How to choose decorative pillows for a sofa or chair

Purpose of decorative pillows

Homemade pillows look great on sofas, will serve as an excellent addition to the interior of a child’s room, living room or bedroom, and will make a set of country furniture more comfortable.

A variety of pillows will find their place in any living space, on vacation, and even in a car.

A stylish hand-sewn pillow will be an excellent gift for a loved one, and making interesting options for interior pillows can bring additional income.

What options should you avoid?

Some decorative options for sofas in the hall or living room may look ridiculous. To prevent this from happening, designers recommend:

  • refrain from pillows that have the same texture as the sofa upholstery. Of course, this condition applies if the addition to the soft corner was not included in the kit.
  • Avoid decorating with the same fabric as window curtains. Here it is not recommended to follow the same colors of all textile elements in the room.
  • Do not use pillows and cases that are no different from each other. Even if the models are chosen in the same color scheme, each of them should differ in an additional element (flower, applique, ornament).

On a note! Several centuries ago, satin stitch embroidered pillows were used as wedding dowries. They could only be laid out on the sofa in a strict order (according to the drawing).

Types of decorative pillows

Interior pillows are in demand and popular not only as an element of room decor, but as a convenient household item.

Types of decorative pillows are divided into:

  • classically shaped products for sofas that make relaxation more comfortable,
  • rollers for beds and upholstered furniture,
  • special pillows for the kitchen or dining room,
  • floor pillows for a children's room or recreation area,
  • small camping pillows that you can take with you outdoors,
  • car pillows that make the trip more comfortable.

Pillows can have a classic or non-standard shape, depending on the purpose and imagination of the master. The size and design depend on the application of the decorative product.

Correct placement

The correct placement of pillows on the sofa affects the overall appearance of the room. The standard arrangement is the use of four products located in the corners of upholstered furniture in pairs. Usually a pair consists of large and small pillows that differ in texture and color. Not only a black sofa or upholstered furniture of a different color can be decorated this way, but also a bed or folding bed.

In a small space, three pillows are allowed. Two of them are located on the sides, and one is in the center. It is appropriate to place no more than one product in a chair, since it looks ridiculous with two pillows.


To make decorative pillows, it is better to take dense fabrics:

  • natural cotton and linen materials,
  • denim or knitted fabric,
  • different types of fur and satin,
  • furniture fabrics for upholstery.

To create a good pillow with your own hands, it is important to choose the right material in terms of properties, color and texture, so that the decorative product complements your home interior.

Colors and textures

One of the main rules for using textiles in the interior is the use of the right color scheme. Try to choose the colors of the fabrics so that they overlap not only with each other, but also with the color of the walls, ceilings and floors. The main rule is not to overload the surrounding space with an abundance of drawings and prints. If wallpaper with a massive pattern is pasted on the walls, then try to use plain fabrics without patterns.

You can also play with textures - for glossy walls, use matte textiles and vice versa. This technique will give the home more volume and depth.

The aerobatics of design is the use of accent items in the interior. It is best to look for ready-made photos of bright decorative pillows in the interior - this will help you choose the right accent color for the room.


To fill pillows, natural, synthetic non-woven materials and natural raw materials are usually used.

Natural padding includes:

  • down and/or feather of a bird,
  • animal fur.

Such a filler requires high-quality care, since small parasites can appear in it.

Herbal filling involves the use of various aromatic herbs. The service life of such a pillow is short, it must be protected from moisture. Plant content has a positive effect on human health.

Synthetic fillers include non-woven artificial materials:

  • Do-it-yourself dolls made of fabric - 145 photos and video description of how to sew a beautiful doll quickly and easily
  • How to sew curtains for the kitchen - a detailed description of how and what to sew curtains for the kitchen from (video + 135 photos)
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  • holobiber,
  • foam rubber,
  • padding polyester,
  • small silicone beads.

The advantages of synthetic padding are ease of maintenance and long service life.

Material and filling

General requirements for filler:

  • health safety;
  • easy care;
  • ability to retain shape;
  • durability.

Most often, products are filled with padding polyester. This is an affordable, lightweight material that retains its shape well.

Holofiber, a practical and durable synthetic material, is also a good filling option. Holofiber is made from polyester fibers; they hold their shape well and weigh very little. Models filled with holofiber and foam rubber can be cleaned at home.

Sintepon pillows are soft and do not cause allergies

For those who prefer natural materials, choose down or feather.

Natural filler is not recommended for those who are prone to allergic reactions.

There are no restrictions on the choice of fabric.

