Sofa released in 2021, photos of existing models

Folding mechanisms

All existing models of sofas for living rooms in country houses or city apartments are conventionally divided into several groups, based on the type of folding mechanism that was used in the production process of a particular model. Each of them has its own specifics during operation, as well as flaws and advantages that are important to consider when purchasing. Which sofas are worth the buyer's attention? Let us characterize each group separately:

  • book - is the most popular model on the domestic market of upholstered furniture due to its high practicality, comfort and long service life. Even a teenager can handle the folding mechanism of this model. To unfold the berth, you will need to raise the seat until you hear a characteristic click. In most cases, this design assumes the presence of space behind its back, which is why up to 20 cm of free space in the room is hidden. This is perhaps the only drawback of book sofas. In addition, experienced manufacturers have found a way out of this situation by using movable suspensions. They allow you to move the structure close to the wall surface. And thanks to the presence of a spring block, the back of such a sofa is very comfortable for sleeping;
  • Eurobook - characterized by high reliability, trouble-free transformation mechanism and a spacious drawer for storing bedding. To unfold the model, you will need to slightly pull the seat towards you, and the void that appears in its place is closed by the reclining backrest;
  • draw-out models - to open such structures, you should pull the lower part towards you. Then the entire mattress will slide out. The main disadvantage of such furniture is the rapid wear and tear of the transformation mechanism. Although many users also note some discomfort during operation caused by the difference in height of the sofa frame;
  • Dolphin sofas are produced in the form of a corner design with a seat in the form of a fixed stationary part, an additional sleeping place hidden in the real part of the sofa. As a result of the transformation, you can get a large double bed with a flat sleeping area, which can be seen in the photo;
  • accordion design is an ideal option for a small room; it unfolds very easily, forming a spacious, comfortable bed. The models have three components, which when folded form a comfortable backrest and seat. Sofas such plans have a linen drawer.






Eurobook sofa bed

Eurobook sofas are compact and elegant. Their design features are designed to solve the problem of small-sized apartments, and such pieces of furniture can easily be transformed into a comfortable double bed.

The back of the product falls into the niche vacated by the seat, without requiring additional space. In the unfolded position, such a sofa has practically no depression between the back and the seat.

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Fashion is fleeting and unpredictable, so catching its mood can sometimes be difficult. But if you want, it’s not at all difficult to determine what’s fashionable in the coming season in the world of upholstered furniture. If we talk about this season's trends in the shape of sofas, we note the following.

The most trendy sofa models in 2021 are round and corner options. Of course, such models could be purchased in previous years, but today they are used more often by eminent designers to create very original interiors. And all because the round shape allows you to create an interior that is ideal in terms of spaciousness, filling it with coziness and comfort. Round models look good from any angle and fit well into any room shape. Today it is fashionable to place such furniture in the center of the room, thus creating a unique design accent, which is perfectly demonstrated in the photo.

Designers no less often advise choosing corner sofas this season, because they allow you to rationally use the space in the corner of the room, hide its untidiness, and also organize a comfortable, spacious sleeping area.

In the photos of fashion magazines on interior design you can see rectangular transformer models: Eurobooks, roll-out designs, and other options. These are comfortable interior items, the design of which today can please even avid critics with its beauty and sophistication.

It is worth recalling that, first of all, upholstered furniture should be practical and comfortable. Therefore, when choosing a form, you should not rely solely on fashion.




Sofa functionality, size and shape

The convenience of modular furniture lies in its ability to change shape; at the moment, for more detailed information, a fairly large number of different photos of 2020 sofas of this design have been offered.

Today, the design of furniture is designed to match the design of the room in which it will be located, so choosing the ideal option for the interior - modular sections - will not be difficult.

Add-on modules can increase or decrease the length of the sofa, which is a useful feature for small spaces.

If the purpose of the purchased furniture is to receive guests or watch movies, then it is worth considering models that are more comfortable and spacious.

However, rectangular sofas have not lost their relevance and can become a decoration of the chosen interior.

