Sliding wardrobe in the interior: how to choose the right color

Issues discussed in the material:
  • What basic rules should you follow when choosing cabinet color?
  • What color to choose a wardrobe for the hallway, bedroom, living room
  • What nuances should you pay attention to when choosing a cabinet?

When choosing the furniture needed to furnish your home, special attention should be paid to its shade. If you find a color that will be in harmony with the tone of the walls, decoration and floor, then the interior will only benefit from this. Often, when the furniture is already in the room, it is its color that causes disappointment among the owners; they regret that they did not think about it in advance. What color to choose a cabinet and what rules should you follow - later in the article.

Basic rules for choosing cabinet color for a room

No matter how wonderful, beautiful, functional, reliable and convenient your closet turns out to be, it will look extremely out of place if its color does not match the main shades of the interior. Of course, when planning to choose the material for finishing the facades and their shade, you need to proceed from your own preferences. At the same time, it would be nice to follow a few rules, thanks to which you will definitely not make mistakes in such an important matter.

  1. 3 colors and no more
    . You can choose absolutely any design for your interior, but it is important that it contains no more than three different colors or similar shades of the same range. In this case, the cabinet will be combined with the decoration of the walls and floor or with the tone of the upholstered furniture. If the floor in the room has laminate or parquet boards, we recommend choosing a cabinet model with fronts that match the color of the floor and are decorated with natural veneer. Keep in mind: if the shade of the floor and furniture is dark, the space will visually appear smaller.
  2. Due to the white color, on the contrary, the room will look larger. Given this pattern, always proceed from the size of the room for which you need to choose a cabinet. If you want it to not be too noticeable, we recommend giving preference to a finish that matches the shade of the wallpaper.

  3. Unity with a common style
    . As for the cabinet design, it should not go against the general style of the interior. Ideally, you need to order furniture during the renovation process. Then you can easily choose cabinet front materials that are similar in color to the room’s decoration. But if the renovation is completed, when choosing facade decoration, proceed from the general style of your room. Facades made of frosted glass, on the surface of which any pattern can be created, should be considered universal. Another suitable option could be facades with photo printing.
  4. Matching the type of room
    . The correct choice is largely determined by how the room in which the cabinet will be placed looks. When decorating a bedroom, it is better to choose light pastel shades. At the same time, you should not give preference to white color, since its predominance in the bedroom can cause a certain tension and interfere with rest and relaxation. If you add bright and colorful colors to the children's room, it will become “alive”. With the help of a light-colored wardrobe you will refresh a dark hallway, and with the help of a dark-colored wardrobe you will add coziness to a large living room.

According to psychologists, bright red and black colors do not have the most favorable effect on the psyche. Therefore, it is not worth decorating the interior with them. As for the other shades, you can safely experiment with them.

In any case, your choice is based on personal preferences. In this regard, it makes no sense to recommend only one color for all options. If your closet is in a niche, then its color will be determined by the facades. When the cabinet is located near the wall, it is necessary to remember the color design of the sides on the outer sides. The fashion for identical brown furniture has long since sunk into oblivion. Today, manufacturers can offer all kinds of color solutions, so choosing a cabinet whose color would harmoniously match the interior will definitely not cause you any problems.


Depending on the design, these types are distinguished.


Such structures are installed in a niche, if there is one in the room.

Built-in type cabinets fit into a niche

Since such a cabinet is made to order, you should think carefully about its design and carefully calculate the dimensions. Many corridors have storage rooms that are suitable for this type of arrangement.


This type is considered the most common. In appearance, this is an ordinary cabinet, but unlike it, the doors in it are installed on special rails.

The combination of walls and furniture is very important for a beautiful interior.

They are easy to disassemble and assemble, so there will be no problems when moving.


This design includes features of built-in and cabinet products. It lacks the top crossbar, bottom base and one side wall.

The combination of furniture directly depends on tastes and financial capabilities

Due to this, the cost of the model is reduced, but installation is more complicated. The choice depends on your own preferences, tastes, financial capabilities, dimensions and configuration of the room.

In addition, you yourself can create various combinations of parts and elements if you order by size.

What color to choose a wardrobe for the hallway, bedroom, living room

So, what color cabinet should you choose? When looking for the desired shade, proceed first of all from the color scheme of the room in which the wardrobe will be located. The finishing of walls, floors and ceilings should be taken into account. Decide for yourself what is important to you: contrast or subdued tones and smooth transitions.


