Purple sofa: use in modern interiors and rules for choosing a shade (135 photos)

A purple sofa with a soft purple couch in the living room interior.
Similar shades are rarely chosen for upholstered furniture. More often, purple is inherent in decorative elements and is used as a contrast. Some are afraid to use a similar tone because of its brightness. However, a purple sofa in the interior can look very fresh and organic if you follow all the nuances of the room’s design.

Purple corner sofa in a living room decorated in neutral colors

Much depends on the design of the walls. The background on which the sofa will stand is important. The color of the wallpaper should be chosen carefully.

Purple sofa for a cozy living room in a classic style

There are several options that will look great in the living room. They are presented in the table.

Combination optionDescription
Sofa in white and purple tonesThis combination will not be an irritant to the eyes, unlike black or blue. In addition to white, a gray tone will do. There are many shades of white, including milky, pale yellow and others. They will help smooth out the corners of contrast.
Corner model and green backgroundWill add freshness to the atmosphere. The more diluted and even the selected shades of purple and green are, the more calm the aura will be achieved. If the dimensions of the living room allow it, you can place a corner piece with clear lines and make it denser in the background. Add balance to the room with cream-colored curtains.
Sofa in dark purpleIt will not play a central role in the composition, but will become the background. If you want brightness and a little dollhouse atmosphere, combine the product with items in a yellow, pink or lilac palette.
Sofa bedPerfect for experimenting with design. Looks good with a variety of materials and textures. You can create an appearance of solemnity by adding gold and marble, geometry, and animal ports. The sofa goes well with glass, glossy elements.

Large purple sofa in the combined living room-kitchen

The listed options will help you organically fit the piece of furniture into the overall interior of the room.

Delicate lilac combined with yellow looks bright and original

Color characteristics

Purple has a lot of shades, depending on which it can make a different impression on others. Some of its shades help to relax and promote a peaceful mood, while others cause tension and excitement.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the choice - for people who are prone to manifestations of sadness and depression, it may be contraindicated.

It is not for nothing that this color is considered mystical. For creative, lively and artistic natures, he is able to bring inspiration and emotionally charge. But you should avoid pale and washed-out shades of violet - this will make the interior quite faded.

If you decide to place a bright purple sofa in the interior, it is best to dilute the color with suitable shades of furniture and decor. Harmoniously selected combinations will create a very cozy atmosphere in your living room.

Color features and best combinations

Purple has 196 shades. This is a champion in palette diversity. Most often, the names of the tones have a floral-vegetal trace. Victorious orchid, lavender grass, lupine and the like. Mother Earth took care of diversity. Ordinary people use modern landmarks for designation. Today Viber or 500 euro bills are more familiar than thistle inflorescences.

Experts adhere to the Itten circle, which shows the relationship between the main set of 12 colors. Thanks to him, classic combinations in interior design were established:

  • ideal harmony arises with shades from its own group, matching in lightness and warmth;
  • When using a contrasting connection, care must be taken not to create an aggressive mood in the room;
  • The activity of lilac is best removed by pastel colors, white, and an abundance of cold greenery.

Combination with white

A classic combination for living rooms: white wallpaper, light parquet, glossy ceiling, blackberry sofa in the center, and a couple of armchairs from the same range. Evokes associations with an expensive confectionery dessert. Berries with whipped cream, for example. Receiving guests in a room with violet-colored upholstered furniture and snow-white walls will reveal the owner's character as an aristocratic esthete. In such a room you can make solemn speeches and not look like a bore.

Add the aroma of real lavender and a little lilac to the room during the celebration. Invited guests will feel more comfortable if their visual sense matches their sense of smell.

The plum-upholstered daybed on white legs looks effortless. Such trinkets are good for decorating bedrooms and large corridors. Especially if the wallpaper there is part of the purple group.

Combination with brown

A darkened wall background is great for a soft seat with grape undertones and those close to it. It is interesting that in different design solutions the purple/brown pair can play the main role in the retro style of an apartment or house, or can be part of fashion trends. It all depends on the texture of the wall.