Upholstery material

Fashionable sofa models 2021 are created using different materials for seat and back upholstery. Almost all of them look quite expensive and luxurious, however, the level of practicality of different types of upholstery for upholstered furniture is also different. It is worth analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of a particular option, and then comparing it in terms of the level of operational parameters with alternative options. Then it will be easier to make a choice.

Type of sofa upholsteryAdvantagesFlaws
Genuine LeatherThis is a classic that will never go out of style. Such sofas have a luxurious appearance, long service life, and resistance to wear. The high cost and tendency to scratch the surface of natural leather often scare away buyers.
Eco leatherA fashionable, inexpensive option to replace an expensive leather sofa. It is characterized by a variety of colors, resistance to moisture, and the ability to “breathe”. It has an average level of resistance to mechanical stress. Eco-leather is prone to scratches and is not very durable.
Innovative textiles (with anti-claw effect, with moisture and dirt-repellent impregnation)Very practical options if there are animals in the house or small children growing up. Models with such upholstery are durable and retain their original appearance even after a long period of use. These sofas are quite expensive. In addition, they are not very common, so most likely you will have to select a model to order.
Textured textiles (velor, velvet)Fashionable at almost all times, it has an expensive look at an affordable price.This type of upholstery can easily get dirty or scratched, and caring for it requires a lot of time and effort.
Fabric imitating the texture of burlapThe incredibly interesting design of such models allows you to create original living room interiors in ordinary city apartments or country houses.Low prevalence, impractical.



Eco leather

Genuine Leather


What materials are in fashion now?

There is one more point that should be given no less attention than choosing a sofa model - this is the material of the product

But it is important to understand that the fabric should be selected based not only on fashion trends, but also with the expectation that you still have to take care of the sofa. Let's take a closer look at the current materials for upholstery of sofas

Let's take a closer look at the current materials for upholstery of sofas.

Cotton (chenille, jacquard)

For those who prefer natural materials, linen fabric is perfect. It is not often used for upholstery of home furniture, but a number of advantages make it worth taking a closer look at. Cotton is very durable, which means the upholstery will last a long time; beautiful weaving of threads, natural fibers.

There are more decorative analogues - cotton fabrics woven with synthetic threads:

  • jacquard is a dense material that repels moisture and dirt, moreover, very beautiful patterns are often found on such fabric;
  • Chenille is another aesthetic fabric, but not very durable (can be damaged by water or scratches), although soft and pleasant to the touch.


Most often, this fabric is chosen for upholstering a sofa; it is called faux fur because of its thick pile. Velor is a hypoallergenic material, it is easy to care for and wear-resistant. It is often made with a special Teflon coating, which protects against damage by animals.


One of the most durable materials due to the weaving of two threads. The fabric is soft, pleasant to the touch, and looks quite attractive. Made from natural and synthetic fibers.


If you have pets, then you need to choose a sofa with durable fabric. Flock is just such a material, it includes a special “anti-claw” coating that will not allow your pet to tear it. The fabric is easy to care for and remove stains, it is durable and pleasant to the touch.


Both artificial and natural leather have not gone out of fashion for a long time. And this material is just a godsend for connoisseurs of luxury. It is better to choose sofas made from eco-friendly artificial leather; it is very elastic and durable.


It turns out that not only cleaning napkins are made from this material, but also upholstery for sofas. The material is excellent for furniture, because it does not absorb moisture, dirt does not penetrate into it, it is durable and soft. It looks and feels like faux suede fabric.

Nowadays, combining materials is in fashion. For example, designers have learned to beautifully combine leather and velor.

As for the furniture frame, wood remains the relevant material (its budget analogs are acceptable - chipboard, laminated chipboard and MDF). Metal structures in suitable modern styles are also allowed - minimalism, hi-tech and others.

