Sofas with a dolphin transformation mechanism: what you need to know


When choosing a folding sofa that has a roll-out “dolphin” transformation mechanism, you should carefully study the possibilities and features inherent in various designs.

Today in furniture stores you can find a large number of sofas with a sleeping place, and particularly picky buyers will be able to choose an option such as an orthopedic sofa, which will provide a significantly greater level of sleep comfort. A special feature of this design is the presence at the base of the sleeping block of a lattice made of special wooden elements called armor. Thanks to them, as well as the presence of a block of independent springs, the weight of the sleeper is distributed most evenly, contributing to the treatment and prevention of spinal diseases.

Another design feature of the sofa bed is the presence of a storage capacity. The “dolphin” corner sofa models familiar to customers are available with an ottoman, or, as it is commonly called, a banquette. It is under it that there is a linen drawer, a convenient place for storing bedding. In straight models there is no such capacity, since the space under the seat is occupied by a folding platform.

Also, sofa models differ significantly in their sizes. Manufacturers take into account the need to equip both small one-room apartments and spacious halls of hotels or offices. Mini-sofas with a dolphin mechanism can be placed in the kitchen or hallway. Moreover, for the convenience of customers, models without armrests have been created that take up very little space.

How to assemble and disassemble with your own hands?

Sofas with the Dolphin system are also convenient because they can be repaired. As soon as a malfunction in the operation of the mechanism is noticed, the cover needs to be replaced, or several springs have become unusable, the model must be revived. You can do this yourself, at home. Moreover, if you do not neglect the breakdown, you will be able to save the sofa from major repairs or buying a new one.

The disassembly instructions are simple and do not require complex manipulations, because the mechanism itself is quite simple. First, remove the pillows (if any) and covers, then move the furniture to the middle of the room and raise the seat. Then the side elements are removed, the parts are separated, and the degree of damage is determined.

If it's just a matter of replacing a block, it's done like this:

  • remove the staples securing the upholstery material;
  • remove the protective cover of the unit;
  • change the block if it cannot be repaired (cut a new one or order a ready-made one according to the required measurements);
  • if the problem is in the springs, carefully unscrew them using pliers, then replace them with new ones purchased in a specialized store;
  • A cover is put on the block, then assembly is carried out in the reverse order of disassembly.

If there is a problem with the rollers, they are replaced with new ones. A broken mechanism needs to be completely replaced. To do this, you can contact a specialist or replace it yourself. This will not take much time if you take care of the required system in advance by purchasing it in the store.

Repairs are carried out as follows:

  • unscrew the old broken mechanism connecting the seat and back of the sofa;
  • a new one is inserted in its place, fixing the structure in the same holes.

You must try to ensure that the back and seat lie in the same plane, otherwise the surface of the sleeping place will not be level.

You can see how to change the guide roller in the following video:

Repair of the dolphin mechanism

If the sofa has minor damage, you can try to repair it yourself. However, before starting work, you should study all the components of the structure, as well as their functional purpose.

“Dolphin”, whose mechanism (photos are given in this article) is quite simple, will not require special knowledge and skills to carry out repairs. However, there is no need to rush; first you need to thoroughly understand everything.

If you arm yourself with the necessary information about the “dolphin” mechanism, repairs will be simple and not too expensive. The first thing it will start with is removing the side elements. After this, it is necessary to find the immediate breakdown and assess the damage. If the problem lies in the mechanism itself, then to replace it you need to choose exactly the same one as was previously installed.

Frame and upholstery materials

When choosing a high-quality and durable roll-out sofa, you need to take into account not only its design and cost, but also the materials of manufacture. Both the frame and the upholstery of the furniture are important. Let's consider what frame structures can be made of.

  • Natural wood. Structures made from natural wood are environmentally friendly, safe, reliable and durable. However, many of them are expensive. Over the years, the wooden frame will need antiseptic agents so that the material lasts longer, does not dry out, does not become deformed, does not rot, and does not become a “victim” of wood parasites.
  • Metal. As mentioned above, metal frames are the most reliable and wear-resistant. Practical steel options are especially popular today. Also on sale you can find sofas with frames made of aluminum and titanium. Models with similar equipment can last for many years, but many of them are impressive in weight, which creates certain difficulties in transporting them.
  • MDF. Relatively inexpensive and accessible material. MDF is safe and cannot harm even those people who suffer from allergies. But the strength indicators of this material leave much to be desired.
  • Chipboard. Cheap material. Used in the manufacture of economy class furniture. Laminated chipboard is a material that contains formaldehyde resins that can be harmful to human health. In order not to encounter such things, you need to choose sofas with a frame made of laminated chipboard of class E-0 or E-1 - these are safer products.

When choosing a good and beautiful sofa with a folding mechanism, you need to take into account what material its upholstery is made of.