If you put a wardrobe in the hallway, you will have access to the things you need at any time. Here you can store seasonal outerwear and shoes; bags, various shoe care products, and all sorts of little things can be conveniently placed on shelves and drawers. Due to the mirrored doors in the closet, the space will appear wider, the hallway will visually become larger, and you will be able to evaluate your appearance before you leave the house. A sliding wardrobe in the hallway will help you maintain order when storing things.

Today, manufacturers are able to offer a wide variety of furniture colors. Typically, buyers first pay attention to rich shades. However, in addition to their advantages, they also have disadvantages. If you want to add light and space to the room, give preference to a pastel palette. If the task of lightening the space is not worth it, choose dark colors.


It happens that there is not enough space in an apartment or house to organize a dressing room, or it is simply not needed. In this case, the wardrobe is placed in the bedroom. Without forgetting the purpose of this room (sleep and rest), a number of nuances should be taken into account.

It is important that the wardrobe in the bedroom is spacious enough and at the same time does not take up too much space. Visually, the cabinet will look compact due to the right choice of color. In this case, it is better to purchase a light model with mirrors. Then your bedroom will not seem cluttered, there will be a lot of light and space. In such a room you can fully relax, enjoying the comfort.

Thanks to the right color of the facade, the bedroom will look updated and more beautiful. There is such a science - chromotherapy, which studies the effect of various color combinations on people's health. They turn to it in the process of creating an interior, because it is known that color, transforming into electromagnetic waves, affects the general psychological state of a person.

When choosing facades of sliding wardrobes, it is not recommended to rely solely on a single color. It is more correct to choose the most suitable combinations, in which one shade is the main one, and all the others only complement it.

According to psychologists, it is good when yellow takes on the role of the main color. This shade helps stabilize nervous processes. Peach and apricot tones can act as accent colors. Green is also a very interesting color. Such tips should be taken into account, provided that the color of the wardrobe is combined with the shades present in the interior. To correctly choose the most suitable tone, you should take into account the amount of sunlight in the room. This is largely determined by the geographical location of the windows (south, east side, etc.).

If you strive to create the most harmonious bedroom interior, based on the shades of the facades of the wardrobe, we recommend that you seek the services of a professional designer. However, if you wish, you can cope with this task yourself. All that is necessary is to analyze the general style of the interior, the colors of the walls, floors and take them into account in the design of the future cabinet.

If you do not have the proper level of knowledge about the correct color combinations in relation to wardrobes, then it is better to choose models with mirrored doors. This way you will solve your everyday problems, and the room will become visually more spacious and brighter.

Living room

It is usually customary to talk about the living room as the calling card of the whole house. The function of a wardrobe is to keep certain things hidden from prying eyes. In order to somehow highlight the interior and emphasize its originality, you can hang open shelves and put up racks, placing beautiful and memorable souvenirs on them. A home library located behind sliding cabinet doors with transparent or translucent glass will look no less impressive. One of the newest trends in the furniture industry is the TV zone, which is hidden in the wardrobe.

A living room decorated in a classic style should have furniture made of natural wood, because it always looks luxurious and presentable. The spectacular classic design of the facades of sliding wardrobes includes carved patterns, mirror inserts, and gilded edging. For living rooms with a small area, we recommend choosing cabinets in bleached wood color and with a mirrored door. Typically, such models are decorated with intricate patterns. In spacious living rooms, a storage system made of mahogany or dark wood would be appropriate.

Types of models

Modern hallway cabinets come in a variety of models on the market.

The equipment can be supplemented with both open shelves and closed ones


They are great for small spaces as they fill a corner while leaving the rest of the space free.

In terms of capacity, the closet is equipped with open and closed shelves, mezzanines, hangers, and baskets.

It can be case-mounted or built-in. The second option, in some cases, requires redevelopment of the premises to organize a niche. Doors can be hinged or sliding.

Standard wardrobe option in the hallway


This is an installation option close to one of the walls of the corridor. In a large hallway, it can easily replace a dressing room.


Includes several items. They can be combined into one composition or installed separately. Typically, such a set consists of a bedside table, a narrow wardrobe, a mirror and a hanger.

Interesting and convenient design solution


Such models are mainly made to order. Their difference is the curved front part. The side walls can also be made in a similar configuration.

It looks very extraordinary, attracting attention, emphasizing the refined taste of the owners.