The main thing is that the pillowcase is not only beautiful, but also durable and easy to wash, since sofa decor is often washed.


Beginning of work

The first step in creating an interior pillow is to think about its purpose and appearance.

Having decided on the application, design, color and size of the future product, it is important to choose the right fabric for sewing.

The material should be in harmony with the rest of the home furnishings and correspond to the intended sketch.

Some smart tips for housewives

Having decided on the style, shapes and sizes of decorative sofa pillows, you can begin sewing and further combining options.

  • For example, when organizing effective decoration on a sofa, it is worth arranging the pillows so that their shades do not cause disgust. Strongly toxic palette tones are extremely undesirable.
  • Differences in texture are very welcome. The design will become original if you compare shiny, embroidered, piled, smooth products next to each other. They will have a positive effect on the entire style.
  • The number of pillows may vary. If there is only one sofa and there are no soft furnishings besides it, then you can lay out 4-5 pillows. If there is a lot of furniture, then it is better to limit yourself to 2-3 pieces.

In fact, there are no strict requirements when decorating a sofa with pillows. Everyone creates the environment according to their own preferences.

Features of work

When sewing pillows, it is important to take into account the small nuances of working on this decorative item. The product consists of a pillowcase, filling and decorative cover. The top cover is made so that it is easy to remove for cleaning or washing.

When cutting, the size of the cover should be made a couple of centimeters larger than the pillowcases.

When considering how to sew decorative pillows with your own hands, it is worth considering these features of the work.

Functions and purposes

Interior decoration is not the only function of pillows. They are used primarily for comfort - to place under your head or back while relaxing on the sofa.

You can make these interesting pillows yourself using your imagination, or buy them in a store.

Fabrics for covers

Covers for decorative pillows can be made of various fabrics, but the most practical is upholstery material

The fabric can be different - natural, synthetic or mixed.

The following are considered comfortable, beautiful fabrics.

  • An exquisite tapestry is a woven fabric with a pattern.
  • Delicate suede is ultra-soft leather, processed from the inside out using special methods.
  • Noble brocade is a silk cloth with patterns made with metal threads (silver, gold).
  • Democratic jeans are a dense and tough cotton material.
  • Rough burlap is a yarn made from hard hemp threads.
  • Linen fabric.
  • Fluffy fur, natural or synthetic origin.
  • Expensive leather – crocodile, python, ostrich.
  • Cotton and calico.

Additional items

When creating interesting models, different decorations are used. The most common are original fasteners, ties, ties, knots, bows, and buttons.

What is it filled with?

Types of fillers for sofa and regular pillows

The inside is mostly polyester padding, which is made into many different types.

Holofiber is a material that almost does not burn and does not absorb liquid well.

Fiberlon. It is characterized by rapid restoration of shape and good air permeability.

Comforel. The filler is a new generation, it is the lightest in weight and is easy to clean.

Hollophan is a tight weave of fibers that retains and quickly regains its original shape.

Sintepon is a combination of different types of synthetic materials.

Some manufacturers fill their pendants with natural goose or duck feathers. However, using such rollers is inconvenient; they are heavy and accumulate dust.

Small thoughts usually consist of a filler and a cover. Large sofa cushions have a foam core inside, which is supplemented with filler and lined with a bedspread.

Work on creating a decorative pillow

It’s better to prepare everything for work in advance.

In addition to the fabric, you should stock up on:

  • scissors,
  • life-size patterns,
  • a piece of dry soap or chalk,
  • needles,
  • threads,
  • sewing machine,
  • decorative elements.


Although sofa cushions are not used as often as regular cushions, they need to be carefully cared for to maintain their attractive condition. Due to the variety of materials and decoration options, care requirements may vary. Before washing or other manipulation, the information on the label or packaging is studied.

General rules for caring for sofa cushions:

  • if moisture gets in, the surface is treated with a hygroscopic material and dried;
  • periodically the products need to be shaken off dust and shaken;
  • this decorative element, especially black, is susceptible to fading, so it should be protected from the sun;
  • once a season the pillow is ventilated in the open air;
  • It is recommended to dry clean elegant items with complex designs to preserve the integrity of fragile parts;
  • regular sofa cushion covers can be cleaned in the washing machine.

Sofa cushions are a type of furniture decor that provides endless possibilities. You can buy the model you like in the store, or you can make it yourself. Soft and cozy pillows will fill your home with a warm atmosphere.

The procedure for making a simple interior pillow

It is recommended to wash new fabrics before cutting parts, as they may shrink.

