Types of cabinet furniture and its features in the interior

Materials for the manufacture of cabinet furniture and fittings

The cost of the finished product depends on the material used. Manufacturers often make furniture from chipboard; it has an affordable price and provides sufficient structural strength.

The main materials used in the manufacture of cabinet furniture:

  • MDF is a safe particle board, veneered with natural wood, covered with plastic or painted with enamel compounds in different colors;
  • Chipboard - used for the manufacture of the main body of furniture, the material can be laminated to resemble wood;
  • natural solid wood, the most common type is pine, but there are also models made of oak, beech or ash;
  • glass and mirrors are used on facades and in the form of shelves and back walls in sideboards and display cases;
  • The fittings are made of durable metal alloys that are not subject to corrosion and clouding during operation.

The design may also contain metal elements in the form of legs and decor and plastic in the form of individual elements of fittings and finishing.

Furniture collections

Imperial furniture in a classic interior Choosing high-quality furniture for the dining area is not an easy task, but with the Drev-Mebel online store it is quite doable. The assortment includes original, reliable and durable tables that will pleasantly surprise customers with their appearance and reasonable cost. Products from the Imperial collection are well suited for a luxurious, rich interior. It will be a wonderful and practical addition to a classic room. Graceful legs, original lines, noble colors of wood - these are the main characteristics that distinguish Imperial furniture from other sets. Selection criteria Furniture located in the kitchen or living room is exposed to various adverse effects: spilled drinks, steam generated during cooking, frequent wiping with a damp sponge. This leads to its rapid wear, especially if the piece of furniture is made from low-quality materials. Choosing products from a reliable supplier is the key to preserving furniture for many years. The Imperial collection was created specifically for those who prefer reliable, durable, beautiful things. A guarantee of quality Many buyers prefer to choose furniture in stationary stores, hoping that a visual assessment of the item will help identify its shortcomings and recognize low-quality products. Experts say that even a thorough inspection cannot guarantee the reliability and durability of products. Here, the materials chosen for creation and manufacturing technologies play a big role, which help to increase the life of the furniture. The reliability of products from the Imperial collection is ensured by a responsible approach to the production process, namely: Additional protection of corners and joints from aggressive external influences. Natural wood – provides surface resistance to mechanical damage. Pressed shavings - used as a base, allowing to reduce the cost of production. A set of measures aimed at improving performance characteristics and creating an optimal price range makes our offer one of the most attractive on the furniture market. Therefore, “Imperial” is the best choice for people who are careful about the family budget and buy reliable things. Beautiful interior The Imperial furniture catalog will surprise customers with a luxurious assortment. The collection is complemented by tables in the color of natural wood and models decorated with enamel. All products will fit perfectly into a luxurious interior. For example, a wooden Imperial table will look good surrounded by chairs with leather upholstery. Rich flooring and chic curtains on the windows will create a unified composition and emphasize the design of the set. While the white “Imperial” table will perfectly complement the sophisticated, light interior. The furniture looks good in a spacious room. Choose chairs with light upholstery. An elegant vase located in the center of the table will be the finishing touch of the composition. The color scheme of Imperial furniture may vary depending on the client’s preferences. The website presents possible paint options that are used to achieve the desired color. Our craftsmen will bring to life any wishes of our clients. We can cover Imperial furniture with one color or use several shades to achieve the desired result. A table whose legs are painted in one tone and the tabletop in another looks original. We use enamels according to the RAL catalog; you can view the offers presented by a reputable manufacturer on the website. Before placing an order, please note that changing the design of Imperial furniture increases its cost.

Nomenclature of consumer properties of furniture

The nomenclature of consumer properties and indicators is a set of properties and indicators that determine the satisfaction of real or expected needs. This nomenclature determines the quality characteristics of consumer goods, including furniture.

Along with assessing the quality of furniture and the degree of compliance of individual quality indicators with the requirements of standards, experts can also solve another task - assessing the degree of compliance of the properties of a furniture product with the set of consumer requirements that has developed at a certain stage. The need to solve such a problem arises primarily when assessing the competitiveness of a certain type of furniture in a given market, as well as when deciding on the release of new models of furniture products.

Furniture must have a complex of functional, ergonomic, aesthetic properties and be reliable in operation.

Indicators of furniture composition integrity

The integrity of the composition reflects the rational relationship of external features with the internal structure and presupposes the unity of the stylistic solution of all parts of the furniture. Indicators characterizing the integrity of the composition include: harmony of volumetric-spatial structure, tectonicity, plasticity, orderliness of color-texture elements, color-texture compatibility.

The integrity of the furniture composition is achieved through the harmonious connection of individual elements with each other, the relationship of fittings, finished products with rooms and other interior items, the harmonious combination of materials (wood, polymer, metal, glass), wood texture and color scheme.

