MDF kitchens - an overview of the best custom-made and ready-made options. An example of a stylish and modern kitchen design (150 photos of new products)

Positive properties

The first thing that catches your eye when you want to buy an MDF kitchen is the cost, it is quite low and will be affordable for any average family. Unlike other models, including wooden ones, these structures are presented at affordable prices.

When choosing, you will notice that the design possibilities are expanding significantly. The base of this material is most often covered with:

  1. Acrylic.
  2. Plastic.
  3. Special film.

The furniture is bright and attractive; it is possible to imitate natural materials, stone, wood or metal. The appearance is very presentable, and thanks to a successful combination you can achieve maximum results and create a good interior in a modern style.

If the furniture is made with high quality, the service life will be pleasantly surprising; it can reach 20 years. Caring for the parts of MDF panels for the kitchen is quite simple and easy, spending a minimum of effort and money, complete hygiene of the room and the work area in particular is achieved.

In some cases, the coating will be demanding in the selection of cleaning products; it is worth eliminating abrasive substances and using special ones. Using panels, you can easily create original shapes of various sizes that will look amazingly beautiful.

Pros and cons of MDF kitchen sets ↑

  • Price. Composite material is cheaper than solid wood. The combination with chipboard makes production even cheaper. Ready-made sets vary greatly in cost, so everyone can choose furniture that will not hit the family budget.

Positive colors in kitchen design

  • Presentable appearance. Untreated panels look unattractive, so they are treated. The slabs can be given any appearance, incl. decorate with natural wood, marble or granite. For this purpose, films, plastic, and enamel are used. The result is spectacular matte and glossy MDF panels for the kitchen.

Set in red

  • Good performance characteristics. High-quality material is resistant to mechanical stress and can last for many years. Finished furniture is easy to clean: to remove dirt, simply wipe the surface with a damp sponge.

MDF with PVC film

It happens that the slabs swell, become deformed, and the edge trim peels off. This usually happens if the manufacturer has skimped on the quality of adhesives or finishes. It is difficult to distinguish furniture made from such panels from high-quality ones. The difference becomes obvious only during operation.

The most common problems faced by buyers of kitchen sets made from low-quality materials:

  • The finish fades when exposed to direct sunlight.
  • The film peels off. Most often this happens with pieces of furniture located near the stove.
  • When cleaning, scratches remain on the material.

Acrylic coating

Obvious differences

There is no need to debate for long on the question of whether MDF or laminated chipboard is better for the kitchen; the conclusion suggests itself. Laminated surfaces are quite finicky and cannot boast of withstanding high temperatures near the oven, and are also applied to a loose base that quickly deforms.

During heating, harmful toxic substances such as formaldehyde may be released. They can be dangerous to human health and harm anyone who eats food cooked on the headset.

What to look for when choosing

The kitchen is the main room in the house, so it is extremely important that the furniture set meets all the requirements for safety, durability and strength. At the same time, kitchen furniture must match the design of the room.

When choosing a kitchen made from MDF, you need to pay attention to the quality of the material, the coating of the facades, design and fittings. Key points to consider when purchasing:

  • Material thickness. You should not skimp on this parameter. The optimal thickness of the base that is decorated with film is 1.6 cm. When decorating facades with plastic or acrylic, the thickness of the material should be about 1.8 cm. The film coating should be applied to both sides of the facade.
  • Type of coverage. In this case, you can choose veneer, plastic, acrylic, film or enamel. The choice of coating will determine the durability, wear resistance, appearance and cost of the product.
  • Design and color. You can order whole structures or individual modules. Before ordering, you should decide on the design of the furniture and the room as a whole. White kitchens are suitable for a classic interior, and colored ones for a modern one. Glossy MDF kitchen in vanilla color is an excellent solution for any interior. This also applies to furniture with imitation natural wood.
  • Manufacturer. The quality of the furniture, its durability and appearance will depend on this indicator, so you should not trust the manufacture of furniture to unverified companies. In this case, the risk of receiving low-quality products is too high.
  • Features of operation. When choosing a coating for furniture, you should also take into account the individual characteristics of use. Steam, high temperature and high humidity can negatively affect the condition of facades, so you should choose coatings that are resistant to moisture and temperature if the furniture will be located close to the oven and stove.

