parts together? Yes, basically anything. Wooden parts can be fastened with glue, self-tapping screws and various ties.
  1. A combination of different materials. Wood can be combined with other materials, such as metal, to make table legs or a beautiful forged frame. Glass, using it as a tabletop.
  2. Decoration with various materials. Here the imagination for DIY crafts from stumps and logs is limitless. You can use various combinations of materials, giving our craft a unique appearance.
  3. Tree slices. A wide cut of wood can be used as a tabletop. You can saw it off yourself, or purchase a ready-made one if you need a wide cut and don’t have a chain saw with a long blade.

Beautiful crafts from hemp with decoration

How to make a table from a stump or log with your own hands

Let's look at how to make a table from a stump or stump, logs with your own hands and first, let's decide what kind of table it will be. Will it be just a coffee table made from one stump, or will the stump be used as a leg for a table to which the tabletop will be attached. You can also use a cut of wood as a tabletop; wide cuts of trees can be purchased if you don’t have a chainsaw of the appropriate size at hand. What will the table made of logs or hemp stand on: on the ground, dug into the ground, on legs, on wheels. How to process: firing, grinding, painting, varnishing.

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As an example, consider several videos and photographs of tables made from stumps.

How to make a table from an oak stump with your own hands (video)

A wonderful piece of work, done with soul - a tree stump table decorated with plants.

How to make an oak table with a top (video)

DIY table with a stump leg.

DIY coffee table made from cut wood (video)

The person doesn’t say much about how exactly he made this table, but the table from a cut of wood turned out beautiful. But, you can make the same one if you know how to work with metal and study the entire article :)

What can you turn an ordinary tree stump into, a table made of hemp (video)

An excellent option for what can be made from an ordinary stump. A table made of hemp, with beautiful decorations and even an artificial fireplace inside!

Photo gallery of tables made from stumps and logs

Several options for creating a table with your own hands from logs and stumps

As you can see, making a table from hemp or logs is quite simple, but in general it is a labor-intensive task. You will need hand, gas and power tools; you certainly can’t do without a grinder. You can read how to use the grinder on our website.

What are the benefits of driftwood furniture?

The main advantage of rustic furniture is exclusivity. In nature, there are no two identical trees, trunks or twin branches, so any furniture made from branches, driftwood, or stump will also be unique. There are also advantages:

  • Environmental friendliness and absolute safety of the material.
  • Reliability: strong roots from which a table, chair or other object is made guarantee its maximum strength.
  • The variety of materials allows you to make any product: from an elegant lampshade to a chest of drawers or a bed with branches on the backs.

With proper use, this furniture will last forever.

Hemp furniture for friendly gatherings

This set of stump furniture will decorate any terrace.

No one put much effort into this “work of art,” but it turned out to be functional.

Here they approached the matter with all seriousness. They made high backs, making the chairs more like thrones. We decorated the side surfaces with false bark and added forest inhabitants.

You can build a wooden tabletop on the table.

Stumps instead of chairs look good even at a dinner party.

We added a glass tabletop and soft seat covers.

Stunning decor

Even if you come across a small block with an attractive texture, you can give it a completely different look. And let these not be complex shapes - natural texture will transform the simplest lines

Processing methods

A stump (stump, log) is a tree. Wood is a natural material and is susceptible to rotting. When it dries, it shrinks; when it gets wet, it swells. They process and protect hemp or logs to create crafts in several ways that can be combined with each other:

  1. Chainsaw cutting. Shaped cutting with a chainsaw to create crafts from stumps and logs for the garden and home is used to create tables, chairs, stools, and armchairs. Cutting with a gas or electric saw requires certain skills and compliance with safety precautions. You can learn how to operate a chainsaw on our website. Before cutting, it is better to make markings, outlining the contours of the future craft, for which you can use a regular pencil. And then, as with sculptors: we take a log and cut off all that is unnecessary from it.
  1. Firing with a burner. It will delay the rotting of hemp and give it a beautiful, aged appearance. To do this, after firing, it is necessary to clean the burned surface from excess charred wood using sandpaper, a metal brush or an angle grinder (“grinder”) with a brush or grinding disc.
  2. Protection. To protect wood before painting, it is necessary to use wood antiseptics, the simplest and most inexpensive of which is iron sulfate.
  3. Grinding. For grinding, an angle grinder with a brush or grinding disc is most often used. A brush with metal bristles, less often sandpaper. Various grinding machines are also used.
  4. Painting, varnishing or waxing. It will also delay rotting and give a beautiful appearance, especially when using varnishes and waxes. The varnish must be applied in at least 2 layers, allowing the previous one to dry, or even better, after applying a layer of varnish and drying it, sand the surface before applying the next layer.

Processing hemp and logs with your own hands

How to make a chair, stool or armchair from a stump, hemp or log with your own hands

There are an endless number of options for chairs made of stumps and logs, as well as tables. There are two main technologies for creating a chair or stool from hemp:

  • by firing method,
  • chainsaw.

Using the firing method to make a chair or stool is quite simple. First, the log is sawn crosswise lengthwise to the required length of the legs. The cracks are wedged with wooden chips. Small chips and branches are poured into the wedged cracks, a little gasoline is added and set on fire, fuel is added little by little to maintain combustion and ignite the bulk of the log. This burns out the center of the log. After the necessary firing with an angle grinder with a brush, the excess coals are removed and a do-it-yourself stool made of logs or hemp on 4 legs is obtained. It is further processed.

The required workpiece is cut out with a chainsaw and then ground with an angle grinder, or fired, painted, etc. You can also place the stool on furniture wheels, screwing them from below, the lower surface should be perfectly flat. You can attach a pillow to the hemp on top, so you get homemade upholstered furniture. By placing a cut of wood on the legs, you will also get a wonderful stool.

Let's consider several options for a stool and/or chair with your own hands, presented in the video.

How to make a stool from ordinary acacia hemp with your own hands at home (video)

Do-it-yourself hemp stool using the firing method.

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DIY hemp stool (video)

Chair-stool made of hemp (logs) with a chainsaw.

Do-it-yourself garden chair made from logs (video)

A simple chair from a log is made in almost the same way as a stool, but the back is cut out with a chainsaw, as in the video below.

Garden chair made of logs in the shape of a hand (video)

Chairs or armchairs from logs can be made of any shape and size, for example in the shape of a hand. To do this, you need to work well with a gas or electric chain saw.

Gallery of photographs of chairs, armchairs and stools made of logs and stumps

Finally, options for creating armchairs, chairs, stools from logs and stumps.

As you can see, there is nothing particularly difficult in making a chair or stool from a log, the main thing is to approach the matter with soul and hard work.

Transformable chair made of hemp

When folded, it is not immediately clear what it is. The author of the design is unknown to us.

They brought a log and put it in a corner.

We raised the backrest and folded back the rest for stability.

If you lay it out like this, it will be even more convenient.

It’s as if it’s written on this guy’s face: “That’s tough.”

General requirements for wood

Our future craft from a stump or log should initially be dry wood. Fresh wood must be dried for at least 1-2 months at a temperature of 15-25 degrees. It is best in a dry room and/or without direct sunlight, otherwise our stump may crack and crafts from it may not work.

Frankly rotten stumps or logs should not be taken, but if the stump is a little rotten on the outside, such a stump can be used by treating it with a grinder and a brush, removing the rotten layer from it, in which case something can be made from it. Before drying the stump, the bark can be removed, for which it is convenient to use a chisel and a hammer or an ax, or you can leave it, it will need to be well treated to prevent rotting, for example, with iron sulfate and varnish.

Stump for crafts

If you have a stump on an area that you have long wanted to uproot, be sure to do it, or use it untouched, grown into the ground - this option is also applicable for making a table or chair from a stump or decorative crafts for the garden.

This completes the general requirements for the wood of stumps and logs, now let’s look a little at the processing methods.