  • Genuine Leather. One of the most spectacular, beautiful, but expensive materials. The leather is durable, resistant to wear, and looks rich.
  • Faux leather. This upholstery can look exactly the same as natural upholstery, but will not make a roll-out sofa too expensive. Artificial leather is durable, but does not like low temperatures, and over time, abrasions may appear on its surface, which only a good cover can hide.
  • Tapestry. Classic upholstery fabric. May consist of wool blend fibers, cotton or polyester.
  • Chenille. One of the most popular fabrics. Consists of fleecy threads.
  • Flock. This is a non-woven textile material. It is made from wool, viscose, polyamide or acrylic.

Popular models and brands

Before purchasing the right model with the dolphin system, it is important to have an idea of ​​its design, characteristics, size and style. To make your choice easier, you can take a closer look at the products of companies that have a lot of positive reviews from customers:

  • Berlin – sofas on a metal frame and solid pine. The designs use a spring snake and dense polyurethane foam as the basis. The models feature an easy transformation mechanism that facilitates quick assembly and disassembly of the sofa. Some sofas are equipped with linen drawers and decorative pillows;
  • Atlanta - universal corner models with a linen niche, ottoman, combining the functions of a sofa and bed, as well as a coffee table. They feature a fairly spacious sleeping area and a stylish, laconic design. The design is based on mats made of independent springs and highly elastic polyurethane foam;
  • Philadelphia - options of universal sizes with molded polyurethane foam, made with upholstery made of leatherette, textile and eco-leather. They have pillows and armrests, the frame of the structure is formed from coniferous wood. The model has a convenient linen drawer for storing bedding;
  • Moon - sofas that successfully replace a bed, designed for daily use and transformation. Their mechanism is designed for regular loads and heavy weight. The models are distinguished by an impeccably flat and comfortable sleeping area, providing complete rest during sleep;
  • Venice - first-class models designed by creative designers. The design with elastic polyurethane foam allows long-term use of the mat without sagging or rolling. The models have an elegant appearance and a pleasant curved shape of the armrests;
  • Chesterfield - a wide range of straight and corner models with and without armrests, with PPU filler and a block with an orthopedic effect. They differ in the shape of the armrests, sometimes reminiscent of coffee tables, as well as the backrests (can be hard with additional modular pillows or low and soft);
  • The products of the “8 March” factory are stylish and comfortable upholstered furniture from a domestic manufacturer, designed for spacious types of premises. The models are quite large, look stylish and expensive and fit into any interior, as they have luxurious, elegant upholstery and a unique design.

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Of course, the sofa should be in harmony with the interior of the kitchen

Therefore, you should pay special attention to the upholstery, since now the market is replete with various materials and colors.

Different fabrics have unique properties that affect the quality of the sofa and its resistance to dirt: grease, crumbs. Agree, it will be very problematic to remove stains from the upholstery. According to buyers, the most practical material is flock.

For connoisseurs of frequent changes, modular sofas were developed - structures consisting of individual parts that, if desired, can be combined into one. There are no unnecessary difficulties when assembling and disassembling such models, so anyone can change the appearance of their kitchen.

At the moment, one of the most unusual models of sofas is the bench sofa. The main feature of this model is the ability to easily transform - in order for the sofa to become a sleeping place, you need to pull the backrest towards you. Then it will become a frame on which the mattress can be placed.

Criterias of choice

When choosing a sofa, you should pay attention to many factors. First of all, you need to consider the size of the room in which the furniture will be placed. Next, you need to decide whether additional storage space is needed

Some sofas, in addition to sleeping places, include several drawers. You can get acquainted with different models of sofas by looking at photos of sofas with a berth on the Internet.

Next, you need to decide whether you need additional storage space. Some sofas, in addition to sleeping places, include several drawers. You can get acquainted with different models of sofas by looking at photos of sofas with a berth on the Internet.

Recommendations for choosing sofas with the Dolphin mechanism

When choosing, you should pay attention not only to the quality of the materials, but also to some other things.

  1. Build quality is an important parameter that affects the service life of furniture products. You should carefully check the joints of the backs, as well as the seams, pay attention to the presence of distortions in height.
  2. Convenience – test the selected furniture before purchasing. The width of the fixed parts of the seats should be larger to achieve maximum convenience and comfort.
  3. Brand - models from well-known manufacturers are assembled to the highest quality standards and are very reliable.

The sofa has a remarkable conversion mechanism design feature that can withstand daily transformations into a double bed and back again for many years without breaking.

Build quality is an important parameter that affects the service life of furniture products.

Brand - models from well-known manufacturers are assembled to the highest quality standards and are very reliable.

When choosing, you should pay attention not only to the quality of the materials, but also to some other things.

How the Dolphin sofa unfolds and video

A sofa is a multifunctional piece of furniture, when choosing which you need to take into account many factors. The mechanism for transforming a sofa into a sleeping place is one of them.

Expert opinion Maria Vasilievna Mikhailova Manager of a furniture store. Knows everything about comfort and interior design

The lifespan of the sofa depends on how simple and high-quality this mechanism is. If the mechanism works poorly, or even in a completely incomprehensible way, the sofa will not be able to perform one of its main functions - to be a sleeping place.