For example, a vintage effect is easy to achieve with plush vinyl, and brickwork, which modern decorators adore, successfully “steals” the coldness of the lilac spot, distracting a person’s attention. This relieves the brain, forces you to slow down a little, relax, corresponding to the motto of the current generation, exhausted by the exhausting information flow. Looks like light brown cabinet furniture is arriving. It gives the room warmth, raises the color temperature of the space, gives comfort, and spreads a feeling of security.

Combination with green shades

By placing a sofa with amaranth upholstery in a room of cool shades of green, you form a complex conglomerate of undertones. Together they create a sense of passing time and great possibilities. For dramatic-minded, creative individuals, such an interior is convenient for inventing fantasy worlds. The dark emerald background, the details of the room made of dull grass, are as strong in perception as the cool violet paint, so they appear on equal terms in the atmosphere. The connection looks very promotional. Large companies have long adopted it.

Fresh, light, warm tones of green, on the contrary, compete for attention. In this case, the sofa corner against a uniform background simply attracts you, invites you to sit down, lie down, and do nothing. Resistance is almost impossible. To balance the contrast of light green and indigo, it is necessary to use a lot of lighting, natural and electric.

Combination with yellow

An extremely strong combination that makes a lasting impression at first glance. The second one too. It's impossible to get used to this. In order to remove the inevitable psychological stress, it is necessary to select small supporting parts of the same color for the amethyst sofa: paintings, prints, wallpaper patterns, figurines, boxes. They should be dispersed throughout the room as much as possible.

It will be easier to make friends with two strong colors if you put yellow pillows on the sofa and install a sconce with diffused light above it.

The striking opposition itself comes to naught when the main tone of the room is pale yellow and the sofa is a transparent iris shade. The affectionate combination of tenderness looks favorable even in the bedroom, lulling you to sleep and charging you with a spark of vigor in the morning. Especially recommended for the sunless side.

Combination with gray

Usually chosen by representatives of the stronger sex. In the male eye, such a combination is very thorough; strict gray will eliminate the demonstration of vulnerability. Especially if the sofa is leather. In order not to provoke a conflict of color interests, follow simple rules:

  • Silver wallpaper is complemented by purple and dusk blue furniture fabrics with minimal padding;
  • Smoky walls favorably set off the hyacinth, fig, and eggplant ottoman;
  • Ash will support light shades of purple-pink, creating the impression of an expensive premium design;
  • The natural neutrality of steel will enhance lilac and mallow.

You can prevent gloom by decorating the window with airy curtains in powdery shades with a sparkling tint.

Features of use in different interior styles

Lilac tones will be equally appropriate both in a luxurious classic interior and in a laconic modern setting. Depending on the decor and finishing, the sofa can look completely different.


The color violet contains extraordinary depth, keeps secrets, is a “royal” shade, and carries notes of mysticism. Perhaps we can say that purple furniture will be appreciated by passionate, sensual, self-confident people, as well as creative people who strive to keep the muse close to them. The color purple brings with it inspiration.

However, for all the charm of purple, there are also significant drawbacks. It is quite difficult to competently play with it in the interior. It is necessary to choose the right colors that will become companions and place accents, otherwise there is a risk of getting an awkward, unattractive room instead of the desired fabulous interior.


Ethnic settings often require bright, rich colors that well convey the national flavor. You can't go wrong if you surround the sofa with accessories in rich colors and interesting ceramics.

You can use gilding in the decor and a variety of colorful accessories. Against the backdrop of such an abundance of colors, a purple sofa will become the central object that organizes this colorful environment.

If you manage, relying on your subtle taste and intuition, to successfully combine a purple sofa with other items, it will take its place in your living room, giving it the look you dreamed of!