Features of stump tables

More and more often there are owners of plots, houses and apartments who not only want to create a cozy space around themselves, but also add a touch of originality so that it looks not only beautiful, but also exclusive. In this case, it is worth considering stump tables and their features as an interesting option.

Where to get raw materials

You can find natural material in the forest, on the shore, in your own garden after pruning trees, or pulled out of the water. Depending on the location of detection, the pre-treatment of raw materials varies. Anything found on land is sanded, cleaned of rotten fragments, and rotten layers are removed down to the hard wood. What is taken out of the water is cleaned of contaminants and dried.

The jackpot is considered to be the discovery of bog oak. Furniture made from it is considered elite, and dark wood is recognized as the most durable. However, other tree species are quite resistant.

Hemp in the interior, collected in a set

To compose the set, hemp is selected that differs in height and diameter. It is permissible to display stumps of different tree species together or painted in harmonious colors.

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Such sets will fit into a classic interior, country style, grunge style, minimalism or industrial style. Stumps painted in glossy and metallic shades are relevant for the high-tech style.

It’s easy to make an interesting stand for wine bottles yourself; you’ll get an original decorative item. Carefully clean the deck and prepare the cells, then varnish. If you cut out square openings in a curved log, you will get an original shelving unit.

Lamps and fixtures

Wood is an excellent material and a godsend for those who are accustomed to finding useful uses for everything. An excellent example of this is magnificent lamps, chandeliers and lamps

Author's ideas

If you make an effort, you can make stylish interior elements from a seemingly unnecessary stump or cutting a log.

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A piece of wood with bark makes an interesting vase. LED light bulbs are inserted inside the empty stump-table, and the table also becomes a lamp. The wall looks original if you cover it with round cuts of a tree trunk.

Eco-style seats

Wood can be heavy, so we had to put the ottomans on wheels.

You can make high bar stools.

If you add a little imagination...

And this is the designer’s job.


As in any business, to begin with it makes sense to practice on simple products: small sculptures, lampshades, photo frames, mirror framing. Once the skill has been mastered, you can begin creating more impressive furniture with your own hands.

Preparatory stage

First, the layout of the product is well thought out in order to clearly understand what the output should be. It will take not only precise calculation, but also imagination to connect disparate fragments by texture or pattern. For example, the backs of chairs, armrests, footboards or headboards of a bed, legs made of curved branches will look more interesting than straight ones.

Then the material is selected. Wood of different thicknesses is used for furniture made from branches or roots: graceful thin knots for a lampshade, thicker ones for a chair or bed. You can use dry or fresh raw materials.

The wood is dried slowly under a canopy, and at the final stage - in a room without heating.

Assembly according to all rules

In order for furniture to serve for a long time and be aesthetically pleasing, when making it yourself, compliance with the rules is required.

The ends of the roots are processed clockwise without pressure: first with a coarse brush, then with a drill, then with a finer brush. After drying, assembly begins.

Furniture made from branches is connected piece by piece in several ways:

  • gluing;
  • wedge-spike;
  • mounting on self-tapping screws or screws.

The joints are sealed with wood glue.

Final finishing

You can make furniture from branches or roots even if they have cracks - this gives the product uniqueness and charm.

However, if such defects do not inspire confidence, they can be easily repaired with dark-colored epoxy resin, and then the product can be sanded.

The most interesting stage - decorating - begins after sanding, assembling and removing excess glue. The product is covered with several layers of stain until the desired shade is obtained.

Making a product from a stump (tree root) with your own hands

To make a table with your own hands from tree roots, first of all, you need to select the roots of the wood. To do this, you need to go to the forest and find the best driftwood. Only then will they need to be well trained. But to do this, you initially need to stock up on the necessary material for the frame, backs, and legs. The following tree species are perfect for your table:

  1. needles;
  2. oak;
  3. apple tree;
  4. nut;
  5. birch.

The roots must certainly be thick.

Attention! Before you decide to make your table from tree roots, you need to prepare a mock-up table in advance so that you have a clear idea of ​​what you will be making. It’s better to look at photos of tables on the Internet before preparing to know what it should be like.