Therefore, approach the choice of the mechanism of a folding sofa with the greatest responsibility.

The most popular are sofas that fold out using a roll-out mechanism. Its principle is that you need to pull the loop on the front of the sofa, it will slide out, and the rest of the components will follow it.

This is how the sofa folds out lengthwise. It doesn’t require much effort, and if the movements are performed smoothly and without jerking, the mechanism will last for many years.

Among the sofas with a roll-out mechanism are:

Those who buy the Dolphin sofa and want to know how it folds out can watch training videos. There are plenty of them on the Internet, but even without them it’s not at all difficult to understand the mechanism. Tips for unfolding a dolphin sofa are as follows:

  • pull the pull-out block located under the seat towards you,
  • raise the pull-out section to the level with the seat,
  • the seat and the pull-out part form a berth.

In addition to the fact that “Dolphin” is easy to use, the sofa has the following advantages:

  • compact, yet multifunctional - it provides a sleeping place, and when folded it does not take up much space and fits well into even the smallest rooms;
  • comfortable for sleeping - by choosing a model of suitable sizes, you can use it not only for guests, but also for your own sleep;
  • a wide variety of models - there are straight and corner models, and if in straight models the lack of a niche for linen can be called a minus, then in corner ones it is usually provided.

The advantages of the mechanism, named after the dolphin frolicking and jumping out of the waves, also include reliability and versatility.

The Dolphin sofas are equipped with such a simple and convenient transformation mechanism that you need to try very hard to break it. Typically, such sofas have a durable wooden frame with a three-level comfort system.

The latter is able to withstand large loads, in particular, two adults can easily fit on the sofa while sleeping. When folded, the sofa can withstand even more.

The sofa with a folding mechanism “Dolphin” is designed for daily use for a long time.

The versatility of the Dolphin sofas lies in the fact that when folded they will become a worthy decoration of any interior, and at night they can be unfolded, turning the room into a cozy bedroom. It is absolutely possible and very advisable to purchase a sofa with a Dolphin roll-out mechanism for the office.

Such furniture will look organic in any, even the most austere environment. Among the Dolphin sofas there are both large-sized and laconic compact models.

A variety of colors and upholstery textures allows you to harmoniously combine the sofa with a variety of interior elements and accessories for your home and office.

To be fair, it is necessary to note several disadvantages of the Dolphin retractable mechanism:

  1. Most often, the interior space of the sofa is completely filled with the structural mechanism, which means there is no space for linen or other things. Corner models usually do not have this drawback; they do not completely, but partially provide a niche for storing things.
  2. If you plan to use the sofa for everyday sleep, make sure in the furniture showroom that handling the sofa is easy and simple for you, that the mechanism is made of high quality and does not jam. If you encounter the slightest difficulty with the operation of the mechanism, discard it in favor of another model.

To summarize, it is necessary to once again emphasize that, depending on the design, Dolphin sofas fit well into both living and working spaces. They will find a place both in a modest city apartment and in luxurious country apartments

Cozy and attractive sofas easily harmonize with any other furniture and are always appropriate in any room.

So for those who are looking for universal and durable furniture for relaxing and sleeping, modular systems or sofas with the Dolphin transformation system are just what they need!

What is

The most comfortable and functional piece of upholstered furniture is the Dolphin sofa. It is easy to transform and has a wide comfortable sleeping area. The folding mechanism is used as a roll-out mechanism. The design consists of a seat, under which there is a platform (when folded). The furniture received its unusual name due to the unfolding process: the platform, like an aquatic mammal, seems to “emerge” from under the seat.

The sofa transformation mechanism itself is a metal structure. One of the sections slides along the guides and moves forward with the help of wheels. The withdrawable element consists of two blocks. One of them is a mattress, it is recessed into the frame. Using a lever system, the element can be easily raised to the seat level. In the unfolded position, it is secured by reliable springs and blocks. Assembling the sofa is no less simple: you will need to lower the additional platform down and slide it under the seat. Most often this mechanism is used in corner models, but straight Dolphin sofas are also common.

When folded, “Dolphin” is an ordinary sofa with a wide and comfortable seat.

Due to its simplicity and reliability, this method of folding out a sofa is the most common; almost half of the upholstered furniture is equipped with just such a system. The demand is due to the advantages that characterize the Dolphin mechanism:

  1. When folded, the sofa is compact and easily fits into a room of any size. It can be installed close to the wall; this position does not affect the unfolding process.
  2. The sleeping area is wide, comfortable for two people. In addition, it is smooth and comfortable. Many models are equipped with an orthopedic base. And modern eco-friendly upholstery materials eliminate the possibility of allergies.
  3. The mechanism used in the Dolphin sofas works as simply as possible. There is no need to make any physical effort: unfolding and assembly are carried out in a matter of seconds.
  4. The simplicity of the design does not affect the reliability and durability of the furniture. The innovative mechanism can withstand more than 1000 transformation cycles, the possible load level reaches 400 kg.
  5. The furniture has a modern stylish design and functionality. You can choose a straight or corner sofa, with or without pillows, with any type of upholstery. There are models with shelves or a table on the side. A bedside table is often mounted in the middle of corner models. Sometimes there are convenient drawers for linen at the bottom.