MDF is a strong, durable and affordable material. However, for a high-quality kitchen, it is necessary to give preference only to high-quality coating that will withstand operational loads and also fit perfectly into the interior of the room.

Common finishing methods

It doesn’t matter whether you make a kitchen from MDF yourself or order it from professionals, the coating will be applied using special equipment. There are the following types of design:

  1. Acrylic panels.
  2. Plastic.
  3. Film.
  4. Veneer.

Decorative processing methods are quite common and deserve a lot of attention from those who like to experiment with their appearance. Thanks to imagination, the furniture in the room can be transformed before your eyes, achieving maximum exclusivity and beauty of all shapes and sizes.

Advantages of kitchens made of painted material ↑

Kitchens made from painted MDF have their pros and cons. They are exceptionally beautiful. The color scheme can be any, with the most unexpected shades and combinations. In recent years, facades painted with gradient transitions, as well as with a chameleon effect, have become especially popular.

Automotive enamels are used to paint slabs. They are applied in several layers. This is a complex multi-stage process, but the finished surfaces look aesthetically pleasing, and the color is bright and durable. There are matte and glossy MDF panels for the kitchen. The front side of the slab can be smooth or have a pattern applied using milling. Enamels fit well on any type of surface. The color is uniform.

Corner kitchen made of painted MDF panels

Features of operation and care ↑

The material does not absorb odors, is not afraid of high temperatures and direct sunlight. Kitchens made from painted MDF panels are very easy to maintain. They are wiped with sponges soaked in solutions of household chemicals. Care must be taken when choosing funds. Excessively aggressive substances and abrasives can damage the coating.

Glossy MDF panels for the kitchen have a significant drawback: fingerprints remain on them when touched. They have to be wiped constantly. This is not the most practical option. Another disadvantage: impacts may leave scratches and chips on the surfaces of the panels.

MDF set

Types of painted facades ↑

Application of panels

Matte MDF kitchens with the enamel facade replaced with plastic or acrylic panels are common. This option also places emphasis on the edges of the furniture; they should be reliably protected with a corner.

Moisture and dirt may begin to accumulate under the material, which will inevitably lead to damage to property or decorative elements will begin to come off. This is the main reason why even the highest quality headsets gradually begin to fail.

It is quite easy to care for the surface; you just need to walk over it with a damp cloth. If scratches occur from using a rough brush, you can remove them by picking up a polish.

MDF kitchens

Most often, MDF kitchens from the manufacturer are presented on the market, ready-made and fully equipped. They limit the buyer in only one thing - dimensions. However, this moment can also be played around.

So, for example, Belarusian headsets are supplied to Russia in several types, that is, the buyer independently selects the modules for himself. This service allows ready-made products to be modified and adjusted at will.

And the Ukrainian furniture company Sokme supplies standard furniture in various configurations to the domestic market. Thus, the Zhemchuzhina MDF kitchen set and the Olya kitchen set are provided in several variations: from two meters and more.

Attention! Of course, fitting custom furniture based on an individual project into the existing space is much easier than customizing a finished product. But the difference in cost says otherwise.

Since we're talking about manufacturers, let's take an example of several ready-made kitchens made from MDF.

Complete headsets

One of the popular options is the Sofia MDF kitchen, manufactured at the Sokme company.

Here are some of its features:

  • A frame with glass is used as kitchen fronts for wall cabinets. Such doors have a lifting mechanism, are quite practical and reliable during operation.
  • Available in two versions: 2 meters and 2.6 meters. All modules are packaged separately.
  • Sofia also has corner cabinets (2.6 m included). This option is relevant for rooms where the set will be located in an L-shape - along two walls.

Another product only from a domestic manufacturer is the Nastya MDF kitchen.

It also has its own characteristics:

  • Three location options: corner, corner with pencil case and along one wall. It all depends on what you want to see.
  • Kitchen facades are made of MDF with a film imitating wood textures. It is possible to purchase a glossy surface or with a matte film.
  • There are doors with glass.
  • Kitchen Nastya does not limit you in the arrangement of modules; they can be swapped, playing with the space.