  1. Having placed the pattern on the wrong side of the material, it should be traced along the contour. For convenience, the pattern should be secured with pins.
  2. The parts are cut with scissors, taking into account the margin for seams.
  3. Having folded the parts of the product with the right side inward, sew the seams. It is better to sew using a sewing machine, but you can do the work by hand.
  4. One side is not completely stitched; the product must be turned inside out and ironed.
  5. Decorate the pillow, fill it and sew up the seam.

A simple square pillow will not require much effort or time to work. A master class on making decorative pillows with your own hands can be easily found online and in video format.

How to decorate chair pads

Original do-it-yourself cushion-cover for a chair - step-by-step instructions

In order to make the interior more expensive, you can create quilted products with your own hands.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Prepare padding polyester, fabric, sewing material, threads, pins, paper and scissors.
  2. Measure the dimensions of the seat and make a calculation on paper.
  3. Cut out blanks - one from padding polyester, two from material.
  4. On the wrong side of the front part, draw a stitch marking.
  5. Fold it so that you get a fabric-sintepon-fabric combination.
  6. Secure firmly with pins. Sew along the perimeter of the marked stitch.
  7. Sew ribbon ties along the edges. Finish the edges with bias tape.


The furniture cushion that complements the sofa usually has a simple geometric shape. Most often it is a rectangle.

Such items are subject to wear and tear during use faster than the sofa itself. The opportunity to buy a similar pillow is not provided by furniture manufacturers.

Therefore, there is a need to sew such a pillow yourself. This is a simple job, most of the success of which lies in the correct selection of material for the cover.

If possible, the fabric should be found similar to the upholstery of the sofa. If there is no such fabric, then you need to think through the design of a new pillow so that it fits organically into the interior.

In any case, the texture should match the upholstery of the sofa, and the color should be in harmony with the design of the room.

The easiest way to copy a factory copy is to rip open the old one and measure the cover.

Using these measurements, draw a drawing, cut and seam the parts of the new product.

Interior styles

Beautiful pillows on the sofa are the ideal element to maintain a certain style of the room.

  • Classical. It is appropriate here to use pillows of regular geometric shapes made of velvet, tapestry, brocade, leather and silk. Decoration with round rollers is allowed.
  • Modern. The interior is decorated with bold products with photo prints made from burlap or linen.
  • Pop Art. Brilliant original pillows in the shapes of hearts, lips and candies are suitable for such rooms. They should be made of fluffy materials in bright colors.
  • High tech. The interior in this style is distinguished by elements of a strict form with a metallic sheen. Models made of silk, brocade, linen and leather are selected for it.
  • Country. The coziness of the rooms is emphasized by floral motifs and checkered prints. Products made from wool, cotton and linen are selected.
  • Oriental. The style is supported by numerous bright pillows of different shades. Priority is given to models with oriental patterns or plain dummies with fringes.
  • Minimalism. The laconic interior will be decorated with a straight sofa with pillows made of cold and smooth leather.
  • African. Rectangular products made of fur or leather that imitate animal skins are selected.

When purchasing a model, you need to take into account the style of the room so that the sofa cushion does not look separate from it.

Decorative design

The most fun part of the creative process of creating an interior pillow is thinking about its design.

The easiest way is to use plain textured fabrics, the color of which matches the design of the room.

Pillows for a children's room often serve as an element of games. They should have bright colors and interesting design.

In children's design, bright applications on cartoon and fairy tale themes, original pillow toys in the shape of stylized animals or famous cartoon characters are appropriate.

You can make your own children's decorative pillows from a bright T-shirt with an original design that is too small for the child. Patterns for sewing funny children's pillows can be easily found online or drawn yourself.

You can complement the interior pillow with stylish appliqué, embroidery, satin ribbons, additional details in the form of an overhead bow or animal ears, fringe or frills.

External design depends on the skill and imagination of the craftsman, as well as on the purpose of the product.

Popular design trends allow the use of appropriate decorative methods: patchwork, stylized ornaments, thematic embroidery, tassels, bows, and so on.

The main thing is that the result of the work is a comfortable decorative pillow that harmoniously fits into the interior design.


Sofa models have different designs:

  • Turkish - pillows are decorated with characteristic oriental patterns and have additional elements in the form of ruffles and flounces;
  • cushions - small pillows are used during the daytime rest as a soft armrest;
  • quilted - stylish products are distinguished by an unusual quilted surface;
  • sectional - large and voluminous pillows consist of surfaces connected by a partition.




Photos of decorative pillows with your own hands

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