Types of click-clack sofas, features of transformation
However, sofas equipped with the Dolphin mechanism may have disadvantages. The most important thing is the wheels, which cling to the carpet and can ruin the flooring during installation. If there is a rug with a high pile in front of the sofa, the latter may wrap around the rollers, which will lead to a distortion of the frame or breakage of the mechanism.

Sometimes, due to poor-quality assembly, the roll-out part ends up lower or higher than the seat, creating discomfort during sleep. And due to the specific design, the sleeping place may be very high from the floor, which is inconvenient for many users. In addition, if you do not regularly check and maintain the Dolphin transformation mechanism, there is a high risk that it will quickly fail.

All moving parts must be periodically lubricated and cleaned of dust, this can extend the life of upholstered furniture.

Additional selection criteria

When choosing a sofa for sleeping, it is important to take into account not only its quality and transformation mechanism, but also a number of other parameters:

  • Filling. The ideal option is mattresses with an orthopedic effect and independent spring blocks for comfortable body support. Polyurethane fillers perform well - they are hypoallergenic, but suitable for lovers of soft beds. But it is better not to choose dependent blocks of the “bonel” type, on which the weight is unevenly distributed, or ordinary foam rubber, which cakes or is pressed through.
  • Upholstery. When choosing upholstery for a sofa, it is necessary to take into account the performance properties of the material, as well as its external compliance with the design of the room. Leather upholstery looks attractive and is highly wear-resistant, but using this furniture for sleeping is not very convenient, since the bed linen constantly slides off the smooth surface of the leather. Fabrics with wool inclusions have an attractive appearance, but they quickly wear out and can cause discomfort during use in the form of tingling when lying down. Coverings made from a mixture of cotton and synthetic inclusions have proven themselves best - such sofas are highly resistant to time, can be presented in a wide variety of prints and colors, and are also versatile in use. Options such as flock and velor look great, but quickly wear out, but jacquard and matting are ideal upholstery options; their only disadvantages include their high cost.
  • Form. Standard rectangular sofas are a popular choice, they come in different sizes and there is a choice of almost any conversion mechanism. Corner sofas require more space, but often they have more space when unfolded, which is a plus for most families.
  • Frame. The main requirement for the frame is strength, especially considering that the sofa will be used daily. For this reason, you should give preference to furniture based on wood or metal. The less less reliable materials are used (in particular, chipboard and fiberboard), the better.

For daily use, sofas with simple transformation mechanisms are best suited, for example, “book”, “dolphin” or “puma” - the less effort you have to put into unfolding, the better. And models that do not have a solid base (for example, a sofa that folds out onto the floor) or a good mattress (like a “French folding bed”) are definitely not suitable for sleeping every night.

Selection of materials

To produce the Dolphin sofa, standard materials for upholstered furniture are used. Usually the body is made of wood or chipboard, the transformation mechanism is made of metal. The most options are provided for upholstery and filling. As for the latter, Dolphin-type sofas are rarely equipped with heavy spring blocks. In budget models, the filler is padding polyester or foam rubber; in more expensive ones, latex, polyurethane foam, and coconut tow are used.


The body of sofas must be strong and reliable, which is why it is most often made of hard wood. It can be oak, beech, ash, walnut, larch. More budget models can be made of birch or pine. It is worth considering that under heavy load they may begin to crack.

Sometimes the body is made of chipboard, laminated chipboard or MDF. These are cheap materials, thanks to them furniture is affordable. The downside is the low level of strength. In addition, chipboard may contain harmful substances, so it is not recommended to use this material in the production of children's furniture.




Transformation mechanism

It’s intuitively easy to understand how the “Dolphin” sofa unfolds. The transformation occurs by extending the frame from under the seat: it slides along guides using rollers. A system of springs and levers is responsible for raising the berth. All these elements are made of durable steel, so they can withstand heavy loads - the sofa will not collapse even after a jump or a sharp landing.

Advantages of sofas with a tick-tock mechanism, basic shapes and sizes

To increase the service life of furniture, you need to be able to choose a high-quality model. It is especially important to pay attention to the material of the rollers, since they wear out the fastest. The parts must match the size of the chute along which they are moving. You should definitely try folding and unfolding furniture. The comfort of its use will depend on the quality of the transformation mechanism of the Dolphin sofa.


Sofas with the Dolphin mechanism also differ in the upholstery material. Expensive models are made of leather. They are durable, look elegant and stylish, and are easy to care for. A cheaper analogue is a leather substitute, in appearance it does not differ from it, but is less durable and wears out faster.