For your information! Instructions for furniture assembly are included with each individual module.

You can look at these kitchens in the photos and make sure that they really are unusual and interesting.

Kitchen on one wall Sofia – painted facades, glossy

In this case, the facades imitate natural wood; high-quality laminated film is used for this.

No less interesting performance

A veneered kitchen with MDF photo printing, which imitates wood, looks just great in classic or eco styles.

Aesthetics and operational aspects remain at a high level with this modern material. It is non-toxic and absolutely harmless to human health. High humidity and sudden temperature changes are also not a problem.

According to experts, it is better to care for veneer using polish, but small stains can easily be removed with a regular rag without any additional effort.

It is worth remembering that polish attracts dust and debris, so its use will be an exclusively individual decision. In any case, cleaning the cooking room will be quite easy if the cleaning process is carried out regularly.

Which panels are suitable for furniture production ↑

Depending on the production technology, there are three types of MDF panels:

  • Whole pressed. The slabs are distinguished by heat and sound insulation properties and tolerate moisture well. Density – medium.
  • Laminated. Panels of this type are harder than solid pressed panels. They are highly resistant to mechanical damage, moisture and chemicals.
  • Moisture resistant. This is a dense material that copes well with loads, tolerates moisture and hot condensate well.

For the manufacture of kitchen sets, laminated and moisture-resistant boards are most often used. Whole pressed ones are less suitable for rooms with high humidity and specific temperature conditions typical for the kitchen.

Black and white aesthetic

Solving decorative issues

Various innovations help expand the range of offers; an MDF kitchen apron will appeal to any housewife who knows a lot about work. Thanks to some techniques, you can achieve amazing results and significantly change a familiar room beyond recognition.

The classic style is often complemented with decorative tiles, and the covering of the set is specially aged and framed with gold or silver around the edges.

With the help of stain it is very easy to achieve the desired result and give the furniture nobility. It is better to furnish the shelves with antiques, but not with modern new fixtures.

Photos of a kitchen made of MDF with embossing look simply irresistible, and the relief surface can be covered with paint or enamel.

Advantages and disadvantages

A kitchen made from fiberboard has many advantages. The main one is resistance to moisture. If the rules of operation and maintenance are followed, such a kitchen can last for many years without losing its appearance and performance qualities.

There are other advantages of a kitchen made from MDF, thanks to which this material is used for the manufacture of kitchen sets. These include:

  • Antiseptic properties of the material. The kitchen body made of MDF is not destroyed by mold and bacteria. Microorganisms do not live on such a surface, which is a significant advantage for the room in which food is prepared and consumed.
  • Ecological cleanliness. No toxic or chemical substances are used to produce the material, so the material is safe for the body. For gluing the material, urea resin is used, which is not harmful to humans.
  • Possibility of creating any shapes and configurations. The material has a fine structure, which makes it possible to create curved parts of facades and other intricate details of kitchen furniture, so the design of an MDF kitchen is fresh and beautiful.

The cost of such kitchens is low and is significantly inferior to their natural wood products. At the same time, it is possible to order a wood-look kitchen that will fit perfectly into the classic interior of the room.

Despite the obvious advantages, such kitchens also have disadvantages. The main disadvantages include:

  • Highly flammable. If the material is exposed to an open flame, the material will quickly ignite. However, in order to minimize the risk of fire from gas or electrical equipment, the design of such a kitchen is carefully thought out.
  • Fear of mechanical damage. MDF facades for the kitchen are soft and plastic. This facilitates the manufacturing process, but can lead to cracks and breakages from strong impacts and significant load.

These are all the shortcomings of the material. However, you can get rid of them by purchasing quality furniture and properly caring for it.

Style and beauty

For this design option, it is better to use various decorations in the form of decorative elements. This may include:

  1. Frescoes.
  2. Ornament.
  3. Painting.

The cooking work area will sparkle with new colors if all the smallest details are properly thought through. By carefully thinking through it, you can introduce absolutely any style from classic to hi-tech.

Painting will especially help with this; this universal technique will not spoil the interior, but will only add zest to it. Handles can also tell a lot, so they should be emphasized.