Minimalism is perfect as always

Other important nuances of choosing a cabinet

When planning to purchase a cabinet, keep in mind that it should last quite a long time, and not a couple of years. Therefore, make your choice carefully, paying attention to a number of important aspects:

  1. Decide where the cabinet will go before you decide to buy it. This way you will not only have an idea of ​​what kind of wardrobe design you need, but you will also not be mistaken with the sizes. If in doubt about the dimensions, we advise you to give preference to large models, especially if you have children. For apartments and houses with high ceilings, you should choose a wardrobe with mezzanines.
  2. The selected size will help determine the number of doors in the closet. If we talk about the classic version, then this is a wardrobe with two doors. Very large closets usually have 3 doors.
  3. Pay attention to the cabinet layout before purchasing a particular model. It is important to decide what kind of things you want to put there. Some people find it convenient to store only underwear and outerwear in the closet, while others prefer to fold bedding and blankets. Decide on the number of hangers, the presence of drawers for shoes and shelves for small items. When you have resolved all these issues, you can go to a furniture store or workshop to choose a cabinet of a suitable model and color. There are situations when a large cabinet standing in the corner is poorly lit, then additional lighting is indispensable.
  4. It is important that the color of the cabinet harmonizes with the overall interior of the room and matches the wallpaper, curtains, and other pieces of furniture.
  5. If you are just planning to choose a cabinet, we recommend that before purchasing you evaluate the door mechanism and profile, which is the most wear-resistant part. It is important that the wheels, made of plastic, have Teflon or metal coating. Plastic in its pure form is not suitable for daily use due to the fact that elements made from it will deteriorate in the shortest possible time. As for the running parts, their movement must be smooth, they must remain in the grooves.

  6. Buyers first of all pay attention to how the furniture looks as a whole. At the same time, they do not evaluate fittings and other finishing elements, savings on which are unacceptable. Steel and aluminum are rightfully considered the most durable materials for small parts. The operation of steel elements is not accompanied by any noise at all. As for plastic, elements made from it will last very little.
  7. Using a cabinet with a mirrored door, the space can be visually expanded. This should be taken into account when choosing a wardrobe model. A closet with a large mirror will fill the room with light. This model will be an excellent alternative to a dressing table.
  8. If you want to make a custom cabinet, invite a craftsman who will take all the necessary measurements. You should not do this yourself, because if you do not have experience in such measurements, you may make errors that will negatively affect the result.
  9. For rooms with uneven floors, it is necessary to take care of the underlay before installing the cabinet. With its help, it will be possible to minimize the unevenness of the floor and its slope.


A custom-made cabinet is much more valuable, since such a solution allows property owners to independently select the contents.

The filling of the cabinets depends on your preferences

Most often, models are equipped with the following elements:


to allocate 2 compartments for them One of them stores long outerwear: coats, raincoats, fur coats, sheepskin coats. The other section contains short wardrobe items: jackets, parkas, sweatshirts. The bars are retractable, which creates certain convenience.

An approximate layout of the space inside the closet

Bottom shoe cabinets

They can be made of laminated chipboard or metal - mesh. The second option is more acceptable. Shoes are clearly visible, easy to install, and dirt and dust do not accumulate on shelves of this type.

The number of cabinets and shelves is determined by square meters

The rest of the space is filled with shelves, drawers, and metal baskets. They are designed to store hats, gloves, umbrellas, bags.

A closet can hold not only things, but also everything you need that needs to be hidden.

If the closet is large, you can have special compartments for a vacuum cleaner and ironing board. These are the things that are usually difficult to find a place in an apartment.

It is not always possible to fill everything you need. Therefore, you must first choose what is most important for all family members.

Don't know what color cabinet to choose? Photo examples will help!

Cabinets and pencil cases in our catalog

For children's

Involve your child in the design and arrangement process! A wardrobe created with his direct participation will become a source of pride. Believe me, you will give both yourself and him a lot of pleasure! Both the romantic princess and the little robber will definitely be satisfied, having personally gone through the color palette and options for the internal filling of such “serious” furniture. The child will feel responsible for the result and will use the product with pleasure and accuracy. The modern design will easily complement the interior of a first-grader’s playroom and the personal space of an older teenager. Reliable mechanisms will withstand noisy games with friends.

Combination of neutral warm and cool colors: features

Each color, in addition to the main definition, also has secondary characteristics, such as hue, tone and halftone. It is the latter that allows us to say that this shade is warm, and that one is cold. Warm tones include orange, yellow and red. Cold ones are white, blue, green, and also... black. Colors with equal shares of halftones of both temperatures are considered neutral.

The table will help you identify warm, cold and neutral colors.