Popular types of textiles are often used for upholstery of upholstered furniture:

  • jacquard - beautiful, easy to care for and very durable;
  • flock - soft to the touch, durable and practical;
  • cotton is hypoallergenic, mainly used for children's models;
  • tapestry is practical, decorated with original patterns.

The choice of upholstery material depends on the frequency of use of the sofa and the design features of the room in which the furniture will be located.


Eco leather





“Dolphin” is a variation of the so-called roll-out type of sofa layout. This means that the transformation begins with the movement of the wheels along the surface of the floor: the part of the berth that is hidden in the depths of the seat is rolled out. This is done as a result of physical effort, in other words, the owner must pull the hinges built into the seat and pull the lower block out

At this stage it is important not to damage the floor covering, so a good design will definitely be equipped with rubberized wheels

At the next stage, you need to lift the sleeping place itself from the platform that has moved out, which when folded is in a “recessed” state. To do this, just pull up on the same hinges; this movement activates the mechanism built into the structure, raising the platform to the desired height.

In this case, there may be some design nuances that are characteristic of mechanisms from various manufacturers and can make the lifting task easier:

  1. The presence of a gas lift, which facilitates easy and quick lifting of the platform;
  2. Various methods of fastening the synchronizer rod, which serves to evenly distribute the load when lifting;
  3. Quality of roll-out rollers (presence of silicone or rubber coating);
  4. The presence of several levels of platform lifting.

This system has undeniable and time-tested advantages:

  1. Reliability (the sleeping platform is designed for a weight of 200 kg);
  2. Ease of transformation;
  3. Possibility of daily use;
  4. Budget cost.

The disadvantages of this mechanism are:

  1. Lack of space for a linen box under the seat, since there is a roll-out platform there;
  2. The ability to obtain a sleeping place with uneven elasticity, which is due to the fact that the seat is usually more rigid compared to the surface of the platform;
  3. The location of the berth is not very high from the floor level.

Possible problems and how to solve them

The design has few significant flaws. These include the common problem for all roll-out products with the potential danger of damaging the floor covering by the rollers of the draw-out section.

Expert opinion Maria Vasilievna Mikhailova Manager of a furniture store. Knows everything about comfort and interior design

Therefore, if the room has laminate, parquet and similar materials, you need to make sure that the rollers are made of soft rubber or silicone. They will not damage the finish.

It is not advisable to place such a sofa on a carpeted floor. The soft cloth will interfere with rolling out the block.

And if the pile is high, there is a chance that the threads will wrap around the roller axle. This will prevent them from rotating normally and will put additional unwanted stress on the frame.

If it is made of low quality steel, the frame may become distorted and even break.

These are the most significant pros and cons of the design. Breakdowns are also possible, like any other furniture. To prevent them, manufacturers recommend proper care of the product. In addition to regular cleaning of the upholstery, it is planned to carry out a whole range of measures:

  • Cleaning transformation units from dirt and moisture. This will prevent rust and dirt from accumulating, which will interfere with the normal operation of the mechanism.
  • Lubrication of rubbing parts. They must move freely along the guides, otherwise the system may become deformed.
  • Cleaning the rollers and axles on which they are mounted from debris and lint. This is especially true for furniture that sits on carpet.

And a few more useful recommendations. No objects, even small ones, should be placed under the sofa.

They can prevent the system from functioning normally. If some difficulties suddenly arise during the process of assembling or disassembling furniture, there is no need to try to complete the process at any cost.

Excessive pressure, jerking and excessive force can cause moving parts to break.

According to the instructions, it is best to return everything to its original position and carefully try again


The folding mechanism can be installed in sofas of various modifications. “Dolphin” is installed in both rectangular and corner models. Let's take a closer look at what their main distinguishing features are.


A straight sofa, the design of which includes a roll-out type of folding, is a popular modification of upholstered furniture. Similar designs are found in many apartments and private houses. They are presented in a huge assortment. Typically, straight sofas are placed near one of the free walls in the room.

A direct transformer can have a variety of dimensions. On sale you can find both mini-format models and larger and more spacious options designed for a spacious room. The furniture design can be made both without armrests and with them.


Fashionable corner sofas are especially popular these days. Such furniture not only looks solid, expensive and modern, but is also very easy to use. Many companies supply corner sofas to furniture showrooms, which indicates the richness of their assortment.

An extendable corner sofa is an excellent solution for almost any home. There are L-shaped or U-shaped options. The first ones are intended for installation in a free corner of the room. This way, they remain functional without taking up unnecessary space. If we are talking about modern U-shaped models, then they are usually installed only in spacious rooms of sufficient square footage. These designs are not suitable for too cramped and modest areas.


Practical and comfortable modular sofas are no less popular today. Such designs can consist of several sofa chairs and separate sections. You can do almost anything with modular models. The user can easily disassemble the furniture structure and give it a completely different shape. The size and type of such products primarily depend on their elements. The number of the latter varies depending on the specific sofa model.