Do not forget about everyday life; beauty should not interfere with practicality and comfort. When using heavy objects, you need to choose their location correctly, otherwise MDF may not withstand excessive loads.

The shape of the headset is chosen personally by the owner; it can be either straight or radius. Depending on the preferences of the owners, the appearance and functionality will vary. It is worth considering one detail: a straight headset is considered to be the most affordable in terms of pricing, while a radius one will cost more.

3 reasons to choose furniture made from MDF panels ↑

  1. Design potential. The slabs are valued for their ease of processing. The material lends itself well to cutting with conventional tools and can be given any shape. The facades are decorated with patterns made on a milling machine. Panels are a valuable material for making furniture. They can last for many years without losing their original appearance.
  2. Performance characteristics. In many respects, MDF is not inferior to, or even superior to, natural wood. Furniture with facades made of MDF boards can be disassembled and reassembled without any damage to the strength of the joints. Additional advantages are fire safety, antiseptic properties, water resistance.
  3. Aesthetic finishing. For the external finishing of panels, film, plastic, enamels, veneer, and laminate are used. The facades acquire a chic appearance and are suitable for creating respectable interiors in any style.

"Sunny" kitchen

Useful tips

In order to purchase high-quality furniture, you need to pay attention to weak points - these are the edges of the facades. The desire to save money should not prompt you to abandon products that are finished with plastic or aluminum; the integrity of the structure will depend on this after the influence of temperature and moisture changes.

It will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the safety class of the material, since it contains resin. For the kitchen, E1 is considered to be the most optimal indicator; during heating, such sets will not emit harmful substances. But as soon as the E2 indicator is detected, you cannot place furniture near the stove; they will definitely evaporate formaldehyde.

MDF: what is the material ↑

The abbreviation “MDF” stands for “fine fraction of wood”. This means that the material is made from small sawdust. They are glued together under high pressure using lignin and paraffin to form slabs of a given size. The compositions used to produce the material are safe. They do not emit toxic substances during operation and when heated.

MDF furniture design

Sectional edge of the slab

The differences between MDF and chipboard lie in the size of the wood fraction and adhesive compositions. Chipboard is made using formaldehyde resins. They are also used for the manufacture of cabinet furniture, but from the point of view of environmental safety they are inferior to MDF. When the top finishing layer is destroyed, particle boards can release harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Original kitchen design made of MDF

In the production of kitchen sets, a combination of both types of boards is most often used: the bodies are made of chipboard, and the facades are made of MDF. Chipboard is a looser and cheaper material, while MDF is ideal for making furniture with rounded, elegant lines. The main disadvantage of kitchens made from MDF is the relatively high price, because... Manufacturers have to purchase imported materials.

Fronts made of painted MDF with print

Video: which is better - MDF or chipboard ↑

Correct attitude and care

Adjustable legs will ensure not only convenient installation, but also protect the lower part of MDF products from unnecessary contact with moisture. This will have a positive effect on the service life and is a viable option for film coating.

It is better not to forget to check the cheapest specimens for mechanical damage, how they react to the slightest touch of metal.

There is no need to rush; at the time of inspection, a thorough inspection can reveal the smallest defects and shortcomings that can lead to disastrous consequences.

You need to constantly take care of any headset; if you run this process for a long time, problems cannot be avoided. Dirt and grease can become so embedded in the surface that they cannot be removed without excessive effort.

Facade made of film MDF

This is a more economical option for producing kitchen units. Using a vacuum press, a thin film of 0.3-0.5 mm is applied to the base surface. The material can have any shade, be decorated with a pattern or not have one.

This way you will choose the right furniture decoration to match the color of the kitchen interior. For example, you can easily imitate wood and equip a room designed in modern or classic style.

This option is more practical. The set is easier to care for compared to painted furniture. It is resistant to mechanical damage and the action of cleaning devices and products.

But if damage does appear, then restoration is impossible. It is important to remember that the film can peel off and warp if it is exposed to heat or steam.

Photo of an MDF kitchen

Kitchen facades coated with plastic

Plastic on the kitchen facade

The production of plastic kitchen facades is carried out in the process of gluing a thin plastic decorative panel onto an MDF board, in the case of an expensive option, or a chipboard board, in the case of an economical option.