Fashionable colors

Sofas 2021 may have the most unimaginable colors, according to experienced designers. But the interior of the living room should be habitable and comfortable, so some color shades should be abandoned even if they are very fashionable and stylish. We will describe the most suitable options that are worth the attention of buyers this year:

  • connoisseurs of classic models will be delighted by the fact that classic pastels are still in trend. Beige, milky, brown, terracotta sofas fit well into many design styles for decorating living rooms, combine well with wooden furniture of all shades and look very laconic;
  • those people who want to create a fashionable interior in bright colors should pay attention to fuchsia upholstered furniture. In combination with fluorescent yellow in the decoration of walls or textiles on windows, as well as a delicate light green shade, this design solution will look very bright and catchy. Juicy purple, blood red or bright orange colors are no less relevant for decorating sofas. They will add solemnity, fun and joy to the living room interior;
  • If a person is already tired of plain upholstered furniture, it is worth recommending printed models of sofas with a floral pattern or classical abstraction. The photo below shows such furniture. Against the background of a calm, monochromatic wall decoration, such sofas in any shade will look catchy and interesting. The main thing is to remember that large flowers and abstraction visually make the furniture smaller, and a small print gives the structure a more impressive look.

If we talk not about the upholstery, but about the armrests of modern sofas, it is worth noting that the trend today is bright varnish coatings in unusual colors: blue, red, yellow. This option certainly cannot be called ordinary or boring.

Sofa in the interior of small and large living rooms (50 photos)

The process of choosing a sofa must be carried out before visiting a furniture store. Despite the fact that most people purchase a sofa according to a special principle - I came, I saw and I bought, this is not a very smart decision. The result of such actions may be complete dissatisfaction with the purchase. Often the chosen sofa model simply does not fit into the overall style of the room or may turn out to be quite cumbersome. The tips presented in this article will help ensure that the sofa in the living room interior will look perfect.

Defining the Goal

The main goal is to purchase a sofa, but it is worth deciding what type of sofas for the living room are needed, which options will look most advantageous in each specific case. Some of these selection factors include:


It is important to decide whether the sofa will play the main accent role in the living room or whether its purpose will be to harmonize with the overall environment. Method of use If the selected model will be used frequently, it is recommended to pay attention to the lining material. It should be dense, durable and dull in color. Often the sofa in the living room plays the role of a sleeping place

In this case, it must have a rigid and elastic frame. Living room size. It is important to select a sofa strictly depending on the size of the living room. In a small room it is better not to place a massive sofa, as it can interfere with the passage. For small spaces, do not buy sofas of an unusual shape, as they will take up a lot of extra space; modular sofas for the living room are optimal. The folding mechanism, as well as the level of adhesion strength. These are important parameters for a folding model. Full compliance with the style decision, already purchased pieces of furniture, as well as the color scheme. If you do not go beyond the pre-selected style of the room, you should avoid completely tasteless eclecticism in every possible way.

Among all the parameters listed above, it is the style of the sofa that matters. By style, sofas are divided into classic models, which are characterized by relatively soft shapes, minimalist, which have a strict ascetic design, and the shape is usually neutral, rectangular. It is worth noting that such sofas look ideal in an interior designed in almost any style.

Special baroque modular sofas for the living room, which are distinguished by different ornate patterns and rather high legs, are very popular. They are purchased for living rooms designed in a fairly luxurious style.

Modern models

When choosing upholstered furniture for your home, it is important to understand which models of armchairs and sofas are the best and in fashion this season. Minimalism is the most relevant today, so upholstered furniture should not be overly solemn, lush, or pretentious. Prefer laconic forms, sophisticated design and stylish finishes.

Fashion trends in the design of unique sofas have led to the fact that the 2021 furniture market offers consumers multifunctional models. These are “island” sofas with pillows and poufs, linen storage systems, drawers and shelves. They are relevant both for spacious rooms and for tiny living rooms, where it is important to rationally use all the space.

Designer sofas, in which one of the existing parts can be moved, are very popular due to their high practicality. But such furniture will also cost slightly more than conventional models without a transformation mechanism or with a simple folding system.

If you decide to spend money on purchasing an ultra-modern fashionable sofa model, be sure to try it before purchasing: sit on the seat, lean on the back, ask the seller to unfold the sofa for you. This will allow you to evaluate not only the external beauty of the structure, but also the level of its comfort.