What to look for when choosing

The highest quality furniture is considered to be one that is characterized by ease of manufacture, strength, stability, acceptable size and cross-section of individual elements, reliability of fastenings and reasonable use of certain materials.

The most convenient type of high-quality furniture are transformable products. It’s good if they promote the most correct positioning of the muscles and spinal column and support the back (especially in the lumbar region).

From a hygiene point of view, it is better if the furniture has a minimum number of surfaces on which dust can accumulate (carved decorations, scratches, marks). Products must fit well into the interior of the room and look aesthetically pleasing (this also applies to the correct tension of the upholstery material).

The presence of any defects is unacceptable, since this gives reason to doubt the durability, strength and reliability of the furniture. When used, it should not swing or warp (the stability of the product can be checked directly in the store).

When purchasing products of poor quality, you should keep in mind that such furniture may be too short-lived. Therefore, it is better to opt for certified products from trusted manufacturers.

Indicators of the rationality of furniture shape

Indicators of rationality of form characterize the compliance of the aesthetically significant form of furniture with the requirements of production and design. exploitation, functional-constructive conditionality; its correspondence to the subject environment. The rationality of the form of furniture is assessed by its functional-constructive conditionality and ergonomic adaptability. Features of modern furniture are rationality and clarity of proportions, rigor and limited use of decor, “lightness” achieved by smooth surfaces, clean lines, harmonious relationship between individual parts and finished items with the room and other interior items, skillful use of materials (including plastic , metals) and colors. Minimalism, which is now fashionable all over the world, dictates predominantly simple forms of furniture while maximizing its comfort.

How to choose children's furniture

“When arranging a nursery, you will have to think not only about how to choose furniture for it, but also about additional little things that will help it fit into the unusual interior.”

The room where children live is an incredibly complex space in which areas for playful games are interspersed with a work area and a sleeping area.

Children's room interior

It is clear that a whole series of pieces of furniture will ensure his comfort. It is important that any piece of furniture that appears in the room absolutely corresponds to the age and needs of the child, therefore the main criteria for their selection should be:

  • Compactness.
  • Thoughtfulness.
  • Functionality.

It is very important to equip the children's room with functional furniture.

Properly selected furnishings will help organize order in the children's room and at the same time free up enough space for active games.

There should be space for games in the nursery

The furniture available in the nursery should help the child develop mentally and physically, as well as create a psychologically comfortable environment for him. When arranging a nursery, you will have to think not only about how to choose furniture for it, but also about additional little things that will help it fit into the unusual interior.

Original shelving in the children's room

The furniture designs you choose should be made from environmentally friendly materials, not pose a health risk in terms of injuries and not provoke allergic reactions. It's good if the items have an original design. In small children's rooms, it is more practical to install ergonomic furniture, such as modular or multi-tiered. Believe me, a child has absolutely no need for a luxurious chair covered in leather and a huge table. He is still very far from the concept of status. However, an armored bed with a hastily put together bedside table is not a solution.

Ergonomic furniture in the children's room

Designers can tell you how to successfully choose furniture for a nursery. Professionals categorically advise against dividing a room into rigid functional zones, so as not to arouse children's aversion to learning. What should be present in the interior? Sleeping area. What it should be, stationary, transformable or suspended, you will decide based on the layout of the room. You will need: a closet, a computer desk, several chairs and, of course, many spacious shelves where you could place an ever-growing fleet of vehicles or an expanding collection of dolls.

A hanging bed will free up additional space for games in the children's room

It is important that the furniture does not have complex structures, the drawers and doors in it open easily, and the child does not need to reach for the handles. Green light of bright furniture. Children love everything colorful and you shouldn’t deprive them of this pleasure.

Bright accents will brighten up a child's room

Signs of a fake

Only a professional can determine exactly how high quality the furniture is. However, there are a number of signs that will allow even ordinary citizens to identify a fake. To do this, they just need to evaluate the quality:

  • furniture padding (foam rubber can be used instead of molded polyurethane, synthetic padding or padding polyester);
  • seams on the upholstery (evenness, absence of damage, thickness and strength of the threads used are important);
  • springs (these elements must be double-cone, of different sizes, not creaking, and not touching each other);
  • housing (you need to track the presence or absence of flaws, chips, damage).

Also, good furniture will not have traces of glue visible. However, the most reliable guarantee of quality is the presence of an appropriate certificate (for the entire set as a whole and for its individual elements), containing accurate information about what materials and technologies were used in the manufacture of the product.

Poor quality filler

Uneven fastening of cabinet doors

Furnishing the bedroom

How to choose furniture for your bedroom to make it truly cozy? You can, again, use the help of professionals, but with some diligence you can create a comfortable nest on your own. The task will be simplified by knowing the following rules.

