Blue furniture - 110 photos of features of application in the interior of the living room, kitchen, bedroom and nursery

Noble and sophisticated blue is a frequent guest in bedrooms, children's, kitchen and living room interiors. Thanks to its versatility and richness, variety of shades and intensity, blue, cornflower blue or purple furniture fits harmoniously into any space, making it possible to complement the decor with other tones and textures.

It’s easy to make a heavenly room as fashionable and cozy as possible if you know how and with what to combine blue furniture in order to reveal the best qualities of the color in its entirety.

Benefits of the Blue Spectrum

Variations of shades of blue are impressive in their diversity, which makes it possible to accurately select the appropriate color scheme. In general, all tones from sea, azure, denim to cobalt, ultramarine, sapphire and others have some advantages:

  • A calming psychological effect on a person, allowing the active use of blue in the bathroom, bedroom and nursery;
  • Versatility;
  • Wide selection of tones;
  • A harmonious combination with almost all cold and warm tones.

To every room

Many people choose this color because of its nobility and versatility, which allows them to build a cozy and stylish interior based on it without any worries.

However, blue has its own characteristics when decorating rooms of various functionality, which must be taken into account in order to prevent its excessiveness or inconsistency.

Possible colors

Due to the fact that blue has many shades, it can be combined with many colors. We have already said that the blue and white color scheme creates a Mediterranean style.

This combination is one of the classics. Popular solutions also include blue-green and red-blue tones.

For example, the latter will create a bright palette on the walls; in such a room it will simply be impossible to be sad. Red and blue motifs remind of cheerfulness and activity, bringing a touch of positivity to any room.

As you can see in the photo of the blue living room with green tones, this interior is a true classic. It is perfect for conservative people. This design looks noble and elegant. Often blue and green colors are diluted with light inserts to make the interior look more harmonious.

The combination of blue and wood looks noble. Natural material can be complemented with elements of brown shades. These can be cinnamon or chocolate colors.

A separate shade of blue is aquamarine. It plays differently in natural and artificial light, so it is good to combine with delicate pistachio, pink or mint shades.

Calming nursery

The active use of this shade in children's rooms is due to its psychological effect: a calming, peaceful and enhancing mental concentration effect. All this allows you to choose a variety of blue children's furniture: cabinets, beds, school corners, shelving.

The main thing is to dilute the interior with bright accents: red accessories and toys, white ceiling, green curtains. Otherwise, you can make the child overly passive, especially if he was not very active before.

Living room decoration

Any interior design requires a certain completeness. It is achieved by competent selection of accessories and decorative elements. Designers believe that a blue living room should attract attention with an abundance of contrasts.

Accessories will look bright and fresh, standing out with light details against a dark background, or vice versa. Against the background of blue walls, white lamps or a floor lamp, paintings in frames that match the design and color of the furniture, painted blue and white vases, and colorful sofa cushions can stand out noticeably.

Blue interiors are often stylized with a marine theme. Therefore, original souvenirs, corals or large shells in the living room would be quite appropriate.

Noble living room

When decorating a living room, it is important not to overdo it, so that the predominance of a cold shade does not negatively affect the comfort of the room. It is best to choose one thing: a sofa or a shelving unit, and use at least two main colors in the overall interior. Orange, gray, beige, white, and green are perfect as additional neighbors.

Hallway interior in blue tones

Since the hallway is deprived of natural light and this is, as a rule, the darkest place in the apartment, cold shades should immediately be said no. Use sky, cornflower blue, blue or sea green. If you live in a private house with a spacious hallway, deep blue colors will look very noble here, especially in combination with dark wood.

To emphasize the depth of the chosen color, special attention should be paid to lighting. In addition to the central chandelier, install sconces and spotlights that will help emphasize the beautiful relief of baseboards and moldings, if there are any in the interior.





Stylish kitchen

Kitchen furniture in blue tones is stylish and original, especially due to its psychological effect that reduces appetite.

It is recommended to choose a set of any color you like, excluding only too dark and icy tones, and select the rest of the furnishings - curtains, chair upholstery, paintings, wall and floor coverings - from a contrasting spectrum.

Bath and toilet

Blue is a favorite shade for decorating the interior of baths, swimming pools and saunas, which is also explained by the psychological side of color and the purity of water inherent in it.

To choose the right blue furniture for the bathroom, you need to follow the “bedroom” tips: give preference to light shades, combine them with contrasting warm ones and avoid excessive predominance of the dark blue color scheme.

Stylistics and blue color

The traditional blue color interacts with many interior styles: from classic to ethnic and modern. For example, Empire, Rococo, Art Nouveau and other luxurious styles cannot do without this color; It’s not for nothing that many shades of blue have meaningful names: palace, precious, royal, imperial...

Loft, hi-tech and minimalism also welcome blue, especially such shades as slate, deep cobalt or blue with a metallic tint. And it’s absolutely impossible without blue when talking about a house in Greek, Roman, Arabic and Egyptian styles. Or when the home is decorated in Russian, based on Gzhel.

Recommendations and tips

When placing blue furniture in the interior, you should follow some rules:

  • Color creates a psychological feeling of cleanliness and order, so it is necessary to constantly be careful;
  • Windows facing west and east will not be able to provide the required amount of sunlight and will make the interior gloomy and dull;
  • Dark blue tones definitely need brighter or pastel neighbors of an excellent color spectrum;
  • It is not recommended to use heavenly in the interiors of offices or gyms, so as not to slow down reactions.

Numerous photographs of rooms already furnished with blue furniture will help you decorate the room. In any case, you can rely on your own feelings, because this calm shade requires little - moderation and bright neighbors.

Blue walls in the living room

Blue walls in the living room interior are an opportunity to make the atmosphere balanced, sensual and free. Despite the cool spectrum, Eastern sages attribute feminine properties to it. And this is not only sensuality, but also care, creativity. Therefore, such a palette for room design can evoke interesting emotions - a feeling of calm and security, as if someone hid you in this room from all the problems of the daily routine.

At the same time, nothing constrains thoughts and feelings here, and you can devote yourself to your favorite activity - drawing, reading or writing a book, embroidery or sewing, any creativity. But such an influence does not mean that you need to paint the entire room in this color: furniture or decor, textiles, or just the living room in a combined space with kitchen and dining room can be made in blue.

If the choice falls on finishing, you can use different shades and techniques that will help make the room harmonious, comfortable and free.

  • A blue living room is a priority for spacious rooms facing south or southeast. For the background, you can choose any light shade - sky, blue, cornflower blue, azure. Tones with gray notes are also suitable - denim, cobalt, gray. For such a base, accents are selected in the same palette, but more saturated, or contrasting ones - from a warm and even fiery range. Of course, such a cool background is always combined with abundant neutral shades - wood, white, beige in floors, ceilings, and furniture.

  • The use of blue wallpaper in the interior of the living room most often implies the presence of some kind of pattern - stripes, abstract spots, floral patterns. The choice depends on the design style of the entire room: restrained and strict stripes are applicable in English and classical design, coverings with small flowers - in a composition in the Provence style, with ornate large rosettes - in classicism, baroque, neoclassicism.

  • A blue wall in the living room can be quite dark if it is made as an accent on a more neutral background - either blue, beige, white, light brown, pastel turquoise, yellow, etc.

The entire range can be used in a room decorated in any style, the main thing is to remember the sense of proportion and the rules of harmonious composition.

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