There are some techniques that determine the combination of shades with different halftones. The most important thing you need to know is that colors with the same undertones go well together and, conversely, different undertones, it is advisable to separate them. However, in the latter case, such combinations are often used for contrast. As for pure white and pure black (sometimes gray is added here), they combine well with other colors.

Important! The only color that “keeps” a constant temperature is orange! It is always warm and has no cold undertones.

Orange is the only color that does not have a cold tint.

Color combination table

As a tool to facilitate the work of an artist or designer, so-called chromatic tables were created, which are palettes of primary colors that allow you to combine them as you like, and indicate the permissibility or impermissibility of such combinations. An example of a table can be seen in the figure:

Using the table you can determine the compatibility of colors in the interior.

Additional Information! To begin with, you should try combinations of light colors with neutral shades - such options will suit almost any room.

Color circle

A color wheel is a diagram that includes primary colors and shades so that it is convenient to find their most harmonious combinations. In the simplest case, this palette looks like this:

The color wheel includes the main shades.

It is known that there are three basic colors: red, yellow and blue. Combining them produces three more: purple, green and orange. By combining secondary colors with primary colors, you can get six more. Total - twelve. They form the basis of the above diagram.

In relation to interior design, six sampling options are used, which provide the most optimal color balance:

  • Sequence of three. A chain of shades following each other at the same level in the same direction.
  • Opposites. Two colors placed on the same circle, but located on opposite sides relative to the center.
  • Classic triangle. An equilateral triangle, centered at the intersection of the medians. Its peaks will form the color combination.
  • Isosceles triangle. The center is in the middle of the greater height. The top opposite the base will determine the contrasting shade for the other two colors.
  • Rectangle. One vertex is selected as the base one. The rest allow you to adjust contrast and saturation.
  • Square. A special case of a rectangular diagram. Allows you to obtain a smoother palette.

Options for combining colors and shades.

Impact on humans

The connection between color and the emotional state of a person was known in ancient times, however, only in the middle of the last century a series of scientific experiments began to be conducted to study this issue. It turned out that color influences changes the tone of the autonomic nervous system, in particular its sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions.

However, certain reactions to color have long been used in design and advertising. For example, red is often appropriate where you want to attract attention or make an accent. Yellow or orange are considered “antidepressants”, raising vital energy and imparting optimism, while green is considered to calm the psyche.

Yellow and orange are uplifting, while green is calming.

Important! It should be remembered that color perception is a subjective characteristic, since it depends on the functioning of the visual apparatus and the mental state at a particular moment in time.

Balcony space

If your apartment has a balcony, then you should seriously think about how you will use it. Very often they don’t think about this in advance, and then it turns out that this, often a small room, is cluttered with unnecessary things in the house. But you can use it in the interior! You can insulate the balcony and combine it with the adjacent room. There are a whole lot of options for using this new additional space: a winter garden, an office, and even a gym. For heat, it is worth providing additional sockets so that you can connect an electric heater, you can also make an electric heated floor. Almost all balconies to the left and right of the window have blind corners in which built-in wardrobes can be installed without losing the usable area of ​​the balcony. Both functional and beautiful.

How to choose furniture to match the color of the floor or the color of the walls

The correct choice of color scheme determines how successful the final interior design will be. All exclusive furniture and expensive materials will become unimportant if the room is uncomfortable to be in. Therefore, you should adhere to the basic rules:

  1. You should not make the design in one color - it must be “diluted”.
  2. The selection must be made based on the size of the room.
  3. It is advisable to start with light shades, especially for rooms with a small area. This will provide the effect of visually expanding the space.
  4. For houses with spacious rooms, you can use dark colors - this will “compress” the dimensions a little.
  5. Bright colors require contrasting combinations.
  6. When choosing furniture, you should stick to the same shade (be within a compatible palette) with wallpaper or wall painting.
  7. For solid colors, the furniture should look more contrasting compared to the rest of the decoration.

There are also rules for selecting furniture.

Window sills and their capabilities

Window sills are often unfairly ignored in space. Firstly, they can be emphasized with color, then they will play much more interesting in the interior. Secondly, their area is very convenient to use for the benefit of space. A lot depends on the height. As a rule, the height of window sills from 75 to 80 cm is good for organizing a work space, and you can make a table along the window. If the height of the window sill is low: from 45 cm and below, then you can expand the window sill, make built-in shelves below (bypassing the radiator), throw decorative pillows on top and arrange a wonderful bed.

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