Requirements for bedroom furniture All products are made of chipboard, wood, leather, MDF. frames and supporting structures are made of metal or solid wood. Naturally, wood is considered the most environmentally friendly.

Preference is given to:

  • Dubu.
  • Alder.
  • Birch.
  • Buku.
  • Larch.
  • Cherry.
  • Pine.

Eco-friendly bedroom set made of pine

Any product made from them will fill the bedroom with the magnificent aroma of nature, and the phytoncides released by the material will help improve health. Chipboard and plastic can be considered good consumables. Modern technologies for the production of raw materials allow brand companies to produce furniture of excellent quality from them. It is completely safe because production is carried out using expensive paints and adhesives that do not contain toxic substances.

Practical cabinet made of chipboard in the bedroom

The question of how to choose furniture for the bedroom requires a serious approach. In addition to environmental friendliness, you need to pay attention to the functionality of objects, because comfort in a room depends on the correct organization of its internal space. Interesting furniture solutions will turn it into a full-fledged recreation area. The assortment list is varied. There are wardrobes with stained glass facades, canopies over the beds, carved chests of drawers, luxurious mirrors, and inlaid tables...

Dressing table in classic style

If the room is spacious, then preference should be given to the headset. Otherwise you will have to choose between:

wardrobe-bed. This is truly a miracle of modern furniture design. During the day, the sleeping place is hidden in the closet, so there is a lot of free space in the room. The design is equipped with additional niches suitable for storing things and mezzanines. The option is simply ideal for those who did not know how to choose comfortable furniture for the modest space of their bedroom and at the same time be able to not disturb the aesthetics of the decor.

Wardrobe bed is an excellent solution for small rooms

- sofa. The product, which transforms into a full-fledged bed, is also in demand in bedroom decor. This item is valued for its mobility, compactness and versatility. Sofas are durable, aesthetic and also multifunctional. Folding models always have a secret drawer where it is convenient to fold the bed.

Sofa bed, transforms into a full bed

wardrobe . In principle, for a small bedroom it is simply a salvation. The cabinet design uses sliding systems, which also helps save space. To gain even more square meters, corner versions of sliding wardrobes are often used in the interior. Inside such a cabinet there can be a variety of contents: drawers and mesh baskets, shelves for shoes and clothes, trays for jewelry and a hanger for a whole set of ties.

The sliding wardrobe is a real salvation for small bedrooms

You can give advice on how to choose furniture for your bedroom for a long time, but your desires will still remain a priority, because it will be you who will spend time in this room, and not the designer who designed the interior. However, it is also not worth discounting the many years of experience of specialists. You must be able to use them for good, especially since they are really practical. Let's get acquainted with the main ones.

  • Furniture with catchy shapes and designs will visually make the bedroom smaller, so for small spaces it is better to look for sets with simpler decor.
  • Classic furniture will help add respectability to the interior. The furnishings should include couches, a chest of drawers, bedside tables and, of course, a large bed.
  • A wardrobe with a mirrored facade can successfully adjust the space.

The mirrored facade of the wardrobe will visually enlarge the bedroom

  • Fill the room with furniture with common stylistic features, then you will be able to create a holistic interior.
  • The following advice is on how to choose furniture for a dark bedroom. Here you need to play on color contrast. Light polishing will add lightness to the atmosphere.
  • In a minimalist space, everything should obey the idea of ​​style, which is why it is better to choose furniture with metal frames and high legs.
  • Bright bedrooms are not limited in color scheme by furniture.

Bright bedroom in a minimalist style

  • Furniture made from solid wood is universal. It will decorate any interior.
  • A wonderful addition to the bedroom decor is a mobile coffee table. This item can be served for breakfast or used as a laptop stand.

Bed A separate line of furniture is its main item - the bed. It is this accessory that receives the lion's share of attention. How to choose stylish furniture for sleeping? Today this is not at all difficult, because it is actually produced in a wide variety of interpretations. For example, a platform bed is offered for a Japanese-style interior. ethnic - products with a bamboo headboard. Romanticism and classicism will require a bed decorated with carvings, or better yet, with inlay. In retro and country style it is worth installing wrought iron beds. Leather models are considered universal. They fit into any stylistic decisions.

Spectacular leather furniture in the bedroom interior

Perfection of production execution stability of the presentation of furniture

Along with the integrity of the composition, the integrity of the products is also assessed, which is characterized by the absence of damage and defects that impair the appearance.

The perfection of production execution and the preservation of the presentation are determined by the thoroughness of the coating and finishing of the surface, the cleanliness of the contours and joints, roundings, the absence of visible manufacturing defects (unfixed knots or cracks, defects of polished and varnished surfaces); preservation of shape and surface elements under external influences on furniture (impact resistance of coatings, shape stability of soft elements, etc.).

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