Includes the following types of sofa transformation: American and French. They have some differences, but are similar in that the assembled sleeping area is located under the seat.

French view

Mechanism: the seat must be pulled towards you and then up, after which the folded sofa must be “unfolded”. Before doing this, you need to remove the pillows.


  • When folded, it takes up little space.
  • When unfolded, it has a fairly large sleeping area.

American look ("sedaflex")

Mechanism: unfolds similarly to the French mechanism, but there is no need to remove the headrest; it will move to the desired position on its own.


  • A more durable mechanism than its French counterpart.
  • There is no need to dismantle structural elements.

Advantages of sofas with the “dolphin” system

Reliability. All sofas that are equipped with a “dolphin” mechanism are quite resistant to mechanical stress and can be transformed more than a thousand times. Compared to other options, this method is the most durable and has good quality, which allows it to work for a long time without breakdowns. The maximum load for such sofas is approximately 200-250 kg.

Ease of use. A sofa on which a “dolphin” mechanism is installed is a replacement for a full-fledged bed not only for adults, but also for children over 7 years old. All such models provide a comfortable sleeping area with a flat surface. They can be installed in a child’s room, since even a child can easily unfold it, spending only a couple of minutes on it. When unfolded, it has an optimal height, which is quite convenient during operation.


Upholstered furniture comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Sofas and loveseats can be designed both for installation in a small kitchen and for placement in spacious living rooms. Large modular sofas can be composed according to customers' choice of segments, with the dimensions of the main module typically being 252 x 112 cm; ottoman dimensions – 92 x172 cm, corner modules – 112x112 cm.

A folding bed in such modular designs can have a width from 140 cm to 220 cm.

Straight sofas are most often divided into double and triple sofas. The sleeping area of ​​any of these sofas will not exceed 160 x 200 cm.

A folding corner sofa will allow you to relax on a more spacious bed, the dimensions of which will be 180 x 200 cm.

How the dolphin sofa unfolds

By the way, this sofa received the name “dolphin” due to its peculiar internal mechanism. The main part of the sofa is a regular seat as a seat. The second part is a special retractable platform under the seat. When unfolded, it seems to jump up, thereby justifying the name of the model.

Laying out the dolphin corner sofa is very simple. It is enough to pull the special hidden strap, which effortlessly allows you to roll out from under the bottom a wide pull-out bed unit, which needs to be secured by moving your hands “up”, then “towards you”. Thanks to this, the bed platform and the soft sofa seat are connected and turned into one continuous, flat and very comfortable base for the bed. Dolphin sofa photo:

Another advantage of such sofas is the presence of special voluminous drawers for bed, linen or other useful household items. Boxes allow you to save space, so in a bedroom with such a sofa it is often not necessary to install a large closet for things - just a nightstand or chest of drawers is enough.

Finally, design thought allows you to expand the range of useful functions of such a sofa. For example, you can order a model with secluded side niches for books, practical wooden armrests, or an original and very comfortable side table where you can place a night lamp.

How to choose the “right” design

When choosing the optimal system for your home, you need to take into account the internal content, which determines the degree of comfort of the furniture and its durability. There are two filling options: springless and spring.

The first involves the use of foam rubber or polyurethane foam of various brands. The latter is more durable and convenient to use, and is a good alternative to spring systems.

Foam rubber is less elastic and quickly loses its properties.

Filling with spring elements also comes in two types. Designs with dependent parts are a kind of “snake” of springs, each of which is connected to its neighbors.

Such mattresses are elastic and take the shape of the body quite well, but only until one of the elements breaks. This is followed by subsidence and loss of shape.

In some cases, sharp edges of parts may penetrate through the upholstery to the outside.

Blocks with independent springs are the most comfortable and durable. Here, each element is enclosed in an individual case. This allows the mattress to take the most comfortable shape for the person lying on it. Such products are considered orthopedic, the most comfortable for a good night's sleep.

Dolphin sofas are considered one of the most popular. They are chosen for living rooms, kitchens and even bedrooms. But you need to understand that they can become a full-fledged replacement for a bed only if the filling is chosen correctly. It is optimal if it is an orthopedic block made of independent springs.

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What is a dolphin

Initially, the dolphin sofa transformation mechanism was used only in corner systems, where it was in great demand, since it made it possible to obtain the most spacious place to sleep. Later it was successfully used for straight varieties, including small chair-beds. It is a roll-out type, and in the case of the corner version does not require additional free space for unfolding.

It consists of two elements, one of which is located in the roll-out section, and the other in the seat. The transformation mechanism is a durable steel structure mounted on wooden guides. It works quite simply. During the unfolding process, two blocks roll out from under the seat, one of which is recessed into the other. They form a spacious mattress.