The ends of plastic kitchen facades are processed using three methods:

  1. In the first case, the plastic covers the main surface and two ends. But the other two ends are covered with PVC or it could be an acrylic edge.
  2. All four ends of the facade are processed using PVC or acrylic edge. The edging material may have a color that matches the color of the kitchen facade, or may differ from it.
  3. The ends can be edged with aluminum profiles.

What are the advantages of plastic kitchen facades?

  1. Compared with other types of coatings, a kitchen with MDF facades coated with plastic has the longest service life.
  2. The presence of high mechanical strength.
  3. Does not fade in the sun.
  4. Resistant to temperature changes.
  5. Aggressive detergents do not damage the plastic surface of facades.

What are the disadvantages of plastic kitchen facades?

  1. Fingerprints remain visible on the plastic.
  2. The back side is usually white.
  3. Plastic with a matte surface is difficult to clean.
  4. Kitchen facades that are made using the cold pressing method can be geometrically distorted, or rather, they can have dents in the center.

Features of caring for a glossy kitchen

Many owners are interested in the question of how to wash a glossy kitchen in order to maintain its impeccable appearance.

For daily care, it is recommended to use a soft, damp cloth such as microfiber or cotton. To remove old stains, you can use a soap solution and gentle dishwashing detergents. The use of abrasive and aggressive cleaners is not allowed.

To remove stains and quickly add shine to furniture, you can use an alcohol-based glass cleaner - just apply a small amount of the product to the facade and wipe dry with a soft towel.

The gloss transforms! Review of furniture materials: MDF AGT.

The “glossy” trend has been firmly occupying the highest positions in the global fashion industry for almost 10 years.
During this time, the trend has spread to all areas of human activity. The furniture industry has not escaped this either. Sparkling glossy surfaces in rich colors have been among the top sales of furniture manufacturers around the world for more than 10 years. Exquisite shine and stylish luxury of glossy MDF surfaces,

They immediately attract attention, which is why
glossy tiles
have become the most popular trend in modern interiors.
If you want to make custom-made furniture,
then you should pay attention to such material as
glossy MDF board

In order not to make a mistake and to be completely sure that “gloss” is exactly what you need, we have prepared for you an overview of the pros and cons of glossy MDF boards

, which will help you navigate and make your final choice.

The most important condition when choosing is to decide on the manufacturer of the glossy slab. At the moment, glossy slabs are produced in China, Russia and Turkey. Experienced furniture makers prefer to work with the “gloss” of the Turkish plant AGT/AGT,

as with the highest quality material in the segment of
glossy MDF boards
. Materials about MDF AGT in Wikipro.


Now let’s look at the pros and cons of glossy MDF boards


Advantages of glossy surfaces:

1. The effect of increasing space

Glossy surfaces, like mirrors, perfectly reflect light. Therefore, the use of “gloss” in the interior visually significantly increases the size of the room. This is an excellent solution for small rooms such as a kitchen, dressing room and hallway.

2. Fits perfectly into modern styles

It is with the help of “gloss” that the most popular interior styles are created: pop art, minimalism, modern and classic. And if you choose a non-standard color or a glossy 3D panel, you can create a unique futuristic atmosphere in high-tech style. The shimmering surfaces of glossy slabs combine perfectly with other furniture materials, so it can easily be combined with any style.

3. Fills the room with light

As we said above, glossy surfaces have high reflective characteristics, which means they fill the room with a large amount of both natural and artificial (reflected) light. White “gloss” copes with this task most effectively. White gloss furniture can visually expand the space by 3-5 times and significantly increase the illumination of the room, even in a room with small windows.

4. Bright and spectacular interior

The spectacular shine and luxurious shimmer
, especially
when paired with the tree-like structures of chipboard,
can work real miracles in the interior.
Glossy AGT MDF boards
are a unique material that can transform a space, making it either classically elegant or sharply fashionable according to your choice. The only thing is not to get carried away and oversaturate the interior with a lot of gloss, mirrors and glass. There is a big risk that the room will end up looking too glamorous and even tacky.

5. Easy to care for

The gloss washes off well without much effort.
For effective care, regular warm water with alkali-free soap is enough. Even a white kitchen made of white gloss
, which you want
to order
from your furniture maker, will look perfect, despite the simple care. Care instructions for MDF AGT.