It's beautiful, stylish and sophisticated


Simplification, conciseness and minimalist tendencies are visible throughout. 2021 supports the not new, but still very popular trend of “backstage interiors”, which can clearly be seen in the example of the kitchen, that is, the entire functional component is hidden behind the facades of the furniture.

Although opening shelves are also good, but more often for decoration.

Streamlined, rounded and futuristic shapes never cease to be popular. Furniture in the form of blocks, for example, or other incredible shapes amaze the imagination and allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of something unreal and distant.

Furniture with a relief coating is also highly valued, which will turn the interior into an art object with the help of voluminous decorative 3D panels.

For kitchens, modern interior design offers ultra-thin countertops that are elegant, stylish and comfortable. In addition, even very thin countertops can be made quite durable. Bar countertops are also widely used in 2017. This design element with its inherent functional load can have a different texture, color and thickness, as well as be made of any material and have bar supports. The whole point is that bar counters are now very convenient and functional, especially in cases where the kitchen is combined with the living room.

This combination results in a transformation of the furniture itself. For example, a kitchen set can acquire additional sections that will also serve as furniture for the living room. That is, such furniture should be beautiful, comfortable and stylish.

Color palette

2015 is marked as a cheerful and cheerful year. Mostly bright colors predominate. The most popular is purple, which can be safely used in any style direction. Considering the brightness of this color, it can be assumed that it should be used, as a rule, in a minimalist interior. But this is the rule. And the design of 2021 does not accept rules. Therefore, we use it how we want and where we want. But, of course, let's not forget about color literacy. For example, if you want all your furniture to be in purple shades, then it is better to make the walls, floor and ceiling more neutral, and the curtains and decor can either be neutral or purple, but a tone or two lighter. Otherwise, you simply cannot be in a room where everything is purple. All these nuances also apply to other bright colors, an oversaturation of the interior with which leads to fatigue of the human brain.

Another dominant color is white, it is designed to reflect the simplicity and elegance that characterizes 2021. Of course, many may not agree with this choice of color, for example, for sofas, armchairs and upholstered chairs, because it is very impractical. But in our 21st century, many ways have been invented to keep white surfaces clean for a long time. We are talking about materials that are treated with special solutions that repel dirt and dust, as well as universal cleaning agents that can extend the life of white surfaces.

Designers say that white furniture will look chic in gray, beige, golden yellow, light green and turquoise interiors.

In general, there are also no rules or frameworks for the color design of furniture, the main thing is in moderation.

Furniture accessories

More and more often, people are inclined towards unusual and even outlandish furniture accessories that emphasize the individuality of the owners, for example, door handles in the shape of animals or a guitar handle, and so on.

Kitchens were also created whose doors open without the help of handles, but using diverse profiles that are installed between the facades and the countertop or in the columns. All this suggests that progress does not stand still and every day more and more interesting and convenient inventions appear.

So, let's summarize. Furniture in 2021 is designed to be simple, comfortable, functional, and at the same time elegant and unusual. Mixing any styles and color variations is allowed. By the way, even furniture from past centuries can be used, which excludes luxury, but brings optimality and comfort. Especially if you “conjure” this furniture, you get an individual and incomparable style, which is only welcome.

Designer novelties

In the new season, designers are trying to surprise consumers with new modifications of our usual upholstered furniture. They use unique materials to create sofa armrests: plastic, tempered plexiglass, metal with a textured coating. Such options look very catchy and unusual, so they will certainly become a decoration for a living room of any size. There are also interesting options for sofas without a frame. They can take original shapes and are incredibly comfortable to use.

On sale you can find interesting designer new sofas with innovative folding mechanisms. For example, fashionable scroll sofas or petal models. They are less common due to their high cost and limited production. Such furniture is created using interesting fabrics that do not require special care. It will be more practical and convenient when unfolding, but its cost may surprise you with its height.

No less interesting are new products in the field of upholstery of upholstered furniture for the living room - furniture fur. This material looks very unusual, which will definitely attract the attention of guests at your home, who will not be able to help but notice such a good sofa.

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