After freeing the surface from thorough contamination, take the brush and continue processing.

General requirements for wood readiness

Anyone can make their own table from wood, but to do this, you need to choose the right material, namely, choose the type of wood.

What kind of roots should there be? To make your own tabletop, you can use any roots: dry or fresh. If there is a small crack in the wood then that's great, the marks will add a personal touch to the table top. First of all, it is important to dry the wood under several stages. It is best to dry the countertop in an unheated room. Then you need to carefully treat the roots of the tree. For this processing, it is advisable to use a brush for rough abrasion, while pre-clamping it in a drill.

Attention! When making your table, it is recommended to be safe and wear protective equipment: glasses, a respirator.

Necessary tools for making your own table

Assembling furniture with your own hands is a fun activity. To make your product, it is important to prepare the necessary tools. Assembly will require various tools, such as drilling, cutting or measuring. In addition, you will need the following tools:

  • electric;
  • manual;
  • measuring

The following tools must be present: a drill, a screwdriver, a jigsaw, a grinder, as well as a variety of measuring instruments. In addition, you will need the usual hand tools: hacksaws or wood saws, chisels, various screwdrivers, pliers, hammer, planes, etc. If you have a furniture stapler available, then it may come in handy when installing thin walls for plywood.

Methods for processing your countertops

First of all, you need to process the ends, in which it is important to observe the nuances. Wood should be treated with a stiff brush. It is better to clean with a drill, rotating clockwise. Next, treat the wood with a fine brush, then dry the roots and the product is assembled.

Options for connecting furniture can be very diverse:

  1. gluing;
  2. cuneiform;
  3. screw mounting.

It is best to place a decorative plug on your capercaillie screw and treat the joints with special glue. If minor cracks are present, then they can be easily repaired using dark colored epoxy resin. Next, the tabletop needs to be carefully sanded well. After this procedure and assembly, be sure to remove excess glue, then begin decorating your table. For decoration, you can use stain; as a result, the product is coated in several layers until it acquires the desired positive color. Apply oil next, and only then can you enjoy your creative result.

Wood countertop design and coating ideas

The main problem when making your own table is properly cleaning the root from bark and soil. To clean, you need to take a scraper and clean it thoroughly. If the house has a high-pressure apparatus, then this way the bark can be easily removed under high pressure. But what to do if there is no such device in the house? You can use chisels, staples, and numerous grinding devices. After the root has its best appearance, you then need to use a laser level to outline the cutting line of the plane. The cutting line should follow the roots of the tree, as well as the trunk. The horizontalness and stability of a wooden table depends on the correct marking. After the procedure, the excess part of the root will be cut off with a chainsaw. And then you need to touch it with a plane and sand it using a grinder.

As an original design for the legs of your table, you can choose a cross made of logs, which is cut into the main trunk. To do this, insert the root onto a straight horizontal platform, place the cross on top, while maintaining parallel planes of the table top. Next, the crosspiece needs to be drawn well. When the cross is seated, carefully cut out the plane on which our table will stand.

Original shelves

A protruding trunk in your garden plot, like a stumbling block in your path? Get creative and turn it into an art object!

Stumps as chairs

Stumps make excellent stools. You can put small pillows on top of them to make it softer to sit on. Hemp can also be used as decorative chairs, which will be an excellent addition to the interior. The presence of a back will make the stump chair even more comfortable.

If you go to a workshop, you can make an original designer chair or bench.

Types of tables

There are several popular types of hemp tables. Here are the main types of structures in terms of material processing features:

  1. Natural looking product. This is the easiest design to manufacture; it involves the use of a stump in its original form. The only processing that needs to be done is sanding. It is necessary to ensure that table users do not get splinters.
  2. Painted furniture. If desired, the stump can be painted in any color or patterns can be applied to it using a stencil or brush. Painting the product allows you to adapt it to the interior, made in a certain color scheme.