Using a system of levers and springs, one of the sections rises to the level of the other, where it is securely fixed. There are several variations of such designs, but the principle of their operation is unchanged. The durability of the product largely depends on the quality of the material from which the frame is made. If it is cheap, low-quality steel, there is a high probability that during operation it will become deformed and fail.

How the dolphin sofa unfolds

Regardless of the type of furniture, the process of transformation into a bed is the same. It is completed in three simple steps.

  1. We remove the cushions from the seat, if they are present in this model.
  2. We take a special loop or handle and completely roll out the lower block. In some models, a characteristic click is heard.
  3. Lift the lower part of the module up and pull it towards you. As a result, the section rises and becomes flush with the seat, forming a berth.

To fold the structure, it is enough to do all the operations in reverse order. First you need to lower the retractable element, then roll the section into place. If there are pillows, they are placed on the furniture. If the mechanism is working properly, all manipulations are carried out without much difficulty. True, in order to lift the retractable unit you will need to make some effort. But for an adult they are insignificant.

What is the transformation mechanism of the “dolphin” sofa?

This is a fairly simple mechanism that is used in straight and corner sofas. Under the seat there is a retractable unit that rolls forward and rises to the same level as the main seat. This way you get a full-fledged sleeping place.

A pull-out block rolls out from under the seat and turns into a sleeping place.

A disadvantage that may be significant for a number of buyers is that the design does not provide built-in drawers for storing bed linen. However, some models have them and are located on the side.

Some models have drawers for bed linen.

Design Features

The dolphin is variable and can have many modifications. The sizes of products vary: from small transformable chairs to multi-seat corner sofas. Armrests can be made of wood, “soft” or absent altogether. Particularly in demand are models with shelves, small drawers or niches built into the armrests. There is also built-in lighting, which is not very functional, but beautiful.

Structurally, all systems are divided into three large groups:

  • Direct. Furniture of various sizes, folding forward. Its distinctive feature is the absence of a drawer for storing linen, since the space under the seat is occupied by a roll-out platform.
  • Angular. Equipped with an attached corner section. There is always a storage compartment here, which is very convenient. In some models, the angle can be changed if necessary.
  • Modular. It is assumed that there will be several blocks differing in size and purpose. With their help, you can assemble functional systems that are ideal for certain rooms.

Why choose such furniture

Various variations of the roll-out dolphin are in great demand. This applies to corner models, straight ones, and modular ones. Of their most significant advantages, it is worth noting the following:

  • Can be used in any size room. This sofa is quite compact, but when unfolded it provides the most spacious place for sleeping. It can be installed close to the wall or at some distance from it, thereby zoning the room.
  • Ease of use. The transformation process is very simple. There is no need to raise the back, like for books, or unfold the blocks, like accordions. To unfold the dolphin, you just need to roll out the section and lift it to the level of the seat. True, you will have to make a small effort, which may be too much for the child.
  • Comfortable sleeping mattress. It will be like this if you purchase a model with high-quality assembly. Since there is a joint at the junction of the two sections, a height difference is possible, which will be felt by a person lying down. If the assembly is carried out correctly, there will be no drop and the user will receive a flat, comfortable mattress.
  • Reliability and durability. The dolphin mechanism in the sofa, a video review of which can easily be found on the Internet, is durable and suitable for long-term use. You just need to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and perform all manipulations with the furniture very carefully. On average, the design can withstand at least 1000 transformation cycles. The higher the quality of the material and workmanship, the longer they will last.

Corner and modular systems have another advantage in the form of a spacious drawer for storing bedding. It can only be located in a corner section or in an add-on module, since the space under the seat of a standard product is completely occupied by a roll-out unit.

Advantages and disadvantages

Sofa beds with folding and roll-out mechanisms are found in many homes. Such furniture is in great demand.

Modern furniture designs with the “dolphin” mechanism have a lot of advantages that make them in demand.

  • The main advantage of upholstered furniture with the “dolphin” mechanism is its reliability and durability. Structures of this type usually last a long time and do not require repairs.
  • The dolphin mechanism itself is surprisingly simple and flexible. It is very easy and comfortable to unfold such a sofa. You don't need to put in extra effort to do this. Even a child or a fragile girl can cope with these procedures without any problems.
  • After correctly unfolding, such a sofa can easily be transformed into a spacious and very comfortable sleeping place. The sleeping surface for household members is usually wide; there is no shortage of free space.
  • When assembled, the sofa with the dolphin mechanism is compact and does not require much free space in the room. This advantage is especially relevant among owners of city apartments, where there are often not enough free square meters.
  • The “dolphin” mechanism is also good because it is designed for regular folding and unfolding. A sofa with such a system can be used every day without fear of rapid wear and tear, if necessary.
  • Sofas with this simple but practical mechanism have an affordable price. In furniture stores you can find nice budget models.
  • A huge assortment is another significant advantage of the products in question. Models of various shapes and colors regularly go on sale. Every consumer can find the perfect copy for themselves.
  • Most modern roll-out sofas with a dolphin mechanism are made of strong and durable materials. Internal mechanical structures made of steel and wood are especially reliable and will not require frequent repairs.