A very popular material on the furniture market, the buyer has the opportunity to purchase it at a very favorable price.
And there will be no problems at all with the selection of colors and structures. MDF AGT
- presented in a wide palette of shades, capable of satisfying the most demanding taste.
Beautiful, stylish, inexpensive - all these parameters make the AGT glossy MDF board
an almost ideal material for
making custom-made furniture

And now about the disadvantages of the AGT glossy MDF board:

1. Compatibility of materials.

The wrong combination of glossy slabs with other finishing materials can create the so-called “Through the Looking Glass” effect. Too many reflective surfaces: gloss + mirrors + glass, disrupts the adequate perception of space, very tires the eyes and causes irritation. Combine correctly.

2. Very easily soiled

On the sparkling glossy surfaces of AGT, even weightless fingerprints are clearly visible, not to mention drops of water and oil.
However, this problem can be easily solved with regular care. Then your MDF kitchen
will always look great.

What types of MDF are there for the kitchen?

In the 21st century, the century of plastics and composite materials, pure wood is rarely used for making furniture, because solid wood is quite expensive and prone to deformation in a humid atmosphere, drying out and cracking. Much more convenient are composites made from wood raw materials, bonded with polymer materials - plywood, chipboard or MDF, which have been used for decades and receive good consumer reviews.

Unfortunately, chipboards are made on the basis of phenol-formaldehyde resins, and new furniture releases carcinogenic and generally toxic formaldehyde into the air for quite a long time. A successful replacement is MDF - a material made from a fine fraction (essentially sawdust) bonded not with phenol-formaldehyde resin, but with wood lignin. In general, wood consists of cellulose, which forms the walls of plant cells, and lignin, which cements the structure. When wood is heated, lignin partially resinizes and liquefies. It is used for pressing slabs.

Material made from a fine fraction, bonded with wood lignin - a successful replacement for chipboard for the manufacture of kitchen furniture

At the same time, the resulting material has undoubted advantages:

  • Inexpensive, as it is produced, in essence, from wood waste;
  • Non-toxic, odorless;
  • The shining gloss of the surface gives the furniture a beautiful and “new” look;
  • It reacts poorly to changes in humidity, as it is covered in plastic.

In general, MDF material is produced in three grades:

  • Solid pressed panels are smooth boards of medium density, heat and sound insulating, very moisture resistant;
  • Laminated panels are more moisture-resistant, resistant to chemical contamination and mechanical destruction, and significantly more durable than solid-pressed panels;
  • Moisture-resistant panels of increased density that can withstand even prolonged exposure to hot condensate.

Kitchen furniture is made from moisture-resistant and laminated MDF panels.

For the manufacture of kitchen furniture, moisture-resistant, laminated MDF panels are used.

Acrylic panels

The production technology is similar, but there are also differences. The blank is a multilayer decorative paper treated with absorbents and then with acrylic resins. In this way, maximum and uniform filling of the workpiece with resin is achieved. When pressed, it forms a durable multi-layer plastic, securely bonded to the MDF board.

Acrylic coating imitates artificial and natural materials - wood, stone, metal, but, however, only the color and pattern, and not the texture. Acrylic facades can be one-color or with a color transition, with any pattern or image. One of my favorite design techniques is photo printing on acrylic coating.

The surface can be made matte or glossy. The latter is easier to clean, and it gives more expressiveness to the color. The photo below shows a kitchen with a glossy facade.


  • the decorative capabilities of the material are greater than those of the previous type;
  • production of curved facades is possible. And since radius furniture is characteristic of modern styles, they choose bright colors or facades with photo printing for such sets;
  • excellent resistance to mechanical damage;
  • can be washed with any household products;
  • durability - the acrylic coating does not peel off over time;
  • facades do not fade in the sun and practically do not change color.


  • the cost of a set with acrylic panels is noticeably higher;
  • While kitchens with curved facades can be obtained in this way, kitchens with milled ones cannot be obtained;
  • The material is easy to wash, but cleaning is more difficult: even traces of touch are visible on a glossy surface, while a matte surface is more difficult to clean.
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