From the point of view of the design features of the finished product, the following types of tables can be distinguished:

  1. Furniture with glass. If the master plans to make a coffee or coffee table, then he can use a stump as a stand to which a glass table top is attached. The parts of the structure are connected to each other using screws or special glue.
  2. Product with legs. The table can be equipped with legs of any length. New wooden or chrome-plated legs, as well as legs from old furniture, are suitable for work. Forged racks of openwork shapes allow you to make the table more elegant and unusual. Legs not only improve the appearance of the furniture, but also reduce the likelihood of scratches on the floor when moving the product from place to place. In addition, the legs raise the stump above the floor and allow air to circulate underneath it. All this allows you to extend the life of the structure.
  3. Table on wheels. Instead of legs, you can attach wheels to the bottom of the furniture. This will significantly increase the mobility of the structure.
  4. A product made from bars connected to each other. If the master has several thin wooden blocks instead of one large stump, then they can be connected to each other using glue or fasteners. The result is a table with an unusual shape. It can be equipped with a glass or wooden tabletop.
  5. A “one on top of the other” type structure. There is an easy way to make an original coffee table. To do this, you need to take several slices of wood of different thicknesses and place them one on top of the other with a slight offset.
  6. A table made from a cut trunk. If the furniture maker has a whole tree trunk at his disposal, then it can be cut into two halves or carved into a rectangle and used as furniture for the home or garden.

Other design options are possible, it all depends on the imagination of the master.

Table made of stump - photo in the interior

There are many interesting solutions on how to process and where to use original stump tables.
This beautiful product is often used in interior design. A handmade stump table can be easily adapted to individual preferences. Here are some ideas on how a table made from a tree trunk can be an ideal replacement for traditional furniture. It can be successfully used in the living room, bedroom, children's room, and on the balcony. The table matches perfectly with country, eco, rustic, industrial and Scandinavian decor.

The tree trunk offers incredible possibilities due to its different shapes and diameters. Thus, the table can be very bulky or small, low or high. The trunks can be combined with each other, or represent a set.

A table made from a block of wood can be left with minimal treatment and can be painted in any color to blend harmoniously into the interior and match other pieces of furniture or accessories. It can stand on the floor or on legs.

In kind

If the product is not varnished, its rich pattern will impress us with the natural beauty of wood. The surface can be sanded, varnished with a clear varnish, or left unprotected. Depending on the diameter, the tree can be quite large in size.

Colored or white

The table can be painted in a very fashionable white or any other color, so it can be easily adapted to the character of the interior without looking too harsh.

Mobile stump table on wheels

You can make a movable table that can be freely moved as needed. This product features an original design and excellent functionality.

Spectacular stump table with legs

Knives from old furniture can be successfully used for hemp. More traditional solutions will be used in cozy and Scandinavian interiors. Legs of original, openwork shapes can attract attention indoors in a modern style.

A table made of several interconnected bars

Quite thin pieces of wood can be joined together to create a table of unusual shapes and sizes. You can also place a glass panel on top.

One on top of the other

An original idea for a coffee table is the use of wood slices of various thicknesses, placed one on top of the other. Ideally, large diameter slices cut to different heights will work.

Cut in half or hewn table from a tree trunk

The product will be even more original if the trunk is cut in half or carved, giving it a rectangular shape.


Table assembly instructions

In this section we will talk about how to make tables from stumps. The work consists of several stages:

  1. Choice of material. For furniture production, it is best to use hardwood, such as oak or acacia. The wood of these species is more resistant to moisture than the wood of coniferous trees. In addition, deciduous trees contain less resin, which complicates the processing of the material.
  2. Suitability assessment. You need to find a suitable stump; it can be of any shape and size, the main thing is that it is not damaged or rotten. When the beam is selected, you need to try to break off a piece of wood from it and check whether it will crumble in your hands. It is also recommended to check it for discoloration.
  3. Drying. In order for the furniture to last a long time and to prevent insects from infesting it, the material must be thoroughly dried. To do this, the stump must be left in a well-ventilated room at a temperature of 20-25 degrees. Drying time is from one to several months depending on the condition of the tree.
  4. Woodworking. You need to remove the bark from the dried block using a chisel, then you need to level the top using a chainsaw or a handsaw and a plane. After this, all cracks should be cleaned of dirt and debris. This can be done using a chisel and chisel. Then you need to treat all the cracks with a folded piece of sandpaper. At the last stage, the cracks should be vacuumed.
  5. Grinding. The prepared timber must be sanded using a grinder or sandpaper. You need to start with coarse-grain paper (number 80) and finish with fine-grain paper (number 220).
  6. Impregnation. Then the surface of the structure should be impregnated with an antifungal agent. If the product will be used in conditions of high humidity (in the bathroom or outdoors), then it must be coated with water-repellent impregnation.
  7. Painting or varnishing. The product can be coated with emulsion paint for exterior use; it must be applied in 2-3 layers. If varnish is chosen as the coating material, then it must be applied to the surface in 3-5 layers. In this case, each subsequent layer is applied after the previous one has dried, as well as after additional sanding with fine-grained sandpaper. It should be remembered that the varnish preserves the natural appearance of the surface, but still makes it a little darker. Some craftsmen are confused by the fact that the varnish gives the product a shine, which is not appropriate in every interior. A final polish using a soft abrasive fiber (a non-woven abrasive material that can be purchased at a hardware store) helps get rid of unwanted shine.
  8. Processing the bottom, installing legs or wheels. At the last stage, legs or wheels are attached to the table. Another possible option is to glue felt to the bottom of the table; it will prevent the furniture from scratching the floor while moving.

At this point the work is completed, the hemp table is ready to decorate the interior of a room or summer cottage.

Design options

Depending on the size of the raw materials, large furniture is made from stumps and snags or small objects are decorated.

Furniture for all occasions

You can make rustic furniture for your home or garden with your own hands. Here are some ideas:

  • Tables, chairs, bar counters and other furniture made from driftwood look unusual. It is easy to strengthen the tabletop using a cut of large driftwood.
  • Small branches are suitable for the back of the chair; larger driftwood will be used for the legs. The seat is made from roots held together with hemp or a continuous, even cut.
  • The bed of the bed is made of boards or thick branches; thinner branches are used for the backrest.
  • If it is possible to find a fragment that has powerful branches, it is used as the basis for a floor lamp. Less solid branches will make an original candlestick or hanger.
  • A wide log will make a bar counter or tabletop.

Thus, by selecting the material according to size and diameter, you can make any piece of furniture.

And even a stump

If a stump has formed on the site, you can use it as the center of the composition, surrounding it with logs. The main thing is that the hemp furniture has an even cut - the table and chairs will be stable. If desired, they are supplemented with backrests made of branches and pillows are placed.

You can even use an old rotten stump as a flower pot. They are placed in the rotten middle only in a pot so that the wood does not completely collapse, and if there is moss and other vegetation on the stump, this is only a plus: they will add decorativeness.

The quirkiness of roots, branches or driftwood creates endless scope for implementing the most unexpected solutions. They are fabulously beautiful and at the same time look cozy, but most importantly: they exist in a single copy.

The meaning of the word "stump"

A stump is the remnant of a tree with roots or the lower part of a tree, and a log or block is a stump of a log. In the North Russian dialect, a deck is a tree with roots, and a deck is a lying thick tree.

Sometimes the designation of a dugout hive or well with a deck is found. In the Russian dialect, the designations of a stump and a log are combined in the designation of a boreval, a well.

These concepts are compared with the images and behavior of people: if a person does work with negligence, then this means that it is through a stump; and if this person is slow and inept at work, then he falls through the cracks;

Both the stump and the block are traditionally attributed to human traits, so a log, a block of wood or a stump is called a stupid or insensitive person, as well as a blockhead, a dullard, a fool. And in children's games there is a driver - a tree stump. A deck is a name given to a lying, clumsy person.

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What the signs say:

A sick person is seated on a fresh aspen stump, which will take away the disease.

The fever will go away if you hide your cut nails and hair in an aspen stump.

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