The advantages of upholstered furniture with the mechanism in question attract many buyers who want to purchase a truly high-quality, undemanding and wear-resistant product

But before purchasing such a sofa, it is important to familiarize yourself not only with its advantages, but also with its disadvantages

  • The upholstered furniture in question is characterized by a high position of the sleeping bed. If a person prefers to sleep on low-height structures, this option will not be suitable at all.
  • The heights of sleeping places in furniture structures vary. In some models, you can notice how the static, fixed half differs from the moving half in its height.
  • When operating the sofa mechanism in question, damage to the floor covering in the room often occurs. Of course, they can be avoided, but to do this you will have to look for specimens with rubberized rollers, or you will need to lay a thick carpet.
  • Most sofas of this design do not have storage systems or built-in drawers, since all free space is allocated to the roll-out platform itself.
  • The sleeping place here can be characterized by different elasticity. This is due to the fact that the seats in most cases are made more rigid in comparison with the platform itself.

How to repair or replace parts?

If a minor breakdown occurs, try to determine the cause and make repairs yourself. Note that the mechanism itself is simple, so no special skills or knowledge are required to carry out repairs. First you need to do the following:

  • the side elements are removed;
  • it is determined what the problem is and the extent of the damage is assessed.

If the mechanism malfunctions, purchase parts or the entire mechanism from the store and replace it. The diagram of a sofa with the Dolphin mechanism is presented below.

Important! Please note that the reason for the malfunction of the old device may be different.

Also, do not neglect the breakdown and continue to use the sofa, as this will lead to complete malfunction of the furniture and then the cost of repairs will be much higher.

How to care for the system?

No matter how careful and careful the use of furniture is, it is important to understand that you cannot do without maintenance. This is not only cleaning the upholstery, removing dirt, dust and moisture

You also need to take care of the sofa mechanism itself, otherwise the service life may be shortened, the system will become loose or jam faster.

To prevent this from happening, you should consider a few simple recommendations:

  • the mechanism needs to be cleaned from dirt and moisture to prevent the formation of rust and obstacles to the operation of the transformation mechanism;
  • running parts should be lubricated from time to time, otherwise they may affect each other, deforming the entire system;
  • there should be no foreign objects under the sofa - they can disrupt the operation of the transformation mechanism;
  • If suddenly the system begins to malfunction, you cannot put pressure on it, making every effort - this will lead to breakdown of the mechanism. It’s better to push the sofa back and try to unfold it again;
  • If there is a carpet on the floor, you should regularly clean the lint from the rollers, otherwise they will quickly become unusable, which will lead to the need to repair the mechanism.

In addition, you can get stylish covers that will preserve the upholstery and add fresh colors to your interior style.

In this case, it is also important not to forget about the transformation system: when assembling and unfolding the sofa, they will need to be removed so that the material does not get into the parts of the system and interfere with their operation

Caring for the dolphin mechanism

Of course, in order to increase its service life, the sofa needs to be well looked after. The mechanism must be cleaned of dust, and all moving parts must be lubricated with special oil. Be sure to ensure that no foreign parts get inside the structure, as this can lead to damage. If the sofa has become more difficult to transform, then there is no need to try to open it by force, it is better to push it back and try again. If such manipulation does not solve this problem, then it is necessary to remove the side back and carefully inspect the entire structure.

Very often, flooring with a large pile damages the roller wheels that complete the “dolphin” mechanism. They may need to be replaced after a year if used frequently. However, if they are cleaned in time from accumulated dirt, this period can double.

Working mechanisms

An important criterion when choosing is the mechanism with which the sofa is folded out. Most models use "dolphin". This principle of operation does not take up much space and at the same time allows developers to fit a miniature box for storing bedding into the sofa in the kitchen.

It is much less common to find a Eurobook sofa on the market. When choosing, you should know that the size of the free space must be at least 1.7 meters. Also considered a disadvantage is the rapid wear of the seat, so sleeping on the sofa will be uncomfortable.

But when choosing, you should prepare for the fact that store consultants will actively dissuade you from buying furniture with such a frame. Dozens of arguments will be given, the main one of which is low water resistance.

It is believed that such frames quickly become unusable after contact with water. If the kitchen is damp, you should refrain from purchasing

But families with a limited budget should still pay attention to these models, since chipboard frames are much cheaper than their analogues.

Replacing the “dolphin” mechanism

The “dolphin” mechanism, which requires replacement due to the breakdown of the old one, could fail for various reasons. It is beyond the power of an ordinary person to determine it with accuracy; this will require certain knowledge and work experience. In this matter, it is better to trust the professionals, since if the main problem is not eliminated, all new mechanisms will constantly break down. And the end result can lead to a complete replacement of the sofa.

The “dolphin” design is the most optimal option for rooms of any size and purpose. For use, it is ideal for both children and adults, conducive to good rest and healthy sleep.

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