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How to choose the right colors for curtains

Purple shades are diverse, and they can easily become a real decoration for any room. But you need to understand which curtains in purple tones are better to choose, so as not to make a bad choice

It is best to pay attention to the advice of many designers: Light shades, which include lavender, lilac, violet, are more universal. They can fit any modern style. They can make a small room visually a little larger, and in large spaces they can add lightness and airiness, which are sometimes so necessary. Dark shades, which include indigo, blackberry and purple, are best not used in small rooms

They can limit already small spaces. These types of curtains are best chosen for large rooms. They can emphasize the noble and sophisticated style in the interior.

Photo of purple sofas in the interior

Beige kitchen interior

For rustic, Provence, and classic styles, they always use natural materials in light shades, among which beige tones are given primacy. At the same time, such a kitchen will never seem boring and monotonous. It will look stylish, relevant and not subject to change, that is, it will never go out of fashion.

Kitchen in soft beige tones

Nice kitchen with beige furniture

Combined kitchen set

Classic spacious kitchen

Beige color is good for the interior primarily due to its versatility. This leaves a person the opportunity to constantly experiment and update the environment in the house. Whatever color is chosen in pair with beige, they will always create the perfect tandem for any room. When choosing additional colors, emphasis is placed only on the effect that the owner of the room ultimately wants to achieve. Whether he wants to make it cozy for family time or a youthful free space for fun.

Popular color combinations

Purple in the interior requires the presence of taste, a sense of proportion, but at the same time allows you to create a harmonious design both with contrasting colors and in a monochrome palette:

  1. White is considered the most successful “friendly” color. It makes any shade of purple look airy. However, such combinations are atypical for some styles.
  2. Orange and rich yellow are good contrasts for the base. They are usually used as bright spot accents. Violet looks especially advantageous with them against the background of its paler shades - blue, pink, lilac. It is important that not the entire interior of the room is filled with them.
  3. Beige, brown, gray, mint green, neutral to purple, are acceptable in large quantities - like curtains, wallpaper, carpets.

Features of combining a blue sofa with trendy interior styles

The purple upholstery of the sofa looks harmonious with wooden elements - armrests, legs, the rim of the sofa itself and the surrounding furniture:

  1. An item in lavender, pastel lilac, lilac-pink shades in combination with light wood will fit perfectly into the shabby chic style, and if the wooden part is covered with white paint, it will become a representative of the Provence style, creating a cozy corner in the bedroom or children's room.
  2. More saturated colors of amethyst and purple subgroups in combination with alder, walnut, light oak, and beech often become the choice of teenagers and young people.
  3. The combination of dark shades of wood in the colors of wenge, cherry, mahogany with rich variations of purple create models that are more suitable for strict, solid “masculine” interiors - offices, libraries.

The cushions of the sofa are not only a soft element that creates additional comfort, but also serve to harmoniously combine different parts of the furnishings:

  1. In the classic, English and luxury styles, they can be either the same color as the soft parts of the furniture (while being monochromatic), or have an ornate floral pattern or a set of smooth lines.
  2. In the Art Nouveau style, dull, twilight-like colors are traditionally used. An alternative to monochromatic colors is a geometric pattern of shades of the same range or a single shade, but of different textures.
  3. The cushions of a Provencal sofa, decorated with lace or embroidery, seem to be sprinkled with soft lilac lavender flowers or covered with a pattern of a similar shade, generously diluted with white or a very light tone from the purple palette.

Overall, this amazing color goes well with almost all others, provided that all shades are chosen correctly. Experts believe that it should not be combined with the pure red and blue of which it consists, however, delicate versions of blue and pink perfectly set off the severity of the color of rich eggplant.

It is advisable to complement purple with a sufficiently large amount of not only natural, but also artificial light (especially in the interior of a small living room), in which both deep tones and diluted shades are revealed brighter and more interesting.

Color is demanding when it comes to other combinations and materials, but at the same time it makes any environment more spiritual and calm. It is better to start its design from the center of the furniture composition - a purple sofa, building shading layers around it and placing accents.

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